TWENTYNINE PALMS — The city of Twentynine Palms, which largely closed to the public during the continuing coronavirus crisis, will move into the opening phases of city operations in the coming weeks with the following stipulations:

•     May 26 to 28 city hall will provide services to the public by appointment only.

•     Beginning June 1 walk in traffic into City Hall will be allowed with a maximum capacity of five people.

•     City hall will be closed 1 to 2 p.m. for lunch. Consumer contact points will be cleaned during this time.

•     Masks will be strongly recommended but not required to enter city hall.

•     Business licenses will be handled in person at city hall or via web services on the city’s website at

While city hall will be open, officials highly recommend citizens access services via telephone or web services.

For more information call (760) 367-6799.

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Branson Hunter

No masks required when City Hall opens? That's not very smart. One of the lessons you learn as a Marine and a reasonably smart person is to always protect yourself. The city needs a clean sweep of counsel folks.


Come On man you wanna live like this forever?

Safety third.


That explains why I see marines around town without masks; masks are to protect others. Although now that everyone in SBC is going bare-faced, we will need the masks to protect ourselves.

don mckinney

A " marine " and " a reasonably smart person " is an oxymoron . Genocide of poor people while living a communal , socialistic life style in a barracks so that you can carry out mercenary drone bombings in far off countries to make rich global financiers richer and force migration into Europe and America is not smart . We have almost a thousand military bases in 170 countries while China and Russia combined have about eleven outside their borders . America military expenditure known is 40% of global money spent . 911 was an inside job PROVEN by UNIV. of Alaska Engineering Report . Marines do not know these facts . They think we must commit genocide for our freedom . What rights and what freedom ? Act of 1871 and a litiny of others took your rights away long ago and there are no real patriots . It is " PATRIOTIC " to educate yourself before genociding the wrong people for the wrong people . See our noahide laws and Jesuit oath for references . FREE ASSANGE and PALESTINIANS . No moral Compass , order followers are brain stem active only . sad , but true . 911 was an inside job . Trump pardoned the attackers recently .

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