Suspects fire gun during liquor store robbery

The Morongo Basin sheriff's station released this photo from surveillance video at Yucca Valley Liquor. The people pictured are suspects in an armed robbery.

YUCCA VALLEY — Three suspects attempted to rob Yucca Valley Liquor, also known as Triangle Liquor, at 55958 Twentynine Palms Highway at gunpoint Tuesday night.

Deputies are still searching for the suspects, identified only as two men and a woman.

The robbery was reported at 7:08 p.m. A clerk told deputies at least one of the suspects was armed with a handgun and demanded money from the safe and register.

One suspect fired a round into the counter. A fight ensued and during the fight, a round was fired from a handgun. The clerks were not struck by any bullets and were unharmed, according to a news release from the Sheriff’s Department.

Yucca Valley High School briefly told students and staff to take shelter inside and not move around the campus unless necessary the morning after the robbery.

A spokesman at the Sheriff’s Department said one of the staff members at Yucca Valley High School contacted their resource officer on Wednesday morning and said they were going to implement their shelter in place protocol due to the incident. However, YVHS received false information and was not aware that the incident occurred the night before and there was no threat to the school.

The shelter in place was called off around 11 a.m.

The department spokesman also said the sheriff’s station received numerous calls about a helicopter flying in the area. The helicopter was not from the Sheriff’s Department and did not have anything to do with to the robbery or any other investigation.

The helicopter belongs to a company that contracts with utility companies.

Anyone with information for the investigation is asked to call the sheriff’s station at (760) 366-4175 or leave an anonymous tip at (888) 782-7463.

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As far as I know it's still legal to be armed at your place of business. Even the odds. Idiots like these are deadly and desperate. Don't become a corpse over a few dollars, but blasting them before they blast you might often be the best choice. Our cops do a good job of keeping the predators at bay around here, but our booming population is unfortunately becoming infected with the same drug crazed felons as the rest of So-Cal. Put a reward on these jerks and maybe someone will spill their beans.


How pathetic. they locked the school down the next day !? ROTFL!! LAME !

When this went down The cops were either at johns place ( because they apparently have to take their break all at the same time) or parked behind local business flirting with their girlfriends or gossiping to each other , Or both !!

Our local cops and our schools are the worst in the county!!!

Get your head out of your hat and wipe the booboo out of your eyes.


BTW , The updates on this site should be fairly easy to post.

For more up to date info ( maybe not so accurate though ) go to Z107.7 news website . Just saying


So the cops are supposed to immediately be present as violent crimes are going down? They're not Superman- they don't have x-ray vision or precognitive powers. This isn't The Matrix. And telling kids their school is the "worst in the county" seems pretty sadistic at best. I ain't buying any of it.



You think "kids " from up here read this rag online ?

You've got to be kidding ! ( no pun intended)


You think "kids " from up here read this rag online ?

Wow, look at that. In an as few as ten words Josh has belittled us, our children, our schools, our news paper and our home. Give that fellow the coveted DTDS Troll award.

Aside from the terrific coverage of local school sports and events, this paper is chock full of articles for our kids, about our kids, by our kids and of concern to our kids.

Certainly they read it Josh and on line is generally the way young folk inquire about anything nowadays.


I wasnt belittling the kids . Just the cops and the school district. I grew up here K - 12 and trust me , it sucks!!

The area is beautiful , thats why I stay.

Corrupt public utilities, lazy cops ( except for swat), burned out teachers. True talk.

And btw , the news paper is ok , especially the saturday edition which I use start my fire in my wood stove.


Sorry- I meant to say "Minority Report".


Why is he racist? Duuuhhhh.


Look whose talking. You've falsely accused me of being a homophobe , a Trump supporter and a few other things. Duhhhh yourself .

I am not any of those.

Get your head out of your hat and wipe the booboo out of your eyes and ears.

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