Nuaimi addresses the council

Mark Nuaimi addresses the Town Council after their vote to dismiss him with a severance package Tuesday. "As the town manager, I fell short in realizing just how divided this community was," he said. "Worse yet, some of my approach actually contributed to the climate that had so many wanting my head on a platter this evening."

YUCCA VALLEY — After nearly a week of speculation, the Town Council voted Tuesday to fire Town Manager Mark Nuaimi.

The council voted 4-1, with Councilman Bob Leone dissenting, to release Nuaimi without cause, after a nearly two-hour discussion in closed session.

Tuesday’s decision came less than a week after the council voted unanimously to place Nuaimi on administrative leave.

A separation agreement between the town and Nuaimi characterized him as the “focal point of political divide.”

Politics aside, the separation agreement referred to a dispute about whether the council had reason to fire Nuaimi with cause.

The agreement states Nuaimi and the town “agree that (Nuaimi’s) immediate dismissal without cause is in the best interest of the town.”

Mayor Merl Abel suggested the council dismissed Nuaimi without cause to save further expenses and conflict.

“Our ‘yes’ vote was made out of the most prudent and economical option that allows our community to move forward,” Abel said.

Leone clarified he was in favor of terminating the employment contract, but was opposed to the $126,666 severance pay Nuaimi will receive, in addition to up to a year’s worth of medical benefits.

Most attending Tuesday’s meeting expected Nuaimi’s contract would be ended. What they wanted to know was why.

“Staff wishes to dispel the speculation that Mr. Nuaimi’s dismissal was based on any specific charges or grievances brought against him,” town attorney Lona Laymon said. “The dispute … is precisely is what’s stated in the severance agreement itself.”

Some who spoke during the meeting said they would submit a Freedom of Information Act request for documents that could point to wrongdoing by Nuaimi.

After Laymon read aloud the council’s decision, Nuaimi took to the podium to deliver a final parting message.

“A bull in a china shop is how many would describe how I come across, but know that I meant no harm,” Nuaimi said.

“It’s never easy to part ways and I completely understand why the Town Council has found a change in leadership is necessary at this time.”

Projects completed, but compensation drew fire

During his three-year tenure as town manager, Nuaimi oversaw completion of projects including Norm Essig Park and the replacement animal shelter, but he also became a target of criticism. In his speech Tuesday, he touted the town’s accomplishments over the last three years, including its “pension reform and benefits overhaul.”

Nuaimi’s own benefits package was raised by more than $13,000 this year, and the council took heat for it.

Earlier this year, citizens launched an effort to recall Councilmen George Huntington and Robert Lombardo, partly because they voted to increase Nuaimi’s compensation package, then voted to cut town programs and staff.

Nuaimi was also targeted by critics for his role in the failed sales tax increase, Measure U, as well as for his delivery of high-dollar town projects and new development.

“Looking back, I wish I’d done more to address the political tone of debate in this community,” Nuaimi said as he read a statement Tuesday.

“As the town manager, I fell short in realizing just how divided this community was. Worse yet, some of my approach actually contributed to the climate that had so many wanting my head on a platter this evening. I really just believed in what we were proposing and I was advocating strongly for this community and for the town.”

‘We cannot destroy each other’

Nuaimi has 21 days to review the separation agreement and agree to the terms and conditions. Laymon expects the process will be much quicker than that.

Deputy Town Manager Shane Stueckle will serve as the town’s manager until further notice.

After speakers chastised the council for approving the severance agreement, Yucca Valley resident Charles McHenry tried to chart new territory.

“I was hoping we’d start using this as an evening to start bringing people together,” McHenry said.

“There are no victories in this room. We cannot destroy each other the way we have been. We need to work together for the good of the community.”

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“The dispute … is precisely is what’s stated in the severance agreement itself.”

Err...NOTHING is stated in the severance agreement to explain the facts which some believe constitutes cause, nothing whatsoever. A cover up.

Abel, Rowe, Lombardo, and Huntington were all backing Nuaimi to the hilt merely three weeks ago against all the years of numerous complaints against him.

Then BANG, they decided at an emergency meeting last week to get him outta here.

A very specific credible charge and grievance was brought against Nuaimi about August 8, 2013. The Hi-Desert Star has been informed of the charge but refuses to print it. Only after this incendiary charge was leveled did the the Council decide to fire Mark Nuaimi.

