Reopening business in Yucca Valley

A handful of shops in the Morongo Basin opened in mid-May for inside shopping. All retail shops and restaurants in San Bernardino County are officially allowed to reopen for inside customers Saturday, May 23.

SAN BERNARDINO — The county announced Saturday that it will allow dine-in restaurants, stores and malls to reopen immediately. The county government received word from the California Department of Public Health on Saturday, May 23, that its request to reopen more businesses was approved.

“San Bernardino County businesses and residents worked very hard and made tremendous sacrifices to make this moment possible,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman. “Your efforts to keep our community safe and healthy have paid off. We can now proceed significantly further toward resuming our normal lives.”

The county submitted a revised request to move into the next phase on Friday, May 22, based on the new criteria announced by the state on Monday, May 18.

As part of the accelerated stage two phase of the state recovery plan, destination retail stores, including shopping malls, swap meets and dine-in restaurants can now reopen in San Bernardino County. Businesses that plan to reopen are required to follow state guidance detailed at

Gyms, hair and nail salons, barber shops, movie theaters, sports and entertainment venues, libraries, bars and wineries, hotels and motels, and public swimming facilities won’t be authorized to reopen until stages three and four.

“This virus is still very present throughout our county, state and nation, so we must remain vigilant by physical distancing, wearing face coverings,and washing our hands often,” Hagman said. “But our goal of minimizing illness and building the capacity to protect the vulnerable, serve the sick, and track the virus in our communities has been achieved.”

Drive-in and virtual worship services and faith-based counseling services are also authorized to proceed, and the governor said additional guidance for religious services will be announced on Monday, May 25.

The county is urging small businesses that are opening to operate safely and participate in the COVID-Compliant Business Partnership Program. Small businesses that agree to enforce physical distancing, require customers and employees to wear face coverings and practice prudent hygiene can receive up to $2,500 to implement those measures. Businesses can apply through the county’s COVID-19 website,

Businesses are also advised to review the county and state guidances for reopening:

San Bernardino County Readiness and Reopening Plan:

State guidance for dine-in restaurants:

State guidance for shopping centers:

State guidance for retail:

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They also announced all the cowards can stay home so others won't be infected, affected or subjected to their cowardice.


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I hope my favorite hardworking career waitress in 29 doesn't end up with Covid19 when she has to return to work serving customers that could care less about her safety and welfare.

I was looking forward to her greetings, excellent service, and quick-witted fun if she wasn't too busy working once the pandemic was fully under control.

Hopefully I will again enjoy that dining experience once the pandemic is fully under control.


I hope your favorite waitress doesn't go homeless from lack of your 2 dollar tip..

It doesn't seem like any of the workers in wal-mart

Or the homeless-despot have gotten covid and they have been full steam ahead since this all started.

At least the the big corporations are making a living out of our unfounded fear of dying.

BTW I've been keeping an eye on the obituaries and there hasn't been an increase in deaths from covid-19 .

And ZERO , thats 0 , obituaries that mention death by covid 19.

That is not to minimize the deaths of those who have succumbed.


Coronavirus Yucca Valley, United States of America

There is 1 case of coronavirus confirmed in Yucca Valley , United States, as of Sunday, 24th of May 2020.

There are no deaths confirmed in Yucca Valley, due to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

There are no suspected cases of coronavirus in Yucca Valley.


Well during my commute I saw that the Casino in 29 was really busy. Hopefully with their strict protocols and some luck in NOT having asymptomatic guests from one of the hot zones their employees and guests will not become a hot spot for our area.

My favorite restaurant appeared to still be closed, and I noticed the chain restaurants were still doing drive thru only.

One other restaurant near me looked to be doing about 25 percent of normal dine in.

Only time will tell if this was too soon to resume.

One can hope that the papers and online obituaries won't be filled with "Loving __________ passed away after a brief illness".


I haven't seen any yet and its been three months. Keep on wishing though.....I guess

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.
T Twelvetrees

My comment was deleted so I guess I will change tactics here. No more response to any particular comment should do it.

Can't win them all.


Check it out Coronavirus Yucca Valley ,

United States (United States of America) | Reported cases [LIVE

Source of info with all morongo basin towns.


100,000 dead by Wednesday at the latest...everyone pack into the Applebees! Vote all these clowns out.


