Pie maker opens artisan bakery in Joshua Tree

The staff at Boo’s Organic Oven are baking a limited menu of baked goods throughout the summer. A full opening for the storefront in scheduled for the end of summer.

JOSHUA TREE — Sweet and savory pies, breads, cookies and more. Marylee “Boo” McIntyre is bringing her long-established bakery business to a brand-new storefront in Joshua Tree: Boo’s Organic Oven.

McIntyre’s pies have been a longtime staple in Joshua Tree, being served in Natural Sisters Café on Twentynine Palms Highway. An artisan baker, McIntyre learned her craft from her mother and grandmother.

“I always baked my whole life,” she said. “I grew up in Michigan and my siblings and I would go pick fruit in the orchards all the time and put it in the pies.”

The children in the family were always expected to help with the baking and she loved working alongside her mother and grandmother in the kitchen. As an adult, McIntyre moved to Detroit and worked in the finance industry. That career path eventually ended for her and she migrated to the Morongo Basin.

As a new Joshua tree transplant, McIntyre decided to pursue her lifelong dream of baking and she began selling pies and pastries through Natural Sisters.

“My specialty is pies,” she said. “I baked for them on a small scale for years and now the business is going to grow a lot very quickly.”

Now expanding to a full storefront, Boo’s Organic Oven is located next to Gallery 62 on Twentynine Palms Highway. The storefront held a soft opening on the Fourth of July offering red, white and blue pies, specialty cookies, coffee and a few treats.

The bakery will be open throughout the summer with a limited menu and McIntyre is planning for a full opening in August.

“We’re still bringing in staff and setting up equipment,” McIntyre said. “I have a bread chef that is coming next week and we’ll start adding specialty breads to our menu.”

McIntyre is also setting up a special gluten-free baking area in her kitchen so that patrons with celiac disease can comfortably enjoy some gluten free treats without risking cross-contamination. 

“My sister has celiac disease and she has a really hard time eating out because a lot of kitchens don’t worry about cross-contamination,” she said. “I want to make this a safe place for everyone to eat.”

Along with gluten-free goods, McIntyre is also offering vegan products including pies and cakes. The vegan menu will be expanded with the full opening of the business later in summer.

“We’re definitely in the beginning stages right now but we have a lot of plans,” she said. “We should be fully up and running soon.”

Boo’s Organic Oven is at 61675 Twentynine Palms Highway, Unit 3, Joshua Tree. Summer hours are 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday through Tuesday.

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So I decided to check out this new "Organic Artisan Bakery" in Joshua Tree. But as i got ready to open the door I noticed this large sign staring me in the face. It was the same sign that people who despised "hippies" and young long haired anti-war types used to place in the front windows and doors of their businesses back in the 60's & 70's. It reads: "No shirt, no shoes, no business" Now exactly how many potential customers have strolled on in during the last week without a shirt or shoes on? The July pavement is 100 degrees! This place is in the middle of Joshua Tree- a town dominated by progressive counter-culture "hippie" types who have encountered these discriminatory notices many times before. The message is clear: the owners are pigeon-holing the residents as potential health risks as a means of discouraging the homeless and the transients from infecting the neo- Yuppie "New-Agers" that can afford "Artisan" bread with the unruly presence of undesirables (read: The Poor). The sign is unfriendly, obnoxious and very "un-Joshua Tree". I'll never shop there. They only had four cupcakes for sale anyway.


At Boo’s, pants are optional.


Peeping in old men's windows again?

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