"I really just believed in what we were proposing and I was advocating strongly for this community and for the town.” As every good Fascist and Bureaucrat practitioner of the Banality of Evil does.


Those who know aren't talking, and those who are talking don't know.

I wonder if Mr. Koenig gives a "lick" for the potential public expense associated with a prolonged legal battle over "dismissal for cause" - or that personnel matters of this type are not discussed openly by ANY council-person who is bound to up-hold the relevant laws and strongly weigh the advice of the Town's legal council.

I speculate that the anticipated costs to prevail in such a litigation could substantially exceed the costs of the severance package. Thus, this may well have been a risk management decision.

Mr. Koenig speculates too, he just doesn't disclose it.


Some perspective:

An appropriate quote for today in Yucca Valley...

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."

President Teddy Roosevelt


"To those who were playing the game behind the scenes, thank you bringing out the worst in me." -- Mark Nuaimi

Really. He said that.

No matter how much money the town of Yucca Valley gifted Mr. Nuaimi with on his way out it will not be enough to buy himself some class and character.

The man has no shame.


OpSec: We often disagree, but I agree with you 100% regarding the "without cause" agreement. If they did do it "with cause", they would be accusing Nuami of something. That's where the "dispute" kicks in. Nuaimi would lawyer up and the the legal costs would probably be untold. And how many years of litigation that would tie the Town's hands would also be untold. I've thought for several days now that this would probably be the safest and most affordable method to wash our hands of Nuaimi. Sure, we could use that money in his severance package. But in this case, I believe the TC did the right thing.


Another thought: maybe that confidentiality agreement contains a clause regarding Nuaimi's "contacts", which have recently been under investigation by the FBI. Do we really want the feds investigating Yucca Valley, or shall we simply spend some $$$$$$ to move on with our simple small-town lifestyle? I choose the latter.

desertgal that that's over and done with, can we now fire Walmart too? How much will it cost to get rid of that behemoth? WE don't have enough vacant buildings in the valley?.....just watch


Desert Liliy. delightful prayer, but you forgot the helicopter. One always needs one to be closer to gawd. Amen Sister


A sad day in Yucca Valley. The forces of darkness have exerted their will and forced us into a corner with no escape :~(


Who will be the crazies next victim?


The angels are rejoicing maybe the town can get back to normal. But sorry I do not support the wrong doing of joshua springs . Heck look at his lil prayer garden. They charge a arm n a leg to put your loved ones ashes their and they are not a authorized cemetery and they claim they are a NPO. HA HA HA




So let's review: There are some here who see this news story as an opportunity to slam Joshua Springs and Walmart too?

I suppose in the smoke laid out by this recall, all manner of things slip into the cross-hairs.

Reasonable people will remember that the Walmart project was delayed for several years by opposition from a group calling itself the "Morongo Basin Property Association". This is the same Political Action Committee who now fronts for the recall proponents.

I wonder where their money comes from so they can obstruct the orderly progress of commerce and government in our Town. Clearly, these folks have broader interests extending (as per their name) throughout the Morongo Basin. That is just a fact.

And as for Joshua Springs: While I don't attend church there, I respect the moral leadership that rises from among their congregation.

Political differences are just that. If people don't want to allow religion out of politics, then everyone should keep politics out of religion.

Being a religious person has never been a disqualifier for public elective office. Do we have a different set of standards in Yucca Valley? If so, then someone needs to inform the general public and let each person decide.


OpSec64, The Morongo Basin Property Association was a part of the Coalition for Environmental Integrity in Yucca Valley (CEIYV) that included other groups including MBCA. The Environmental Impact Report for the WalMart SuperCenter (approved 4-1 by YVTC in 2008) contained lies serving the purpose of WalMart and the Town of Yucca Valley and was challenged in court. Walmart had the choice of redo-ing portions of the EIR or having a Settlement.The majority of the Coalition and WalMart decided on a Settlement. The MBCA and MBPA didn't get a dime in those years of effort and it was all volunteer. As for "the orderly progress of commerce and government in our Town", Where? In Yucca Valley? Yucca Valley has been rudderless for two decades, since they abandoned their mission statement and have said YES to almost every retail joint and housing subdivision offered. The only limitation has been lack of sewer and sustainable water supply. Joshua Springs has been heavily involved in Yucca Valley politiks for at least a decade and has had direct and indirect benefits including the "dog park", shoddy approval of "their partnered housing project Copper Hills" phases 1, 2 and 3 and ratepayer subsidized water rates thru Hi Desert Water District (to name a few). Joshua Springs has control of the YV Town Council and Planning Commission, the Chamber of Commerce and a few Rotary Clubs. It is Joshua Springs who decided they wanted to RUN Yucca Valley.


