They come in peace: UFO conference held at Joshua Tree Retreat Center

Douglas Taylor of Huntington Beach says he was on a surfing trip in the Virgin Islands when he was taken aboard a UFO and met these beings in a dream experience. “When I came back, I had the desire to paint,” Taylor said. “It was like getting plugged into a battery.”

JOSHUA TREE — A predominant theme at the Contact in the Desert UFO Conference Friday through Sunday was the role of “citizen science” in getting out the message that we are not alone in the universe.

Attendees shared their sighting and contact experiences and enjoyed lectures, workshops, films, panels and parties with 40 of today’s top names in UFO investigation, all at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center.

David Wilcock, author and researcher into ancient civilizations and consciousness studies, said he has had contact with extraterrestrials and ascended beings since childhood.

“Reality is a facade that is crumbing,” Wilcock declared. “What is behind that facade is something that threatens the power structure. You are here at a historic event and the foundation stone is being laid. Get ready for the cosmic reveal.”

Steven Greer, founder of The Disclosure Project in 1993 to inform the public of the government’s UFO knowledge, teaches others how to make contact with extraterrestrials.

“The problem is a spiritual crisis, and the solution will be spiritual as well,” Greer said to cheers. “Contact will not be made looking down the barrel of a laser-guided missile system.”   

Historian Richard Dolan was one of 40 researchers who testified at Greer’s Citizen Hearing on Disclosure at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., in May 2001 before former members of Congress.

“This is the beginning of the struggle,” Dolan told the attendees at his workshop, “UFOs: Reclaiming Our Freedom from a Lifetime of Secrecy.” “Disclosure coming from the government would be forced and full of spin and lies. Their house of cards will fall with citizen disclosure, and there is a potential for the radicalization of society, a global federalism that encourages collaboration.”

Former university teacher Dr. Michael Salla’s lecture on exopolitics focused on the implications of ET disclosure on political systems. His wide-ranging lecture explored contacts in South America with beings Anitac and Antarel, which he described as “very upbeat.”

“Many extraterrestrials value peace and friendship with humanity,” Salla stated. “Anyone can engage in citizen-based diplomacy by being willing to raise their consciousness to unity consciousness. But be prepared for great change, as Earth’s ascended beings will take leadership roles.”

Jason Martell travels to mysterious sites around the world, seeking the ancient culture and UFO connection. His interest was sparked when he saw a photo of “the face” on Mars as a college student.

“I was skeptical, wondering why NASA would hide evidence of extraterrestrial life,” Martell quipped during his lecture. “But I’ve learned that there’s a political backup, not that there’s necessarily a cover-up, and we’re not getting the all the details. However, we’re sending new landers and orbiters to Mars and this is an interesting step in a scientific view to answering, ‘Are we alone?’”

Giorgio Tsoukalos, researcher and host of the History Channel television program “Ancient Aliens,” has done much to bring attention to the work of many of the conference speakers. He delighted his audience with the news that eight more episodes of the popular series will be aired starting in September-October, and eight episodes of a sixth season will begin to air in 2014.

Tsoukalos said he doesn’t have final say on what topics are chosen for the series. For instance, he said he would never have chosen putting Bigfoot on a space ship, but the producer claimed there was interest in the Sasquatch-ET connection.

“Other people on the episode are living this stuff,” Tsoukalos said with a smile. “We should teach acceptance, not just tolerance.”

Plans are under way for another UFO conference at the Retreat Center next year.

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Dave Peach

Tinkerbell is their leader and the Seven Dwarfs are the security guards.

Science and History require proof. Extraterrestrial lifeforms are highly probably but could never overcome the distances and natural laws that preclude physical or even transmitted contact.

Profit-based fabrications, like predatory bible thumping, should become subject to reeducation camps, the return of any moneys involved and the predators and participants should have their mouths and ears washed out with lye soap.

The History Channel is no more credible than Pinocchio or Darth Cheney.

This event was nothing more than shameful and sickening. Enticing children into exchanging their candy for fairy tales would be no different, except that adults should know better than to behave so childishly and crookedly.


