Businesses reopen

Tim Snyder, owner of Joshua Tree Finds, says he opened his vintage store the first weekend of May. deciding not to wait for the official opening dates from state and county government. He said he had to open after not getting loans or grants.

SAN BERNARDINO — The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors called a special meeting Wednesday morning and directed staff to ask the governor's office for support in opening more businesses, including short-term rentals, tattoo parlors and restaurants for dining in.

The supervisors told staff to push forward with their plan to present a readiness and recovery plan to the governor’s office as soon as possible. The plan urges the governor to allow the county to open businesses at their own time and argues that the county is ready to open low-to-medium-risk businesses.

Those businesses also include retail businesses for in-house shopping, grooming salons, zoos, museums, catering businesses, churches and libraries.

In the Morongo Basin, a handful of shops and pet groomers have already opened.

The supervisors' special meeting came after Gov. Gavin Newsom announced on Tuesday that he was expanding the types of businesses that could open in the early phase of stage two to include car washes, pet grooming, landscaping gardening, offices, outdoor museums and childcare for those outside the essential workforce.

The governor also announced that approved counties, which does not include San Bernardino County, are allowed to open dine-in restaurants and shopping malls.

Approved counties were required to show the state that they had no COVID-related deaths in the past 14 days and had the capacity to treat COVID-19 patients that they may receive. The counties approved were limited to small rural counties including El Dorado, Butte, Lassen, Nevada, Placer, Amador and Shasta.

Newsom also announced in his Tuesday briefing that he was in discussion with 27 other countries about regional variances that may allow some flexibility in the state order.

“I know others are eager to move more quickly and we will work with every county, with every city in a practical and responsible way,” Newsom said. “This is a health-driven conversation. It’s not because we don’t want to. It’s not because we would not like to. It’s not because we want to be particularly oppressive in terms of people’s desires and needs. It’s because public health dictates that we do this in a judicious and thoughtful way.”

The board sent a letter to Newsom’s office on Friday, May 8, asking that San Bernardino County be allowed to move forward with reopening stage two businesses, and even stage three businesses at their own discretion. The letter included signatures from mayors of local cities including Yucca Valley and Twentynine Palms and stated that San Bernardino County’s size would make it nearly impossible to fall in the governor’s strict parameters for reopening.

“The goal of this is to get a meeting with the governor where we can go over the plan for our unique, diverse and widespread county,” said Chief Operating Officer Leonard Hernandez.

After drafting the letter, the board directed staff to create a plan for reopening to submit to the governor’s office for approval. In the plan, the county notes that nearly half of the positive cases in San Bernardino County, which was at 3,078 confirmed cases and 120 deaths on Wednesday morning, come from congregate settings including prisons and nursing homes.

Newsom announced on Tuesday that Kern County was in a similar situation and, as such, was in conversations with the governor’s office to open more businesses. Hernandez said that this made him and his team hopeful that San Bernardino County will be given some leeway soon.

The county is asking that the governor’s office allow them to move deeper into stage two because of this unique situation and also because the county’s number of in-hospital patients has remained flat for the last two weeks, allowing the county hospitals to show that they have an abundance of supplies if more residents do get sick.

The county identified low-to-medium-risk businesses in the next stage of reopening as retail businesses for in-house shopping, short-term rentals, pet grooming salons, tattoo parlors, zoos and museums, restaurants for dine-in services, catering businesses, churches and libraries.

“It’s time we step forward and open up all opportunities,” said Supervisor Robert Lovingood. “There’s no reason people can be in a grocery store, pick up things and put them back down and we can’t open small businesses.”

The rest of the board members agreed and said that they’d like to move quickly in starting negotiations with the governor’s office in a hope to get the plan approved as quickly as possible.

To view the entire readiness and reopening plan visit

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Looks like the "City Fathers" are joining the "Roll-the-dice with our lives club". Better hope it doesn't come up "Snake Eyes".


The dice are "loaded".

Covid19 wins.

Live and Let Die....

Stacy Moore

I've deleted a few comments and I'm reminding everyone of the parameters that show up right above the button to post a comment — be nice is one of them. That doesn't mean you have to agree with everything, but disagree with the content. Stop calling each other names, please. I don't want to ban anyone but when I'm deleting comments from the same few people because they're basically brawling in the comments section, I'm going to have to look at banning them. If you want to get into a personal, fighting-dirty, name-calling argument with someone, exchange emails or find some other way to do it in your own space, please.


Here is a very educational video that shows what happens when your "Dying to Eat Out":

It's pretty sobering scientific experiment conducted by NHK (Japan) along with some older Science Show (US) footage.