I didn't know we had to be a member of Joshua Springs to enjoy the dog park. Oops

Checks and Balances

To JamieAnderson..., very good point. Perhaps if the TC would have walked these last years Paradise Valley region, they'd find children playing at the park in dirt! The question home owners in that area posed was very confusing - kids play in dirt, dogs in Sky Harbor play in grass?

Perhaps they make measley figure of 30,000.00 dollars a year..., and Lombardo addressed them as poor... Well, I guess those childred should not be ashamed about being POOR! Oops!

Stacy Moore

Please keep your comments on topic. The subject of the article is Mark Nuaimi's dismissal.


Mr. Moore these are the topics raised by his dismissal since the TC as decided to keep the process secrete. Good Bye and Good Riddance Mr. Nuaimi at least Mr. Stueckle is a local and hopefully will listen and discuss rather than shout and demeane


Does this mean we can go to the store without having to step over the shoe-less scuzz buckets at the entrance begging for signatures? [wink]


Well then, Mr. Peach - there are some who will now be looking into the legal filing status of the Yucca Valley Property Owners Association insofar as being a registered Political Action Committee with the Fair Political Practices Commission.

It only takes a minute on the internet. In the meantime you might warn Mr. Cohen that to change PAC status in the midst of a Recall effort is probably (of itself) a FPPC violation. But it's one way of hiding money - so the idea might appeal to the recall crowd who see themselves as on a political "jihad" where truth is just an obstruction to step over in pursuit of hidden agendas.

The media and readers might want to look at the pro recall website to see which PAC is actually shilling for this political power-grab.

OR - as is much more likely - Mr. Peach's posting is simply misinformed as there is a demonstrated pattern of such things.


Small town politics run the full range of emotions for most involved. Imagine the board game of Monopoly customized to reflect the Town of Yucca Valley.


After reading all these comments I must admit, I am confused...Is it wrong to be a Christian....Is it bad to make over 30,000$ a year..Why does J.S get such a bad rap...I dont make 30,000 a year, and I dont attend J.S, but if everyone from J.S is passionate about their community and desire to see it grow, why would we try to prohibit them. People need to remember that though religion may effect ethics, it is not ok to bash religion just because their thoughts dont line up with yours. Also, to prohibit citizens from being citizens just because of a religious background is not only unethical, its unconstitutional. Furthermore, as I said, I dont even make 30,000 a year, but I am thankful that my boss does...Otherwise I would be out of a job. Isnt that the case for the majority of the citizens of ANY location...and we critisize these people WHY???? Hopefully our "Sky harbor" people dont realize that they could move somewhere and actually be appreciated, because a lot of people will be out of not only jobs, but also services....

Stacy Moore

While we appreciate free speech, the comment section on our website is for
commenting on the story or topic at hand. Please stay on topic or respond
to another writer. Attacking groups or individuals and name calling will
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comment will be removed. Continued misuse will result in permanent banning.
We are a community; this behavior is not healthy. We are confident that it
is possible and thank you in advance.


Glad Nuaimi is out!
More money needs to be spent on the community than on someone's paycheck.

Robert Mateski

At least M.N. had the decency to admit that his approach to the position was in fact driving a wedge between residents, too bad the residents get stuck with his departure bill.
I hope a local with a vested interest in the town is chosen at a greatly reduced salary, otherwise you will get fleeced at the public pig trough again!


Stacy Moore

do you understand it is called FREEDOM OF SPEECH ? We as Americans are allowed to voice our opinion. You want to take away our freedom to speak it is called nasty lawsuits[beam]


The First Amendment bars the *government* and the government alone from abridging "free speech".

Editor Moore and the Hi-Desert Star are under no obligation to allow any speech in this forum especially from all the Ugly Americans.

Branson Hunter


Ms. Moore, you rule against " Attacking groups or individuals and name calling will
not be allowed" makes perfect sense, but why doesn't apply to OpSec: Why the double standards?

