Alpaca owners share the magic of their animals

Camilla Gutierez recieves a big kiss from her new alpaca friend.

YUCCA VALLEY — Mike and Cindy Fagan opened Alpaca Magic to the public last weekend as past of National Alpaca Farm Days — an event to raise public awareness about alpaca farms and their animals.

The Fagans began their farm when a group of eight alpacas came into their lives. Some of the animals had serious health problems and had been mistreated in a previous household. They were all housed together, so many of the females were pregnant.

Now, about two years later, the Fagans have a full alpaca enclosure and 14 animals that make up their herd.

“This is our first year doing National Alpaca Days,” said Cyndie Fagan. “We love to share the animals with the community.”

National Alpaca Farm Days allows the public to experience the alpaca up close, feel the fleece, tour ranches across America and shop for alpaca products.

“They’re great with kids,” said Cyndie Fagan. “They also have incredibly tough and hypoallergenic fur and a lot of people don’t know that about them.”

About a hundred people filtered in and out of the farm throughout the weekend to spend time up close with the alpacas.

While Cyndie and Mike don’t personally make products from their alpaca fleece, they do have friends who use the fleece to make products and they invited Ellie Seelos to make and sell goods at Alpaca Days.

Seelos processed the wool throughout the weekend and even made a mini alpaca from the fleece.

She also made mini booties, shawls and more from the durable fleece.

The Fagans’ farm is not always open to the public but if you call ahead, Mike and Cyndie would love to share their alpaca with you. For information, call them at (760) 636-9358.

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