YUCCA VALLEY — Dolores Quinlan’s 90th birthday on April 19 was celebrated with a surprise birthday parade by friends and family and a video put together by her niece Marcy and sister Alice.

The video featured special memories and birthday wishes sent from near and far from many friends and family who had planned to attend a party that had to be canceled due to COVID-19.

“Dolores thought she would just be sitting home alone on her birthday. She was very surprised and brought to tears on her 90th birthday as she stood in her driveway,” said her friend Lupe Lomeli-Naylor, one of the friends who took part in the parade.

Quinlan worked as a registered nurse for 26 years in Hacienda Heights. She moved to Yucca Valley in 1995 when she retired.

She was married to her late husband, Richard “Dick” Quinlan, for 58 years; he passed away six years ago.

Quinlan has three sons: Kevin, Richard and Roger. She has five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

She also has a special lifetime friend, Esther William, whom she loves and is still very close to. The two have been friends since elementary school. William will also be celebrating her 90th birthday this September.

Quinlan loves to cook and shares great-tasting tamales, enchiladas and other food with family and friends. She’s also an avid bingo player and loves the casino.

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So, happy birthday young lady!

...88, 89, 90 and one to grow on.

I hope you were able to blow out all the candles. What did you wish for?


Thank you Lupe, you’re an angel with everlasting compassion. Thank you for the love you bring and your sweet genuine heart❤️

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