I've had some extensive training in Hazmat, bio-hazard and even had back in the day limited chemical/radio-nucleide training replete with filter masks 3 nested filter cartridges that were an effort to inhale when I was waaay younger, plus the dal-gone suit, gloves, booties and tape that was like being in a sauna.

I wonder how well I would do in this particular experiment following bio-hazard protocol.


Updated info:

Department of Homeland Security/FEMA - Largest percentile of Covid19 case increases (Recent by County)

Gold Medal Winner: Palm Beach County, Floriduh

Silver Medal Winner: San Bernardino County, Kalifornication

Bronze Medal Winner: Marshall County, a la Bama (Meat packing plant derived)

Live and Let Die.....


I have over 1000 new masks I ordered from Amazon .

I have stopped wearing them when I go to any stores that don't enforce this useless rule.

I am more worried about covid and fecal matter from the fake service dogs that go unchecked.

If covid 19 can stay alive on cardboard for five days, how long can it stay alive on dog fur and skin?

T Twelvetrees


~~~>"I have stopped wearing them when I go to any stores that don't enforce this useless rule."<~~~

Why is it a useless rule?


Ok , here goes , stay with me.

1. In order to prevent airborne pathogenic organisms from entering an individuals body through the facial area one would have to protect the eyes also.

The mouth and nose are not the only point of entry. Only a n95 mask can filter the air ( both ways) and collect unwanted airborne particulates.

Your eyes also have to be shielded. This is an even more vulnerable area than your mouth and nose.

Your sinuses are located directly under your teard ducts and lowe eyelids. Your eyeballs are constructed of subcutaneous membrane similar, but not the same as the inside of your mouth .

If your eyes are not shielded your are actually still just as exposed to airborne pathogenic organisms entering your body thru the face area. In essence, making the mask useless.

Furthermore , if you did have eye protection, you need to change the N95 mask , (the only effective type ) after every single use .that means disposing of it every time you have left what ever place you have visited , disposing then in a bio-hazard receptacle , washing your hands and putting on a new one for the next place you go too.

If you don't , they become airborne pathogenic organism collectors and you spread the disease instead of stopping it.

The nasty homemade masks. The crusty looking surgical over used ones , the bandannas etc etc are actually aiding in transporting and transmitting covid-19 instead of aiding in prevention.

Thats why I have over 1000 n95 masks . I use a new one every time I need one.

From what I've seen the general public is totally breaking every protocol for wearing airborne pathogenic organism protection masks , hence making it a useless rule.

The mask requirement is more of a new American superstition than a actual intelligent way of protecting oneself from airborne pathogenic organisms.


Technically correct. And an ill fitting N95 mask won't stop every last particle either, nor will an industrial respirator with replaceable filters if it's an project requiring a lot of movement and odd angles. Been there done that many a time.

Of note: A mask of any type combined with social distancing certainly is a risk reduction for all parties involved. A mask is also a great reminder to NOT touch your face.

It's about risk reduction, similar to wearing one's seat belt in a vehicle.

I have been seriously considering a PAPR unit which covers all the bases as long as mount/dismount protocols are followed. While not cheap they are effective for some of the jobsites I encounter, plus the added bonus of protecting myself from the Covidiots running around spreading their "Love and Freedom".

Should the poo poo hit the proverbial propeller and I need to purchase a PAPR unit I will just add it to the existing PPE on-board kit that I have.

And yes I would kit up to do the grocery shop if I consider that venue as a bio-hazard site, not caring one iota of what others think of my appearance. Hint: It would be an improvement. HA!


True , an ill fitting n95 mask won't be effective either.

T Twelvetrees

Thank you for the explanation Josh.


Interesting that the hospital et al left out the fact that the COVID case growth rate in SB county is twice that of LA - it's still growing. And while there may be a flat number of beds occupied (on average) in the whole county, there are still just 60 beds in the hi-desert, at the local JT medical ctr., including 4 ICU beds. How long will people who can't breathe last, when they're forced to go down the hill for help? Can you hold your breath for an hour? Forcing a premature opening like this is greedy, foolhardy, and selfish. Purely feigned ignorance, since we've already seen resort areas like ours turn into petrie dishes (ski areas anyone?) as tourists came and went, nationwide, spreading COVID like Johnny Appleseed. Things aren't back to normal yet people, COVID is still here, invisible, just waiting for impatience and complacence like this to thrive. If you don't mind losing people, then choose some from your own family and friends to sacrifice. Then suddenly, they aren't just numbers anymore.

Branson Hunter

The farmers market was packed, largely people weren't wearing masks, they weren't ooks to be quite


Nothing like having fresh organic produce and products for "The Last Supper".

Should they survive Covid19 they may loose their sense of taste. Obviously loss of common Sense for some predate this pandemic.

