Galleries do not disappoint at monthly receptions

Welsh transplant painter Sharon Morgan Jenkins likes to paint cloudy, threatening skies. These three paintings are Wonder Valley skies and she was also showing paintings of similar skies over Wales.

The Downtown Nights Joshua Tree art crawl returned Saturday evening, with shows opening at west-end spaces like Gallery 62, Joshua Tree Art Gallery and The Beatnik Lounge and east-end La Matadora and the Art Queen.

Guest curator Suzanne Ross made a series of “stove pipe” ceramic pieces for the Gallery 62 exhibit “7 Wonder Valley/East Ender Friends” and invited a lot of her Wonder Valley artist pals to participate.

Painter Cesca is in the Signature Gallery. One of her paintings is called “Alux,” pronounced “A-Loosh.” Alux is a Mayan character who protects animals and the land. The landowner must also participate in the protection. “Those who don’t are punished by Alux, who will create havoc,” Cesca said.

Showing in the lobby gallery are Wonder Valley photographer Ron Resnick’s “Smoke Tree Wash” series and the colorful work of multimedia artist Olive Toscani.

“I use material and tissue paper when I do abstracts. I want to be more playful and not worry about it. I just want shapes, colors and textures,” Toscani said.

The Joshua Tree Art Gallery has an exhibit by two Barbaras. Barbara Spiller’s “Dot Dot Dash” paintings are abstracts and somehow both simple and complex.

Barbara Drucker made her pieces with all kinds of material and junk, transforming it into bold, contrasting forms.

The Beatnik Lounge is hosting a large group show, “Black Sheep … Rising,” including works by Doug O. Smith, Gary John and Patti Dietrick.

A trio of women are exhibiting at La Matadora Gallery.

Mikayla Whitmore is showing archival metallic prints of her surreal landscapes, Raquel Bell shows her archival ink and watercolor paintings and Emily Silver has her colorful paintings up.

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