USA 1,681,677 CASES +14,849 99,201 DEATHS +518 as of this posting. Probably today or tomorrow at the latest.




1 death confirmed by the commander on the base. Dozens infected in YV. Many more in surrounding areas close by. Sb county wont disclose locations. Tourists are what worries me. Over memorial day weekend tourists were acting wildly, driving down my usually quiet street causing a ruckus, driving up and down dirt roads fast, leaving beer cans strewn about, and being loud. They disregard us residents and treat our neighborhoods like a playground. I feel sorry for business owners that have to deal with these drunk driving, obnoxious tourists from all over.


No worries, dumb donald won't let Brazil beat us in being NUMBER ONE in anything including deaths.

To his credit however Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is so trying to be number one in deaths from Covid19. No surprise since feckless JB needs his daily fix of stupid at all costs. Of course Brazil may be close to Numero Uno if only they actually tested counted legitimate Covid19 deaths. Evidently left dead on sidewalk doesn't count.


Zero cases of covid19 in yucca valley right now , TODAY !!

I know your rooting for covid-19 to kill us all, but all your cheerleading isn't working.

Branson Hunter

@ Josh: Are you aware there has been deaths concerning covid-19 in the Morongo Basin.


How many and who ?

And where do you source you data , with a link please.


Check it out Coronavirus Yucca Valley ,

United States (United States of America) | Reported cases [LIVE


1 death YV, 2 deaths JT according to the official county of SB dashboard. Plenty of cases but doesn't differentiate between total and active cases.

Of course the tests recently done at assorted locations won't have results returned for about a week or so. Doubling rate of cases using the rather obselete data is around two weeks.

Typical county efficiency: Put the horse behind the cart, and then beat it's head to get it to move.

Sort of like one big facility I worked at that had it's own fire truck, ambulance and doctor- no one ever died from an accident at the facility, ever, even after being flattened into red slime by thick steel plate. They always made it to the hospital alive to die after being admitted. Go figure.


Ok ,


What about the art galleries? Wouldn't they be considered retail?


The ovulation-calculator site is obviously incorrect.

It claims:

"There are no deaths confirmed in Los Angeles, due to the COVID-19 coronavirus."

That is obviously not true. Please find a better source for your information.

By the way, how many of the people shopping or dining out in YV are from out of the area?

Branson Hunter

Josh your source was not an official government website. You quoted their page on YV correctly -- however their data was salacious and outrageously incorrect; this is the second time I've called you on sources that really go nowhere in terms of credibility . I'm not knocking you or anything just trying to be accurate.... In this word today, we're almost always massaged and worked over over so as to confirm to other people's views. Question the data and the source of the information... check it out with another source. We can all learn from one another.


Hey , at least you looked.

I'll do further research.

Condolences to the family of the one (1) that did pass away.

Branson Hunter

Ouch. That should be 'fallacious' not salacious. Google Girl messed up. And unlike Macho Man in The White House I made a mistake.


One has to travel to Los Angeles to find salacious. In this area it's called something else.

We won't go there.

Interesting note: In a Long Island NY Republican enclave grocery shoppers will mask shame if you're not wearing one.

In our little enclave of Republicans (YV and 29) will think wearing one is sign of weakness. I guess refrigerated trailers for morgue's overflow changes perspective.

Now if I could only figure out WHY 29 isn't picking up recycling bin at my current location. I know the property pays for it dearly. Eight weeks now of leaving it full..


Yes you did, lol.

Salacious – Is likely a Freudian slip but too…

There should be no space between - credibility - and the punctuation.

Word - should be world.

Over over - should simply be over or could be over and over

Confirm - should be conform.

And so on…

We can all learn from one another – You got that one right.


Disagree with this decision. Will continue to practice safer at home. A new study out of Singapore shows that ppl are contagious up to 11 days after exposure. Every person who is exposed to the public poses a risk for 11 days and the clock restarts after every public interaction. Good luck to the control groups in this county, I hope SB county's experiment with residents and tourists goes well. If numbers lower for 2 more months, I will at that time feel safer for members of my family who are high risk. Will still continue to wear a mask and eye protection until a treatment or vaccine is widely available.


Ok , sounds good

Branson Hunter

I detect a subtle person attack. Nonetheless you've probagly never used a cellphone coupled with Google Girl to post comments. Now that you got that off your chops what do you have to say about the opening? Do you critique Tweety Bird's tweets?

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