Dave, Dave, Dave... keep an open mind. While I wholeheartedly agree with you on the "I'll believe it when I see it" approach, and I abhor those bible thumping goons who prey on weak willed folks, I do think that the possibility of life on other planets is quite plausible. When one thinks of the infinite potential for that reality based on recent exploration, it boggles the mind. Some of the folks who attended are quite intelligent and well read. While there isn't proof of extraterrestrial life yet, I believe it's only a matter of time before we finally, realistically realize we are not alone in this universe. Shame on the exploitation, but bravo to the potential.

JT Thomas

"It's the duty of a Scientist to investigate the unexplained; not to explain the uninvestigated."

I can understand the negative opinion if someone only watches sensational TV programs for their information. But if one actually attended the conference or even looked at the schedule of speakers and researched their material I think one would come away with a different opinion. At least someone with an open mind would.

Has anyone ever personally seen an atom or any subatomic particles? Yet these are now scientific fact. Science has 'proved' them to exist by watching their interaction with other matter and other ways, not by direct observation. Take yourself back just 200 years and think of all the inventions that didn't exist and now we take for granted. Do you think that someone living 1000 years ago could even have imagined our modern world?

Is it possible that a species on another planet may have had 1000 years head start on us and figured out a way to overcome the limitations of the speed of light? Our scientists already have theories on how this would be possible.

No one was asking conference attendees to drink the Kool-Aid. As more information becomes available our knowledge expands and our perceptions change. If just 10% of the information presented at the conference were true, then we're in for a huge shift of understanding. Old paradigms will be shattered and new ones will take their place.

Even if there is no other intelligent life out there, there may soon not be any left here either. We're on a crash course to destroy our planet and snub out our own species. At the very least we've got to prove to ourselves that we can get along as a planetary unit, start cooperating, stop fighting over resources and find a replacement for coal and oil based fuels. Until we can do that, what intelligent species would want to visit us and connect with us in any meaningful way?

If you believe in evolution- "You are the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success. F__king act like it."


LOL.. if Aliens show up they will not be here for peace... we will either be food on their plate or slaves. We're just an army of ants on a hill to them :)

Dave Peach

Were any accredited scientists present, or merely academicians and pseudo-scientists who disregard the reasons and requirements pertaining to scientific investigation and factual findings?

Given the billions of possible conditions and locations for the formation of life forms, which are impertinent to Adam's rib derived from equally tall tales, denying the existence of distant neighbors would be similarly as foolish as ignoring the vast distances and galactic speed limits.

The closest exo-planet, which is probably as barren as our moon, would require about one hundred thousand years to reach by modern transportation and ten thousand years by futuristic possibilities. Most of the stars we see were billions of miles away before they succumbed to fusion burnout, while the light took billions of years to show us that they once existed. Biology isn't as long lived. Despite centuries of investigations, not one scintilla of proof pertaining to living extraterrestrial visitors is available.

Star trek is no more possible than spinning gold from straw, although gold can be accumulated by relying upon vivid imaginations and unfamiliarity with astrophysics and flimflam artists.

I wrote the article in question. Looking over some of the comments, I feel I owe an apology to the fine visitors, speakers and presenters who came to Contact in the Desert. Because of the very finite space alloted for coverage of the 3-day event, and because I just don't have those skills as a writer, readers of the article cannot not a get a full picture of the 20+ hours of content I absorbed.

Yes, there were PhD scientists, physicists, others with masters in various disciplines, and former high-clearance government officials such as Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Carol Rosin (biographer of Werner Von Braun). The presenters and visitors were earnest and sincere, and the event was really of the highest caliber.

It was explained by more than one speaker that beings from other worlds are not coming here by our present-day technology, which our scientists know would never take humans to worlds outside out solar systems. Our scientists are exploring inter-dimensional physics, and who knows where that will lead us?

We are exploring the heavens now in visible light, in infrared, by x-ray and gamma ray and radio waves. We are seeing things unknown to astronomy 100 years ago. We are even finding evidence of water on the moon, under the ice of Europa, and in the rings of Saturn.

