SAN BERNARDINO — Hoping to open restaurants and shops for inside customers early next week, San Bernardino County staff have asked the governor’s office for permission to move farther into reopening.

The county board of supervisors directed staff to submit the request during a special meeting Thursday.

The special meeting was called after the county received word from the governor that more counties would be able to open businesses. They believed that San Bernardino County would not be approved.

Gov. Gavin Newsom loosened his guidelines for reopening on Monday, allowing counties to reopen businesses if less than 8 percent of their coronavirus tests are coming back positive, if their hospitalization rates and ICU bed rates remain steady and if the county performs an adequate amount of testing and contact tracing.

San Bernardino County met many of these requirements but, on Tuesday, the county was not conducting enough testing or contact tracing to be allowed to reopen per the governor’s order.

County Chief Executive Officer Gary McBride said staff would be working to immediately increase testing and contact tracing, but it might take some time to hire and train staff and establish more testing sites.

On Thursday he came back to the board and reported that the county had increased its testing and advised that the county ask to open since by the time the request is approved, he expected to meet all requirements.

By Friday, San Bernardino County was officially doing enough testing and contact tracing to meet state requirements; it has the capacity to employ 340 contact tracers and test about 3,300 people a day.

Board Chairman Curt Hagman thanked the county public health staff for all their hard work and noted that he, like many others, was frustrated at how long it was taking the county to reopen, but he said the board cannot change state law.

“I’m very frustrated. My businesses are frustrated as well,” he said. “But we can’t sit there and change the state law just because we demand it.”

The other board members agreed and directed staff to submit the letter to the governor’s office in the morning. McBride said that he is expecting an answer back within 24 hours. At latest,he hopes to be able to open up businesses by early next week.

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....and in this corner....Muh businesses, muh freeDUMB, muh ceevil rites.

...and the county supervisors cheered..

......and in this corner.... Covid19....

....and the spectators boo'd.

Round two...DING!!

Live and Let Die....


"but it might take some time to hire and train staff and establish more testing sites."

Meanwhile: Hundreds of hopefully well qualified county staff sit around with little to do.

Here's a real constructive suggestion:

Let's train those hopefully eager to be productive current county employees to learn how to contact trace. I'm sure they could reallocate these under-utilized county workers to something beneficial.....

......just like many of REAL businesses have done to be relevant and viable in this new reality.


And in this corner ...fear and loathing.Aka Covid -19 All the way from the , pit of you know where, state of cowardice

In this corner , from right here , the land of milk and honey, land of the free , home of the brave , U.SA.....

Hope and optimism!!

Looks like fearing loathing has met its match as it goes down.

Ding ding.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ...

Oh wait.. fear and loathing is getting off the mat...9 10.

Fear and loathing couldn't recover from that far right jab and the leftwing double cross.

Looks like Hope and optimism has won the fight! AGAIN !

Just like the true American would!!

Live and let live !!

LOOKS like covid -19 has lost the fight! it can go back where it came from and take its cowardly fans with it.

Branson Hunter

Josh, that's a whimsical Rocky Balboa storyline. Something like Rockey meets the Wicked Witch of the North. How about this, "Science pores cold water on the protagonist; consciousness eventually wins out over carelessness."


look man,

We're not under British law and taxation anymore.

The racist buffoons in the South were defeated and the South is not gonna rise again.

Hitler Got his rear handed to him by the allies, 3rd Reich isn't coming back.

I know a lot of you are rooting for covid- 19 To destroy us.

I'm not going too.

I'm on the winning side.

Science is knowledge gained by observation and experimentation,

This knowledge is organized and classified.

what I have seen so far and observed doesn't add up to what they're saying.

Talk about a fairy tales ,I think we're living in one .

BTW...The witch always loses.


Business owners need to pool together about getting a blood bank to park up here for a week and be open to where anyone who still has a job can get tested. 10-2 doesn't cut it. And do enough of a lead time to allow the residents to make arrangements. A drive thru would be nice or could we take tests at Hi Desert and donate blood also. The number of tests in SB Cty. dictates the opening of those 3rd & 4th stages and those businesses impacted.


It was really scary at the Home Depot the other day. The employees were not wearing masks. No social distancing. No respect for anyone's personal space. Not going back there. Not buying from them any more.

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