Coronavirus testing at Walter Reed

Researchers with the Emerging Infectious Disease branch at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research conduct studies to find a solution for the new coronavirus in March.

SAN BERNARDINO — Thirteen people have now died from the new coronavirus in San Bernardino County, the Department of Public Health announced Friday afternoon.

As of Friday afternoon, 4,003 tests in the county yielded 353 positive results, an 8.8 percent positive rate.

The number of positive tests in the Morongo Basin rose from two, with both patients from Yucca Valley, to three, including one from Joshua Tree.

Hardest hit in San Bernardino County is Yucaipa, where 69 people have tested positive.

That includes at least 58 residents of the Cedar Mountain Post Acute nursing home, county spokesman David Wert said.

Thirteen staff members also tested positive; some are not counted in Yucaipa’s numbers because they live elsewhere.

Everyone else who works or lives at the home is presumed to be exposed to the disease, and the county has stopped testing there, said Health Department spokeswoman Lana Culp in an interview with KTLA.

Eleven staff and one prisoner at the California Institution for Men in Chino tested positive for COVID-19, the county announced Wednesday night.

Tests for two more workers and three inmates are pending.

Five county sheriff’s deputies had tested positive as of Thursday, including four who work in county jails.


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The biggest problem we face around here is the absolute stupidity and carelessness of so many people when they're out and about shopping or getting gas or mail. No matter how many times the media tries to hammer the deadly seriousness of this pandemic into the heads of residents and tourists alike, there's an awful lot folks that aren't even trying to help the cause. People grabbing gas station nozzles with bare hands really gets me. It's like shaking hands with the last 500 customers! ATM's with touch screens only work when bare skin is pressed against them. Gloves won't activate it. So a zillion ATM users are pressing that same button over and over 24/7. You have to wash that fingertip before you use it again. And that six feet of separation? Good luck! Most shoppers are so freaked out and preoccupied with what they can't buy that any thought of separation is rare. Even with the "Hang 10" stickers on the floor by registers, people are still crowding each other and gabbing away. Shopping carts are really scary. Break out the gloves. The mask thing is nuts too. Most people up here still refuse to use anything resembling a mask. Is it a pseudo-bravery thing or what? Americans love to feel invincible, but it's a dumb idea. Especially in a closed environment like a store or public transportation. Younger people are the worst of all. "Wear a mask? Ooooh-ICKY!" Well it's better that wearing a ventilator tube! One single sneeze from an Corona positive person can infect a roomful of people. Just talking closely can also emit contaminated droplets, yet people are still gabbing away without masks or safe distances. They just closed the Wal-Mart in Nashville except for the grocery department. Too dangerous- people were not following guidelines. We need our Wally-world here. It's about the last place you can buy regular everyday items that aren't yet deemed non-essential. Let's not screw it up for ourselves by being lazy and dumb. We already have cases up here and there's going to be a lot more. Don't be one of them. When I see store employees not wearing a mask & gloves, I cringe. No symptoms? That means nothing at all. This thing is incredibly devious, like something from Science Fiction. Don't think flu. Think Ebola. An ugly, lonely death. Use your noodle.

T Twelvetrees

I though sitting in long lines or pushing our car to the gas station during the oil embargo gas rationing in 1973 was a pain, this is getting more serious by the day. If we still had kids at home and a job to go to, It would suck. Being retired at least allows us to sit still for a long time. People who refuse to go along with the mask, distancing etc. seem really selfish to me.

You can’t fix stupid…


I've been using commercial duty "NightHawk" nitrile gloves which with a couple attempts DO work on touch screens. Jabbing on reluctant touch screens appear to work best.

Another caution with using gloves improperly:. Don't touch your face, cellphone, interior car door handles. First- open car door gloved, load groceries, then -Carefully dismount gloves by looking AWAY from your outstretched arms/hands and carefully use the first glove to grasp other gloves cuff and gently roll it inside out, then use other glove to repeat for other glove. Bag both to dispose. Then close car door using inside handles. Re glove to unload groceries and sanitize them. I leave non-perishables in the vehicle over night, or as long as possible.

Try a practice run or two. You can simulate contamination by using cold creme or finger paint, ect. to see your results. If you have your test materials on any surface other than the gloves, practice again.

There should be online training videos regarding proper bio-hazard Personal Protective Equipment use.

Cross contamination could be a major issue in some cases if there is a heavy presence of the virus. Never assume it's free of contamination.

I hope this helps!


I agree.


I am amazed at how many people won't wear masks or gloves.

T Twelvetrees

Josh...Good deal you did a 180 on this. If you can get someone else to change their mind, it will help us all....


I wear gloves and mask everytime I go into public places.

Seems about only half of us are.

I look at it like this , gloves are to protect me , mask is to protect others. Makes sense.


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