Before we had microscopes we had no idea what was swimming in a drop of water, and electron microscopes have revealed molecular and atomic structures.

All the speakers had a spiritual aspect to their studies, which was a message for us to perfect our consciousnesses. And really, all the speakers had a rather populist political message concerning the validity of the individual's experience.

Was this a fun event? You bet! The topics discussed could range from the Kennedy assassinations to claims that President Eisenhower wanted to send in a military force to get him into Area 51 to the assertion that we've had antigravity travel since October 1954.

I do heed Dr. Stephen Hawking's warning, based on human traits, that advanced civilizations would treat us like we treated the Aztecs, and really, presenters at Contact also warned of beings with bad intentions.

But again, I owe an apology to the good people who spent the weekend in our wonderful desert, staying in our lodgings, eating our food, greeting the community; and to the presenters, who were open and friendly and engaging and interesting.

Yours truly - hack journalist - Rebecca Unger

Dave Peach

Hurting Ms. Rebecca's feelings is excruciatingly regretful. Somewhat more so is the promotion of fantasy and delusion as a tourist trap and schoolchild deviation.

String theory and time travel remains theoretical and physically impossible.
Proof of extraterrestrial contact other than by meteors, comets, photons and other inanimate objects, none of which can exceed light speed, remains as non-existent as Santa Claus, which was fun but as deceptive or delusional and as commercially exploited/socially irresponsible as heroin or ghost story addictions, both of which also provide certain subordinate benefits despite the overall detrimental consequences.

"David Wilcock, (very special commercially exploitative liar or asylum candidate) author and researcher into ancient civilizations and consciousness studies, said he has had contact with extraterrestrials and ascended beings since childhood.
“Reality is a facade that is crumbing,” Wilcock declared. “What is behind that facade is something that threatens the power structure (no less than Spanish missionaries and inquisitions). You are here at a historic event and the foundation stone is being laid. Get ready for the cosmic reveal.”
Steven Greer, founder of (commercially gainful and socially harmful) The Disclosure Project in 1993 to inform the public of the government’s UFO knowledge, teaches others how to make contact with extraterrestrials."
Uh huh. Proof? The apostle Paul was equally adamant of imminent "revelations", which was mimicked by and has economically, socially and politically fooled and harmed every generation since.

Both regretful episodes could maybe have been worse. Consider also: Huckleberry Finn's tarred and feathered cosmic companions...,

...which remains personally possible, of course, but nonetheless worthy of educational and social rectification and any accompanying social or personal sacrifice.

Please research, explore and disseminate: Reality. It's no less amazing.

Feelings not hurt.

I don't want to tar the truthful with the same brush as the charlatans, nor wouId the paper want to support the "earnest" theories of a Heaven's Gate suicide cult, and none of the weekend's guests or speakers came close to such advocacy.

Travis Walton, today's most famous abductee, was a weekend speaker. Neither his claims nor the claims of his witnesses have ever been debunked, and they have been subjected to rigorous investigations in the years following the experience in Snowflake, AZ. While many of the weekend speakers and guests appeared to have had enjoyable contacts, Mr.Walton still wishes it had never happened to him.

I would find it a greater leap of credulity to believe that a bright object in the day or night sky zipping around unlike the capability of any of our known aircraft to be swamp gas or Venus. Many trained witnesses in law enforcement, aviation and the military have had sightings of UFOs - unidentified being the operative word.

And, with the current unnerving "disclosure" about government surveillance on the citizenry, perhaps the presenters who seek to dismantle that National Security state would find some willing cohorts among the readers of this article?

I hope my readers understand this article was not the result of a year-long intense investigation of the claims of the speakers at Contact. Admittedly, my Focus article was an entertainment piece, again not to insult the speakers, but it did elicit debate here.

Some have had contact experiences, some have not - as the Sufi sage observed, "He who tastes, knows."

