Local politicians get a feel for firefighters’ job

Yucca Valley Mayor Robert Lombardo, left, and Councilman Jim Schooler, dress in turnout gear at Fire Ops 101 in San Bernardino Wednesday.

SAN BERNARDINO — Firefighters hosted government officials at a public outreach event called Fire Ops 101 Wednesday at the Bernardino County fire department’s training center.

Yucca Valley Mayor Bob Lombardo, Councilman Jim Schooler and county 3rd District Supervisor Dawn Rowe all attended.

“The event was an awesome opportunity for our San Bernardino County politicians to see up close and personal the types of incidents we respond to daily as well gain a better understanding of the need for proper staffing levels and in some areas like ours the huge benefit to us that we would receive with additional staffing,” said Aaron Comstock, an engineer with station 41 in downtown Yucca Valley.

Comstock helped represent the South Desert Division, which covers the Morongo Basin along with Needles and the Lake Havasu area along with the stretch of desert in between. He also is the union representative for Local 935.

One of the topics covered at Fire Ops 101, he said, was Yucca Valley’s need for a new, larger downtown fire station.

The event included live demonstrations of medical emergencies, traffic collisions with extrication and live fire attacks.

“Our local mayor and councilman were able to participate hands-on and even gear up and enter a burning structure to really feel the heat, fire and smoke conditions that we encounter within a structure fire,” Comstock said.

“We appreciate their involvement and support.”

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How was this paid for ?

What a waste of time , effort and money.

I could see doing this for teens and young adults to encourage them to become fire personnel.

BUT Grown a*$ men dressing up to play fireman at tax payer expense? Please spare us. Typical Yucca Valley incompetence and corruption.

Mark Simmons

No wonder nothing ever gets accomplished in these two councilmen’s districts. They’re too busy wasting taxpayer dollars playing “dress up.” I live in Lombardo’s district. More than six months ago I sent him a legitimate concern I had within my district via email. He never bothered to get in touch with me or address my concerns. I went to the town manager and he helped me solve the problem. This is where your tax dollars are going to folks. Seems we’re paying for these two to fulfill their fantasies to play “Firemen For A Day” along with our district supervisor. Completely agree with Josh. Although, I do agree YV is in need of a new state-of-the-art fire station. I’d much rather see that be built than this ridiculous aquatics center. “The build it and they will come” mentality is alive and kicking in YV.

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