YUCCA VALLEY — Rebecca Zavala, owner of Rodeo Pest Control, will start providing free supplies daily at tables outside the Yucca Valley Trailer Park.

Zavala will set up tables of supplies starting at 8 a.m. Thursday in front of the trailer park at 55580 Twentynine Palms Highway. She invites others to join her.

She is looking for donations of non-perishable food and essentials and like toilet paper, shampoo and laundry soap.

“I was watching the news last night, and many people have started a community food and supply rack in their own front yards,” Zavala said via email.

She decided she could do the same thing, with help from others who also want to reach out to people in need during the pandemic.

“Rodeo Pest Control, alongside with our wonderful community members are putting this together,” Zavala said.

She and her employees can also pick up donations from their customers at regularly scheduled appointments.

“We all have things in our cabinets that we don’t use, or don’t need. Or maybe you want to pick up extra supplies while you’re at the store. Let’s help someone else,” Zavala said.

To donate, text Zavala at (760) 819-3030 or simply drop it off at the tables in front of the trailer park.

“We will have this table up every day as long as we can,” Zavala said.

“We are in this together.”

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T Twelvetrees

I'm going to look around the cupboard.....Great idea...

Branson Hunter

Rebecca Zavala you are fantastic. Personally, I would like to see city council members actually getting involved, that is Hands-On Community work (like Savala) or just be more visible. The meetings on approving project Phoenix are important to some, but too many for the greater good it's very important that residence need more Community leadership, please. Thank you

Branson Hunter

Yucca Valley Town Council is commended for stepping up and taking action and getting involved with the community in terms of helping small businesses. Thanks a lot council member.

Branson Hunter

Whoops one last comment: those loans open to YV small business could have been grants to qualifying small business owner. Absent those small businesses the town wouldn't be a very interesting destination but for the park and the roadside Joshua trees getting to the park.

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