Rebecca Unger

Dave Peach

Having been exposed to episodes that turned out to not be what they seemed, particularly during military maneuvers and especially during the self-medicated aftermath, becoming convinced of a "separate reality" and "outer limits" is also common due to other circumstances.

Just as allegations regarding supernatural ghosts and demons reflect a closed argument (and closed minds) because they can neither be proved nor disproved, relying upon adequately informed minds as opposed to "open minds" remains most reliable and prudent.

Stephen Hawking's revelations of the physical world are worthy of intensive study, such as is required to understand them. His conjectures regarding distant cousins, who are too far distant to afford contact assuming they exist, which remains probable, has no basis in science. Whether they could even recognize us as life forms or vice versa, is as redundant as the millions of light years that exist between us.

Any concerns regarding whether the "National Security state" is concerned about who we perhaps drunk dial, or whether we're smoked and/or stalked into a state of paranoia or even wigging out as a result of other actions, is equally overblown. The computer is searching for other patterns that present authentic and dire risks while the actual analysts are too few to monitor even a significant fraction of us...
- "unidentified (and/or misunderstood) being the operative word", indeed.

Dave Peach

While driving through the Anza-Borrego desert at three o'clock in the morning many decades back and consistent with previous allusions, a long sand berm miles ahead crossed perpendicular to the roadway. Equally distant to the side was a bright light bobbing up and down and back and forth atop the berm, while becoming increasingly close to intersecting with my path.

Nothing was visible below the bouncing light other than sand and nothing but night sky above. As we both approached the intersection at the same time, I became positively persuaded that nothing on or from earth could perform such aerial and terrestrial acrobatics and that I was about to become captured and abducted and/or dissected and analyzed.

Just as we both finally met at the intersection, a similarly nocturnal dune buggy driver with a bright light swinging back and forth atop a long antenna nearly took me out this existence but also taught a valuable lesson:

Sometimes things are not what they clearly seem or are overly rumored to be.


There is an amazing body of evidence for the existence of ETs. That evidence includes photos, videos, other-worldly materials, and eye witnesses including high-ranking former government employees. The evidence is overwhelming. Skeptics demand to see the evidence before they will entertain the thought of visiting ETs but will not look at the evidence that exists.

A commonly expressed objection is that travel across vast distances is impossible. That’s like a three-year-old riding a tricycle thinking that their limited mode of transportation is the only way for dad to get to work. Many ETs manipulate the fabric of reality bypassing the limits of Einsteinian physics in order to traverse galactic distances in seconds using technology that is well beyond us.

I have studied ETs for 40 years, and have witnessed objects in the sky that are not easily explained by conventional physics, but I don’t really need that proof. The mountain of information I have studied in great detail and not dismissed out of hand, is proof enough. Just look up at our night sky and truly understand what you are seeing!

They are not coming to eat us! They would have done so long ago. If they were, why wait until we’ve almost destroyed our planet and poisoned ourselves sick? Instead, they come as partners in the creation of a better tomorrow. We’re related; they are our cousins.

Many people are afraid to face the religious, economic, anthropological, genetic, scientific, sociological, and political truths that will be revealed upon contact. The skepticism and derision some people express keeps us from reaping the benefits of open contact. ETs are waiting for the greater majority of us to agree that it is OK to have open contact, and won’t reveal themselves before then - which may be sooner than you think.

Dave Peach

How much have you spent on said research, which is probably little less lucrative than the Santa Claus or heroin trade? Wanna buy a bridge too?

See also: Christopher Columbus and/or Smallpox.

Any living extraterrestrial visitor would probably more resemble the latter, cousin.


Mr. Peach, It sounds like you are pointing your comments directly at me, so I will answer in like kind. Please forgive me if I have misinterpreted your statements to be naive, and derogatory.

What difference does it make how much I have spent on my research? The majority of people selling UFO related information are not out to get “you and your money.” You appear so afraid of the implications of UFOs, that you stoop low to redirect the conversation into a black box.