Here is the Editor's policy:

"While we appreciate free speech, the comment section on our website is for
commenting on the story or topic at hand. Please stay on topic or respond
to another writer. Attacking groups or individuals and name calling will
not be allowed. Civilized conversation is encouraged. Disagree with each
other, with an action or with a story, but do it respectfully or your
comment will be removed. Continued misuse will result in permanent banning.
We are a community; this behavior is not healthy. We are confident that it
is possible and thank you in advance.


OpSec64 or known as Mark Nuaimi. Why don't you come out and tell everybody who you really are, instead of all your game-playing. Why don't you just leave the people alone of Yucca Valley, in my opinion you've already halfway destroyed this town , all you are is a want to be so-called town manager that has no ideal which are doing. Just like you got chased out of the city of Colton and now dismissed from the town of Yucca Valley. In my opinion everywhere you go you cause nothing but trouble.


I know Mark Nuaimi as an acquaintence. I respect his service to the town of Yucca Valley. As much as can be said about his departure, I'm both saddened and glad that he has been released from his tenure here.

It would be an injustice for the "usual suspects" to continue to wrongly identify me as Mr. Nuaimi. I dare-say he wouldn't waste his time trying to deal with the mongrels nipping at his heels at this point. After all, there IS life after Yucca Valley, and I wish him and his family well.


I never really liked Mark as a person, but I agree with OpSec64. I respect his service as well, especially considering all of the criticism he recieved, most of which were personal attacks that had NOTHING to do with his ability as a town manager. I feel bad for the person who replaces Mark...It is so unfortunate that, as OpSec said, the Mongrels in this town (some of which dont even live in Yucca Valley) will go so far out of their way to attack and belittle ANYONE who does not agree with their way of thinking.
As a side note, Mark recieved a great deal of critisim for his salary. I would like to know how much an average town manager makes, and how much a Yucca Valley town manager SHOULD make. I suspect that the same group who complained about Nuamis salary will have no issues paying somebody they feel is qualified (which already makes their candidate unqualified) the same salary they previously had issues with...Just my opinion...


desertcitizen, just do a web search for "California City Managers income" and you'll come up with some answers. The Town Manager of Yucca Valley (MN and before) were being paid at least 30% more than they should have been for a town the size of Yucca Valley. I've been critical of many Yucca Valley decisions before Mark Nuaimi. Had Yucca Valley heeded some of my comments: there would be higher property values, less commercial retail vacancy, a lot less empty houses, an almost sustainable water supply (instead of in the red big time), far better flood control, a lot more Joshua Trees and a WalMart with solar panels on the roof and parking lot (Yucca Valley would have still wanted that Walmart). Other towns have taken that route towards sustainable and quality of life growth, but Yucca Valley's all about the quick buck and convenience and they have yet to pay the Piper.

Commissioner Gordon

desertcitizen, here it is, check it out... I think Yucca was about spot on there are examples both ways, more and less, its so close that people will find the info that only supports their position...


According to what I see, Nuami was paid pretty close to what he should have been paid...slightly more based on town size, but ALSO slightly less based on experience. People may not agree with his experience, but that doesnt mean he doesnt have it. It is becoming more obvious to me that a majority of people who criticized Nuami didnt have a problem with political role within the town, I.E salary, benefits, etc, but more with his political agenda. Though that is fair to disagree with someone politically, they CHOSE to MISLEAD the public (including myself) by saying he made way too much money (over 300,00 was the claim). The other problem I have is that they are also using this as a way to fuel the recall fire as well. VERY UNETHICAL!!! I am disappointed with this group. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, especially when it comes to politics, but to purposefully mislead the public is wrong. Mark may have deserved to be dismissed, but not for the reasons that they had posted all over town, and on the web..the more i learn, the more i fear we may have made a mistake, or maybe even an uneducated mistake...


dezertcitizen... I suggest you do just a little more research and look a little deeper. While some may feel that Mr. Nuaimi was fairly compensated based on the old "my neighbor gets that so I'm also entitled" theory, there is much more to look at. First of all Yucca Valley also has an Assistant City Manager with salary and benefits of $223,000 making the combined City Management salary and benefits OVER HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in a town of 20,000 with no police, fire and utility departments to manage. I think if you look at it that way you'll find those salaries and benefits for both a Town and Assistant Town Manager under those circumstances are almost unheard of. Furthermore the Town had to reach into reserves this past year because expenditures were greater than revenues, so a balanced budget was not run. Then 17% of the town employees were sent packing to try and balance the books. Cuts were made in several popular community services, including the swimming pool and High Desert Museum. In the midst of this Mr. Nuaimi successfully negotiated a contract extension and increase in his overall compensation. Is it any wonder why so many people are legitimately upset?

