Drive-thru test

Public health workers bag up swabs to be tested at San Bernardino County's first drive-through testing for the new coronavirus Friday, March 27.

SAN BERNARDINO — The county released the number of people who have tested positive for the new coronavirus by city Tuesday afternoon.

The new information shows one person in Yucca Valley has tested positive; Yucca Valley is the only Morongo Basin community shown on the list.

Unincorporated communities like Joshua Tree, Morongo Valley and Landers are not listed. The Hi-Desert Star has reached out to the county to learn if they will be if cases are confirmed there. 

The Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center is also not on the list, but the commanding general, Brig. Gen. Roger Turner, said by Friday, March 27, more than 75 people had been tested at the Naval hospital and none tested positive. 

The Department of Public Health cautioned that residents of places with low or no numbers should not assume there are no cases in their communities.

Just 996 people have been tested out of the roughly 2 million who live in San Bernardino County.

“The number of cases by city provides a picture of community spread within our county,” stated acting health officer Dr. Erin Gustafson.

“However, residents of cities not listed or with low case numbers should assume and behave as if there are cases within their communities and comply with the statewide stay-at-home order. Residents of cities that are listed should not panic and feel the need to go somewhere else. I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of staying at home and practicing good hygiene to reduce further community spread.”

The city of Yucaipa has been hit hardest, with 18 positive cases. That includes 12 people in a single nursing home, along with another elderly woman living at the nursing home who died last week.

Rancho Cucamonga has 14 confirmed cases.

The city data shows where each person with COVID-19 lives, regardless of where they were tested or where they might be hospitalized. Cities and communities not listed have zero confirmed cases, according to the county.

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T Twelvetrees

I followed my own advice and believed BG Turner over a keyboard warrior bent on cramming it down the throat that BG Turner needs to be replaced or whatever. Dawn Rowe was wrong, so with that as a known factor now. I will assume that there is no way to tell how many other people have COVID-19 in our little town. I think it is time to pay closer attention, and protect yourself from the Nay Sayers writing about how horrible someone is that actually knows. Kudos to BG Turner for letting me know what is real vs fantasy. My wife and I are continuing to sew masks from our home to give out. It would be nice to keep an eye on our neighbors in need. Next I will probably read here is there is no proof that the confirmed case was the one Rowe said did not exist. I like Curtis Yakimow, but he was not informed apparently. Thank you to the HDS for getting the truth out to us.


Good for you. And that is an awesome community service. More folks should follow your example.[thumbup]



Branson Hunter

Grocery Outlet is incredible. They are taking all reasonable precautions to protect customers and their employees. They represent responsibility and good Samaritan values. Our local grocery markets are one of our lifeline. I want to responsibly point out that Stater Brothers East in Yucca Valley needs to access their safety program and take action for the protection of their employees and the General Public. This is not an opinion. Thank you Stater Brothers for early openings for seniors to shop.


So where is the full list?


From Riverside County:

Health officials say bandanas, fabric masks, and neck gaiters will work. Fabric covers and bandanas can be washed and used again.

The reasoning officials are using to recommend that you cover your face comes from the belief that transmission occurs primarily through droplets from an infected individual. Fabrics can easily filter those droplets.

Fabrics not only helps to reduce the risk that a healthy person can breathe the droplets in but also protects others around someone with mild symptoms who may not yet realize they have the illness.

Face covering should be worn anytime a person is outside of their home, even in offices of essential businesses.

Local officials had previously not recommended the large-scale use of face coverings, but circumstances have changed.

"When the situation changes, the rulebook changes,” said Dr. Cameron Kaiser, Riverside County public health officer. “We’re seeing our numbers increasing even sooner than we predicted and that means our strategy must change too. Covering your face doesn’t change the orders everyone must abide by to stay home as much as possible and maintain social distancing, but it’s an extra layer of protection that I think we need to add.”


[thumbup] Probably be safer to sew them with a pocket so you can add filters. Then you can wash and replace the filter.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the county of San Bernardino for doing things right.

What many do not understand is county counsel must be brought into the decision tree as to what information is released and how it is release so as to avoid multi-million dollar lawsuits for potential violations of the HIPPA regulations.

Dawn Rowe and the many others in the county governmental system performed responsibly and effectively.

My Issue was never with the veracity of the information. The issue was where did it come from and why was it released in such a cavalier manner?

Again, thanks to Dawn and all the other leaders of our county government, Town and city.


I thought your issue was "with the veracity of the information". Common clues I noted was the statement and I shall quote "It appears many are missing my concern. As of today not one source confirms this general's FB post". Another and I quote "the statement should not have been said by the general without an official source". You stated the "headline in the paper was both inaccurate and dangerous to a population already on edge". You stated the General was "wrong until he proves himself right". You specifically asked me the not so "simple" question "What proof do you have that the general is right in his assertion?" and that "he is wrong until he proves he is right". You stated that the General was "incompetent, shameful, and deplorable" and demanded "so general where did you get your information". Another clue was the statement "The story was premature, it was not confirmed, and the general never should've put it out there". Sorry but your main concern and issue was the "veracity" of the information or else you would not have dedicated most of your time questioning the credibility and integrity of the General. I do not recall any mention of any "county counsel" or any "potential violations of the HIPPA regulations" in your comments.


I have a pattern for making face masks. I got it from a nurse who was using along with others at their hospital to make their own. I would leave it open at the top to add filters so they could be discarded and replaced, then wash the mask. Probably need to make several. Maybe hi-desert star will allow me to post a jpeg.


TTJ. It is seemingly apparent you prefer to argue with everyone that does not share your opinion and or opinions on many subjects and that is what it is an opinion and not a fact.

I still want to know how the general got his information about a civilian not associated with the base in any manner and why would he post such information publicly without informing the local leaders of our civilian communities first.

No need to reply. From my conversations many people they concur in my quest for those answers while other do not.


Obviously the claim that a Yucca Valley resident tested positive for the virus was based on a "fact" and not an "opinion". I simply disagreed with your "opinions" that led to your continuing unwarranted denigrations of the base General. General Turner does not have an obligation to subject his public "information" thru local "politicians" or the "county counsel". It just seems apparent to me that your "opinions" and "arguments" should take precedent over other opposing "opinions" even when your "opinions" are no longer based on the "facts". I am not aware of any people or any politicians who are still questioning either the "veracity" or the "posting" of the General's "public information" other than you. As of now it is a mute point in my view. From my conversations with people most would rather know how many have tested positive in the local community. I am sure that a few would disagree. As always please feel free at any time to reply to my comments. Public discourse should always be welcomed in this discussion.


Very sociable of you. In the final analysis, IMHO only, the general needs to keep his business on base and not in town, city, or county.

I cannot tell you how many issues i had with the base as a council member and then as a sergeant for the SO.

No personal animosity mind you just frustration at what appears to me to be the obvious. Military commanders deal with the military not civilians.


In my humble opinion common sense has always been the enemy of bureaucracy. Stay safe!

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