We are a tiny speck in a universe so vast and so filled with galaxies, stars, comets, asteroids, and planets, that it is the height of arrogance to believe it was all made just for us. The entire existence of humanity is a mere speck of time compared to the age of the universe. It is no stretch of the imagination or gullibility to realize that there are probably civilizations far more advanced than us and they have risen well above our perceived inability to travel the cosmos, and to do it safely so that they don’t infect other civilizations, and with the ability to protect themselves from harm.

Are you so arrogant as to try to tell me that my opinions are invalid simply because you think everyone wants to scam you? You do not know me. You have no idea what my educational background is, how many books, photographs, and documentaries I’ve studied, or most importantly, the experiences that I’ve had that have all contributed to what I believe is a legitimate, knowledgeable, and coherent understanding of what is really going on in this universe that goes far beyond your argument, “They’re scammers!”

You imply I’m gullible? It is you, sir, who is gullible. You’ve bought the status quo hook, line, and sinker.

Dave Peach

AHR, my most recent comment was in rebuttal to your previous comment.
Otherwise, hopeful fantasy or personal misinterpretations of natural occurrences appear overwhelmed by egocentricity and/or paranoia, and certainly by easily reciprocated insolence.

The implications of imagination and especially gullibility are indeed significant and can be catastrophic, quite similarly to foolishly sacrificed Roman Empire Christians, Aztec virgins, Salem's alleged witches, carnival scams and otherwise wasting one's and probably others' money and life away in pursuit of the impossible.

While investigating long unsubstantiated allegations, a physics course could prove invaluable or equally wasteful, depending upon what one chooses to accept as more reliable.

Upon proper review of previous statements, you'd perhaps realize that your recent accusations were derived from neglecting or ignoring my previous assertions. We're probably not alone in the universe nor do we form the center and certainly not the purpose. Expending about eighteen billion years to assure existing and relatively flash-in-the-pan and otherwise explained imperfections isn't a credible notion.

Regardless, maybe clicking your heels together and hoping to arrive in Kansas will someday become a common mode of travel, assuming other aspects, such as a plane ticket.

Anything's possible, excluding exceeding natural laws, which are universal throughout the universe. But should so-called theoretical "worm holes", imaginative "warp drive" and associated time travel become substantiated and accessible, please be the first to explore and report your wildest dreams.

However, your mass would then become converted to energy with no means of communication or return.

Meanwhile, you're forgiven and probably unduly innocent, which doesn't necessarily assure any bliss but sometimes the converse. "Good luck."

See also: "Next?"


I appreciate that the recent UFO conference was held right here in our local high desert. It was beneficial to local businesses as well as stimulating thought on an important topic. UFO sightings are increasing in frequency world wide. There is quite a bit of UFO material posted on YouTube, as well as many other sites, that is being released on a weekly basis. Much of it involves multiple witnesses, government officials, pilots, police, radar evidence, etc.

One example concerns the supposed UFO crash in Roswell, NM, in 1947. The government claims a weather balloon crashed, but about 300 people who claim to have personally seen either the UFO remains, extraterrestrials, or other evidence of something definitely otherworldly have come forward with their stories. This includes admissions by a number of generals on their death beds that the UFO was real.

I wrote the following 20 years ago…

“We are much like society was just prior to other past major paradigm shifts such as the understanding that the Earth is round and Galileo's proof of the Copernican system of planetary revolution. Then as now, orthodox dogma contradicted and denied the obvious. Established belief continued until either enough adherents of the old way of thinking died or evidence to the contrary became overwhelming.”

“Yes, there have been charlatans who have perpetrated hoaxes and pranksters whose jokes got carried away. But, there are millions of people who are honest and rational and believe that they have either come in contact with beings from other worlds or have seen evidence that tells them ETs exist and are here. When so-called experts simply dismiss 50 years of testimony in one sweeping statement that individuals making these claims are suffering from delusion, are frauds, or are simply mistaken, this is psychological denial.”

Dave Peach

UFO: Unidentified flying object. Conjecturing anything other than that is only conjecture. Eyewitness testimony and inconclusive videos are the least reliable evidence available and remain the only sometimes persuasive, though clearly not conclusive evidence of living extraterrestrial visitors.

