Everyday, normal activities aren’t so normal anymore these days. Running errands, visiting with friends and family, helping the kids with their homework — it’s all turned topsy-turvy as the COVID-19 crisis gets worse. One thing we’ve noticed is that as our world becomes more unfamiliar, we’re becoming more grateful to the people who are carrying on in the midst of the pandemic.

We have all become more familiar with the heroes who risk their lives to treat those who are infected, the doctors and nurses who daily face shortages of critical safety equipment but nevertheless continue to do their jobs.

There are others who are equally deserving of our praise, but if you ask them, they would likely say they’re just doing their jobs.

The grocery store clerks who stock shelves as best they can and serve a sometimes impatient populace with kindness and patience deserve all of our courtesy and understanding in return.

Paramedics, firefighters, law enforcement professionals and park rangers continue to respond to calls for help although they face a new, invisible hazard every time they do.

People who work in restaurants are still providing meals and friendly service as best they can as conditions change daily and their income, heavily dependent on tips, drops dramatically.

Janitors across the Morongo Basin are doing the real “dirty work” — deep-cleaning and disinfecting our schools and public buildings so everyone will be safe when some normalcy returns.

There are so many others, from city, town and water district employees who stay on the job to the men and women who are continuing to work on infrastructure improvements who need to be honored and appreciated. We don’t want to fail to mention our fellow newspaper workers, who gather, print and distribute the news to keep you informed.

These are the everyday heroes who have shown their true mettle during this crisis. Let’s all thank them whenever we can for their service and sacrifice. When we emerge from this crisis, as we inevitably will, it will be in large part because of them.

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