Drive-through testing

Public health workers bag up swabs to be tested at San Bernardino County's first drive-through testing for the new coronavirus Friday, March 27.

SAN BERNARDINO — Nearly 400 people got tested for the new coronavirus in San Bernardino County’s first drive-through testing event Friday morning at the National Orange Show grounds.

The Department of Public Health offered appointments Thursday, which quickly filled up. Spokesman David Wert said the county made 380 appointments, but once technicians got through those they had some additional kits. They extended the event to 4 p.m. and sent an invitation out on social media for walk-ins.

To get one of the tests, patients had to be at high risk for contracting the virus and also be showing symptoms: fever, shortness of breath and cough.

Some were turned away because they did not meet those criteria.

The number of confirmed cases of the new coronavirus climbed from 55 to 64 in San Bernardino County Friday as laboratories continue to process tests.

So far 949 people have been tested for the new virus and 6.7 percent tested positive, the county reported Friday afternoon.

The number of deaths remained at three.

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Branson Hunter

For a City by City listing of the numbers of Coronavirus cases in Riverside County, go to The Press-Enterprise newspaper. It's their the top online story. For a City by City listing of all the coronavirus cases in San Bernardino County, go-to to the Twilight Zone. Rod Sterling will tell you there is a Fifth Dimension Beyond which that is knowing by man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as Timeless as Infinity.

Branson Hunter

Last night The Press-Enterprise reported at 5:50 that San Bernardino County will announce confirmed novel coronavirus cases by city once it hits 100 confirmed cases, officials said Friday, March 27.

Branson Hunter

Correction: goto The San Bernardino Sun for information when the county will release the number of cases city-by-city.


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Good video! Thanks Blade.

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