"It is no stretch of the imagination or gullibility to realize that there are probably civilizations far more advanced than us and they have risen well above our perceived inability to travel the cosmos, and to do it safely so that they don’t infect other civilizations, and with the ability to protect themselves from harm." - AHR

A rubber band used to pull one's leg is substantially less stretched or slightly more indicative of gullibility. Gods, ghosts and cartoon characters are similarly capable. More people are more persuaded of those lingering legends, fables and associated, most often totally absurd tall tales.

When imaginative conditions or occurrences become internally or socially entrenched, especially over decades or centuries, rapidly altering those perceptions is difficult or impossible. Mitigating the socially and economically destructive contagion meanwhile remains a social and civic responsibility.

Any economic gains derived from perhaps entertaining but otherwise wasteful exercises must be subtracted from the pockets of the less opportunistic participants, while hopefully although evidently not "imagining" how the funds otherwise could have been better utilized for actual earthly needs.

Placing a wishing well in the town square and using the proceeds to alleviate poverty would be more economically gainful, subsequent to any associated social improvements. Conversely, "War of the Worlds" was, similarly to the recent event, more hedonistic and disruptive than socially or economically providential, as are most forms of science fiction.

See also: scientifically established scientific facts, should doing so become adequately compelling, which is generally more profitable plus socially and personally enriching and worthwhile.

Having fun with either is equally available, but only the latter provides overwhelmingly useful insights, activities and products.

desert lily

One would think someone who is talking to/communing with beings that travel between star systems could do better than this. I mean really, this is all he has to offer? Wow, what people will pay for is amazing.

Dave Peach

Adjusting to the fact that the world doesn't revolve around us was and still is similarly difficult.

Assuming lifeforms capable of magic exist somewhere in the distant reaches of the universe, they would need to bypass millions of intermediate lifeforms to reach us. Heading straight here rather in any other direction, while any slight degree of variation in original heading would miss us by millions of miles, would be nothing less than miraculous, which some other civilization would surely more deserve.

For all intents and purposes, we are alone and have no means of escape.
Conserving our planet and our species remain our only means of survival, while playful. profitable or fearful deviations from our responsibility could and perhaps will spell doom for ourselves and our world.

On the brighter side, genesis-like recovery and Planet Eden remain within our reach. Attaining those conditions will require removing ourselves from our silliness and our planet, but fortunately only by a few feet.

That's were our heaven lies, and where charlatans and irrational daydreamers are perhaps less capable of lying.


There’s not one bit of evidence that will convince a skeptic that ETs are real and they’re here. Skeptics often believe that UFOs just can’t happen given the laws of the universe, e.g., speed of light limitations. Period. But once, we believed the Earth was flat, the sun revolved around the Earth, Newton’s laws could explain all motion, no flying craft could ever leave Earth or could return to Earth (would burn up), and that Einstein’s laws are immutable. In each case, a wider understanding changed beliefs and/or “laws.” The last one will be seen to be limiting, too.

Call one man a liar because he says he saw a saucer-shaped craft land and an ET emerge, call 100, 000 eyewitnesses liars. Call one crystal clear photo taken in pre-computer days a fake, call 10,000 photographs fake. Call a military pilot who says he tracked a flying saucer deceived (hardly), call hundreds who say the same, deceived. Call anyone who charges money for a conference, book, video, or lecture a charlatan, fake, or scam artist, call 1000’s the same. These are all dishonest, cheap shots - fallacious argumentation.

You want to see expensive – many three-day electronics conferences cost $1800. Why no objection? Because people who are interested in learning more about the subject know that the information costs money. No one says it’s a scam.

Most skeptics seem to want one piece of evidence that proves that ETs are here. It will not happen that way. Understanding comes from many small bits of information from many different sources. It’s like a giant jig-saw puzzle. Place enough pieces, and eventually a clear picture emerges. There is absolutely no way that a forum such as this is extensive enough, nor is it the appropriate place, to convince any skeptic that UFOs exist.


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