Regarding your comment,"It is becoming more obvious to me that a majority of people who criticized Nuaimi didn't have a problem with political role within the town, I.E salary, benefits, etc, but more with his political agenda." EXACTLY, the Town Manager is NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE A POLITICAL AGENDA. The town managers job is to implement policy, not make it.

You may also want to research Mr. Nuaimi's only other city management experience, in Colton, where his personal political agenda caused the same problems. What has happened here in Yucca under Nuaimi's management is not a coincidence.


"It is so unfortunate that, as OpSec said, the Mongrels in this town (some of which dont even live in Yucca Valley) will go so far out of their way to attack and belittle ANYONE who does not agree with their way of thinking."

Isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black? You anti-recall people have gone from calling pro-recall people malcontents to mongrels? Talk about belittling people! I live in Yucca Valley proper. I thought name-calling wasn't allowed? Oh, that's right, you people don't know how to discuss the issues like grown-ups. Perhaps you can prove me wrong? That would be a positive step in OUR community- to stop the name-calling like children on the playground. Perhaps OUR community could begin to heal [wink]


I was referring to the individuals who are making personal attacks on individuals, like Robert Lombardo, and they have even gone as far as to bring his kids into it. Unless you are in the group of people trying to take a political dispute and turning it into a personal attack, I am not referring to you.
Nuami was not the answer to this towns problems. Unfortunately we may never know who the answer is because there are too many people who will tear that person down before they even have a chance. I am sure we could both go on for days talking about how one group is calling the other names, so lets just cut that out. I agree, the name calling is lame on both ends (myself included). If you want to talk about healing, why dont we stop this recall nonsense, and let the people yucca valley chose do there jobs. If you think they are not doing the job they were elected to do, wait till the next election and get rid of them. Why cost the town more money when the next election is right around the corner. Especially because people dont really want them out as bad as you guys think they do; otherwise they would have already been out....


Healing can not occur until the pathology is removed.

Mark Nuaimi as Town Manager was merely a symptom of the pathology.

Town Manager Andy Takata survived an entire term without the appearance of "people who will tear that person down before they even have a chance."

Far from merely using the term Mongrels to label "individuals who are making personal attacks on individuals", the term Mongrels was applied to a much broader class of "those who go so far out of their way to attack and belittle ANYONE who does not agree with their way of thinking" and those "nipping at [Nuaimi's] heels at this point."

Mongrels are dogs of mixed-breed. Aversion to mixture is itself a pathology and when applied to human society it begets racism and xeno-aversity....that inference is across a small gap.

The Town of Yucca Valley is not the Westminster Kennel Club despite the Separatists who wish to retain political control.


I almost agree with you....almost...Mark was just a sympton, we can agree on is who you and I consider as the pathology where we begin to disagree.


OK, MBO will take what it is given.... then asks for more.

Rather than concentrating on the "who" let us identify the "what". (BTW, for those who yak about "communicating and conciliation" with the existing Councilmembers, most of the following ideas have been floated across Town Council in the the past. In response, little to no reforms have been attempted, and petitioners received short shrift.)

Current Pathology of Town of Yucca Valley and Cure by Structural Changes

So many call for healing and moving on. Few bring action items to the table to do that. Obviously healing can not occur without identification and removal of the pathologies and "pathogens" extant. Below is a start at a list of specific actions the Town could take to propel itself into a healthy future.

Under the umbrella of Foresight Morongo, MBO encourages any and all comments and ideas for more actions.

NOMINATED PATHOLOGY 1) Severance pay outs. Large lump sum payouts are too large of a hurdle for a politician to jump even after it is known the manager should go. POSSIBLE CURE: Next contract should have two weeks severance maximum. Perhaps compensate with yearly bonuses based on merit at absolute discretion of Council.  Council required to a public hearing of manager's performance. NO SIMPLE AVERAGING of performance.

