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I am a Vietnam veteran, and when I can be so identified, people sometimes tell me, “Thank you for your service.” Well and good. But that was a long time ago, in a universe far away. We currently have Basin residents whom we should definitely thank for their current service.



John E Lieser, a 55-year resident of California and a two-year resident of Yucca Valley, died at his home on May 27, 2019. He was 79 years old. Read more

Karlene Waldron, a Hi-Desert resident for more than 25 years, died May 25, 2019, in Palm Springs at the age of 34. Read more

Kelly Ann Davenport, a 60-year resident of California and a 17-year resident of Yucca Valley, died from ovarian cancer June 6, 2019, at the City of Hope in Durante. She was 63 years old. Read more

Kenny Kline passed, lucid and in good spirits, May 17, 2019, at home surrounded by loved ones. Read more

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