Health District votes in new leaders

Health care district directors take notes as they hear a finance report from November.

YUCCA VALLEY — The Morongo Basin Healthcare District elected the 2020 leadership team in its first meeting of the new year.

Bob Armstrong passed his gavel after two years back to Marge Doyle, who was unanimously voted in as the new president.

“Thank you for the vote of confidence,” Doyle said. “I hope I can live up to it!”

Director Misty Evans started the election process for the evening with a vote for Director Dianne M. Greenhouse to serve in the role of president.

“Everybody else has done it,” Evans said.

Greenhouse, who has served two years as secretary, thanked Evans for the vote of confidence, but declined the offer to serve. Greenhouse said she would need “training wheels” first before taking on the lead position.

Greenhouse went on to nominate Doyle to the post. Doyle was voted in unanimously to take the helm for the second time during her tenure on the board.

Doyle swiftly opted to nominate Greenhouse for the role of vice president, which was approved 5-0.

Evans was voted in as secretary and Armstrong as treasurer.

Greenhouse and Evans were nominated to serve on the Community Health Center’s governing board, replacing Doyle and Director Joseph Sullivan.

“Welcome to 2020; it should be a fabulous year,” Greenhouse said.

The district also heard a report on November finances.

CEO Jackie Combs introduced new employee Michelle Zaccaria, who joined the staff as the performance improvements manager.

Combs also reported that the district foundation’s March 14 fashion show and luncheon has been canceled due to a lack of “momentum and interest in runway modeling, as well as poor clothing choices collected thus far at the auxiliary thrift shop.”

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I hope we see some improvement over emergency care in our area.

Also, I hope they find better things to do than to moderate fashion shows from thrift shops.

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