NOMINATED PATHOLOGY 2) Council agenda set by Manager.  The Town is the boss of the Manager, the Manager is not the boss of the Town. POSSIBLE CURE: Agendas for each meeting of Town Council shall be determined by Mayor by collaboration with other Council members, and with due consideration of proposals by Town Manager, other staff, and the public.  The Mayor shall place on the agenda any item endorsed by the petition of two Councilmembers, and, the agenda for the Town shall be codified by the Town Council after due consideration of petitions by persons and the people of the Town.

NOMINATED PATHOLOGY 3) Three council members are required to push an item past the Mayor onto the agenda. POSSIBLE CURE: Repeal the rule that 3 members and commissioners must agree to force an agenda item; allow it to revert back to allow only two council members to push item onto agenda.

NOMINATED PATHOLOGY 4) Public Dialogue between public and Council is suppressed. The result is an alienated public. There is no bar to Councilmembers conducting a dialogue with the public on the spot.  29 Palms does this all the time. Board of Supervisors does it too. POSSIBLE CURE: Councilmembers to interact with public during public comment!  There is no bar to them conducting a dialogue with public on the spot.  29 Palms does this all the time. Board of Supervisors does it too.

NOMINATED PATHOLOGY 5) Undisclosed intimate relations between Town Staff and vendors/partners of the Town. This does constitute cause for termination according to existing policies but one must construct that meaning from several parts of existing policy. Town policy explicitly states that intimate relations between staff must be declared and is subject to management remediation of the potential conflict and liability, and dismissal for failure to disclose. However, current policy does not explicitly address intimate relations with vendors/partners of the Town. POSSIBLE CURE: explicitly declare a mandate to disclose TO THE PUBLIC any intimate relationship between town staff and Town vendors/partners.

NOMINATED PATHOLOGY 6) Town Council members do not share and cannot really understand the experience of major segments of the population. POSSIBLE CURE: Appointment policy should affirmatively seek diversity representation and District Voting.

NOMINATED PATHOLOGY 7) Decision making by sentiment, affiliation, and loyalty. POSSIBLE CURE: Replace  or at least augment with with a rudimentary standard management decision tree, e.g. calculate the Edith Jones Metric: cost per service/person, etc.

NOMINATED PATHOLOGY 8) Council now improperly attempts to delegate responsibility—one can delegate a task but one never delegate responsibility.    Micro-management is NOT a dirty word, it is precisely what the best leaders, as opposed to mere mid-level managers, do whenever necessary.  Our council has abandoned its leadership role. This fits in with the Banality of Evil.  It is a total fallacy and myth promoted by the Town Manager cabal that Town Councils are allowed only to set policy.  Our Town Code explicitly declares that the Manager is *directed* by the Council.  The Council can order at Town Manager to skip rope before answering the phone if it wants to do so. POSSIBLE CURE: Town Council to take charge and stay connected to the operations and performance of the Town. Be responsive, help individuals.

NOMINATED PATHOLOGY 9) Weak Mayor —a weak Mayor is a weak boss.  We need a stronger Mayor.  Corollary to this is that while rotation of Mayorship is desired, the Mayorship must be earned by merit of qualification other than warming the seat of a Councilmember. POSSIBLE CURE: Empower the Mayor and demand the Mayor perform leadership. Insist the Manager NOT lead the Town. The Manager leads only the Staff!

NOMINATED PATHOLOGY 10) Fusion of government with business. This is the definition of Fascism. This is as opposed to Government for and by the People. Yucca Valley is currently dominated by business interests and an oligarchy. POSSIBLE CURE: Re-institute the founding principles of the Town — Provide for the health, safety, and welfare of *individual* people.


opsec64 or known as Mark Nuaimi, everything you write is exactly the way Mark Nuaimi
writes. I don't care what you say I strongly believe you are Mark Nuaimi. You refuse to tell anybody who you are, and you have just came out of nowhere and of already written 61 blogs. And you're talking about slander, well Mark I know there's a lot of people that don't like you in Colton and in Yucca Valley. So I guess you better start suing thousands of people that don't like you. You can continue to play your games but everybody can see right through you.. Like I said before in my opinion your extremely arrogant.


opsec64 or known as Mark Nuaimi, also I would like to know your connection with Paul Cook? Mark Nuaimi I feel there is some kind of connection there and I would like to know what it is?

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