Pass the arsenic please....

As our "stable genius" has stated: No tests means no cases.

So glad this isn't a nuclear accident of some type- we'd all be glowing if t &P was running the response.

Number plates (vehicle tags) in New Hampshire: "Live Free or Die".

Potential Number plate header for Wisconsin and Michigan: ""Live Free AND Die"

Live and Let Die.....

Branson Hunter

0ops [so difficult posting on cell phone].

People were not distancing at the farmers market in Joshua Tree, it was reported to me -- business as usual. Will Joshua Tree become the local Petro dish? In America we make our own choices, don't we? My choice is to play it safe. So the choice is go with the politicians or go with science and experts? I will continue to seclude myself and follow the science. Don't politicians and local elected officials always have their own agendas and go along to get along?0]

As far as 'we the people' are concerned, we have to see the dilemma: our economic system is collapsing versus a worldwide epidemic in terms of Public Safety. It's your choice I hope you make the right one.


Petro dish? Or are they selling motor oil salad dressing at the farmers market? New menu item for the "foodies"? (Me jests). {Children's Educational Segment: Petri dish with agar growing medium is used bacterium samples for testing in a laboratory}

I have upgraded to a newer mobile device - internal battery that bulged the screen from heat.

Bigger memory to not support it's feeble dictionary, which means auto corrupt is better and faster than ever. It also has predatory auto complete which will predict proper sentence completion and make it inverse to what it should be. No arrow keys now either- you play Wack-A-Mole with the cuser.

I sure do miss my old Thunderbolt.

Remember the good old days? You just tossed the stone tablet over the cliff and started again. Do that now it's illegal dumping


Masks can be disinfected simply by putting them out in the sun all day. U.V.'s kill pathogens. Just like in pay drinking water machines. The heavy U.V. rate here is perfect for destroying viruses. Lots of folks own an M-95. Home Depot sold them as recently as March. They're an everyday part of the construction world. You bought 1000 of them for yourself? There are first responders dropping dead everywhere for lack of these masks and you're hogging a thousand of them? You must be leaving your house an awful lot if you need to change masks several times a day. I guess you're not one of the stay at home types either. Go give 999 of those m-95's to the local hospital and ambulance EMT's. Keep one for yourself and start staying at HOME.


I wish I could stay at home all day. I am an essential worker and I am on the Frontlineof this Pandemic everyday . My job requires me to aid in protecting public health. If I were to stay at home it would be a dereliction of duty and I could get in deep trouble.

Do you have data to back up your. U.V. theory?

BTW , I purchased my masks from Amazon, months in advance, with my own money , to do my public servant job.

You have heard of Amazon , right ? You can find it on the same internet you use to pre-judge me and make ignorant misinformed, unintelligent comments on.

Thank you.

True story.


Exposing yourself or clothing articles to the sun or to temperatures higher than 25C degrees DOES NOT prevent the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

You can catch COVID-19, no matter how sunny or hot the weather is. Countries with hot weather have reported cases of COVID-19. To protect yourself, make sure you clean your hands frequently and thoroughly and avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose.  You must also wear PPE in accordance with protocol. This not an easy task and unlikely to be done by the average person.

There’s only one type of UV that can reliably inactivate Covid-19 – and it’s extremely dangerous.

Are there labs and scientists currently exploring the U.V . Solutions? Yes.

Is it safe , practical or even possible on a large scale basis ? No

The U.V option is still In highly controlled and monitored experimental stages.

There different types of U.V. rays and the rays we come in contact with , when the sun is out or not , are not the U.V rays that are effective in killing the covid -19 virus .

Please don't try to make people ( me) look bad with inappropriate comments on subjects you obviously know nothing about.

It's unfortunate and unbecoming.

Thank you.


Latest based on various sources:

Fresh air and sunlight helps promote a healthy attitude as well as the production of vitamin D, which has shown anecdotal evidence of assisting your immune system to fight this virus. Don't go overdosing on vitamin D though.

Heat of 150°f/65°c will break down the Covid19 virus given some time. I have used the dashboard to "cook" leather gloves in between uses when the vehicle is parked. Don't use dashboard cookery with masks or anything plastic or rubber. Contaminated items never enter the interior cabin of the vehicle.

There are strict protocols for mounting/dismounting masks/gloves/suits. It's not something to be rushed. There are tutorials online-find a respected site for proper PPE use

Sound doesn't travel in a vacuum. They can't hear you scream in space.


I meant N-95- 'scuse me


"months in advance"? Yeah- you and Trump were right on the ball.


Yes , months in advance. And how does Trump fit in here? I am not a Trump supporter.

I also have been making an effort to be less negative and rude since Stacy Moore has asked.

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