Coronavirus tests

A technician processes tests in the San Bernardino County Public Health Department laboratory.

SAN BERNARDINO — Three deaths have now been connected to the new coronavirus and 55 people have tested positive for the virus in San Bernardino County, according to the latest release from the Public Health Department.

The county announced the third death from coronavirus Thursday afternoon.

The first two deaths were a 46-year-old man and a 50-year-old man. Both had underlying medical conditions, according to the county.

The county did not immediately release details about the third victim.

By Friday morning, 674 tests have been processed and 8.2 percent of them came back positive, the county reported.

Most of the confirmed cases are in people ages 18-49, with the second highest group ages 60-64. Just over 58 percent are male.

The numbers of cases will continue to climb as more are tested and the public and private labs processing those tests report their results, according to Trudy Raymundo, director of Public Health.

San Bernardino County was ready to hold its first drive-through tests Friday morning.

The tests were restricted only to people who are at high risk for the disease and who are showing symptoms, following CDC guidelines.

The tests were by appointment only and the roster filled up soon after sign-ups opened at 8 a.m. Thursday.

More drive-through tests should be scheduled soon.

“This is the pilot. We want to learn from it, refine it and scale it out county-wide,” Raymundo said at a press conference Thursday.

Worldwide, 558,502 people have tested positive for the new coronavirus, with the U.S. now exceeding all other nations in cases. The virus has caused 25,251 deaths worldwide and 127,615 patients have been reported to have recovered, according to a global tracking system run by John Hopkins University.

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Ok , so I will have .... um make that two red bean and cheese burritos.. and ummm......a Large coke zero and .........a ... oh yeah ......coronavirus test.

" Will that complete order ?" .....



OCT 2019 THRU MAR 2020

38,000,000 – 54,000,000

flu illnesses

18,000,000 – 26,000,000

flu medical visits

400,000 – 730,000

flu hospitalizations

24,000 – 62,000

flu deaths


We are going to blow by those numbers, Josh. Even Trump says 200K deaths. And... even if you don't die this is a MISERABLE flu to have.

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