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Customers fill up their tanks at the Arco station in Yucca Valley Tuesday.

SACRAMENTO — California’s gas excise tax will rocket up to 30 cents per gallon Nov. 1, thanks to new legislation passed April 6.

Senate Bill 1 will raise California’s gas excise tax by 12 cents, raising a projected $52.4 billion over 10 years to fix the state’s roads.

The new bill will also increase the diesel excise tax by 20 cents and introduces a new annual vehicle fee of $25 to $175, depending on the vehicle’s value.

There will also be a $100 annual fee on zero-emission vehicles and a 5.75 percent increase in the diesel sales tax.

The tax increases will take effect Nov. 1 and new vehicle registration fees will begin Jan. 1, 2018.

The bill barely passed the Legislature, getting 27 votes in the Senate and 54 in the Assembly, barely the required two-thirds needed to pass in each house.

Assemblyman Chad Mayes, the Assembly Republican leader and the Morongo Basin’s representative, condemned the bill immediately after Gov. Jerry Brown signed it.

“Democrats just gave us the largest gas tax increase in state history — a deal so bad they needed $1 billion in pork to buy the votes to pass it. California deserves better,” Mayes said.

Morongo Basin Arco AM/PM manager Brian Briggs said a few customers have already expressed their concern and anger about the new tax.

“We have so many taxes in California as it is,” Briggs said this week.

He expects his business may go down a bit, because drivers already having trouble affording travel are going to drive less frequently.

The Morongo Basin’s representative in the Senate, Jean Fuller, also voted against the new taxes.

“It is deeply disappointing that legislative Democrats chose to punish Californians with tax increases after neglecting our roads for years. This out-of-touch plan will particularly hurt Californians struggling to make ends meet and give us all less than what we deserve,” Fuller said in a released statement.

“It didn’t have to be this way. Assemblyman Fong’s transportation bill was a better solution to fix our roads and bridges without raising a penny of new taxes.”

Assemblyman Vince Fong, a Republican from Kern County, proposed a bill that would create the Traffic Relief and Road Improvement Program to address traffic congestion and deferred maintenance on state highways and local streets.

The bill would provide for the deposit of existing sources of revenue into a new Traffic Relief and Road Improvement Account, including revenues from the vehicle sales and use tax, vehicle insurance taxes, certain diesel taxes, some vehicle registration fees and miscellaneous State Highway Account revenues.

Fong’s bill, however, was never voted on by the Legislature.

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Roadrunner dessert

You know that a chunk of this money will just go to pay the underfunded pension time bomb so they can keep kicking the can down the road at everyone's expense.


Good.... this is great....less cars on the roads, and people paying for the perks they get just for living in California....the greatest state in the union. Being on fixed income...still don't mind a bit....less wasted trips into town, instead of jumping in the car to get something that can wait. Here's a reason why we are the 6th largest economy in the world and have a surplus instead of a budget deficit. We pay our way. We don't need Washington.


Plan A: Place emergency spare truck on Non-Op.

Plan B: Look into more solar and wind generation, as well as fully electric/hybrid trucks for work. Spread sheet time!!!!

Crotalus atrox

"Here's a reason why we are the 6th largest economy in the world and have a surplus instead of a budget deficit. We pay our way. We don't need Washington."

Are you serious? Some simple searching will tell you :

Gov. Jerry Brown predicts a $1.6-billion deficit as he unveils state budget


Branson Hunter

California has a enormous surplus of money! This 30 cent increase in gas and the increase in vehicle licensing is a repressive abomination. Assembly Member Mayes pulled the covers off those who voted for this with promises and arm twisting. I guess the tax-terrorists are sitting around chortling about their victory.

Brown is so very wrong, as are the democrats that saddled the public with this tax. Better to do business in another state. Independent truckers are going to feel the pain. Consumer products will likely go up.

New taxes and increased taxes and death are certain. Those democrats that voted for this are terrorizing people with their insatiable quest for money. Expect more perks and increases in pay for legislators.

Bob Mateski

New gas tax on top of two dollar a pack tobacco tax on top of the marijuana tax on top of all the other taxes and fees Californians put up with will continue until the state offices are cleared of the tax and spend democrats that have controlled this state for over 5 DECADES !
I would bet good money not one cent will be spent to pay down California's debt, desert gal has it dead wrong when she chimes in with California has a surplus.
Family matters dictated that I come back to California about 4 years ago, I was stunned to find out Jerry Brown was elected governor again, he was a lousy one 30 years ago and nothing has changed except a staggering debt that keeps climbing.
The state of California will implode one day and I hope to God I am gone before it happens, if California wants to evade disaster then they are going to have to change their voting mindset.

And that's the rest of the story, Paul Harvey.


"Here's a reason why we are the 6th largest economy in the world and have a surplus instead of a budget deficit. We pay our way. We don't need Washington."


See also.. Sixty-four BILLION bullsit train to NOwhere, in part funded by federal funds.

See also.. Yucca Valley sewer system, mostly funded by numerous federal and state and grants, to be paid for by a sales tax increase which impacts anyone who accidently shops in Yucca Valley.

We CAN'T afford to take care of legal U.S. citizens, or maintain our existing infrastructure, but we can afford to be a "sanctuary" state and build new infrastructure that will eventually fall into dis-repair (but only after grossly going over-budget).


You have to look back at a little CA history to understand why we have this gas tax increase. Back when Gray Davis was Gov we had Enron Corp managing all of our electric power in the state. They were based in TX back then but were everywhere, India, middle east, etc. The scam they pulled off was shutting down a power plant for repairs (totally fake reason) and importing from another station to make up the loss. They were charging 400% to 700% of the going rate for the transfer of power. This went on for a year. CA normally back then spent $13 Billion a year on power, all budgeted for. By the end of the first quarter of that year we had already spent our $13 Billion. By the end of that year we were $37 Billion over budget. Boxer and Feinstein threatened to sue the Federal Govt. for not doing their job (regulating the price of power). George W was prez and he said "let CA fix their own problem." So Arnold became Gov and in his 8 years he paid off half of that debt. Then Jerry Brown came in and finished the job a couple of years ago. We've had a surplus ever since. But, to pay that off both Arnold and Jerry, and Californians, made a lot of sacrifices. Roads, schools, etc went without through those tough years. So now we need to generate monies to fix the roads. It only stands to reason that the people who use the roads would pay. That what gas taxes have always paid for, but we need a little more to get caught up. I think it's great business, as CA always does, to manage the problem this way. By the way, nobody from Enron went to jail for robbing Ca of $Billions, and to avoid prosecution, Enron relocated the company mailbox to the United Arab Emerates because they don't extradite criminals back to US.

Crotalus atrox

The people who think California has a surplus of money are perfect examples of liberals being completely out of touch with reality. They are living in a fairy tale La La land, and try to spin and blame things on something that happened decades ago.

Spend, spend, spend is the Californian liberal politicians motto.

Here is just one example of the unconscionable spending by our leaders:

"Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder’s law firm is reportedly bringing in $25,000 a month in California taxpayers’ money for legal counsel about countering the Trump administration."

This to defend illegal criminals who are a tremendous burden to taxpayers.

Try to spin this one :

"California's bullet train could cost taxpayers 50% more than estimated — as much as $3.6 billion more. And that's just for the first 118 miles ...:"

The list goes on, and on, and on.....



400 Billion in debt to the state retirement pension. Robbing Peter to pay Paul. Maybe if we ignore the problem it will go away. Meanwhile raise taxes and claim things will get better and still ignore the problem seems the best strategy. Keep robbing the taxpayers to pay for things politicians deem necessary. Just keep kicking the can down the road. Maybe the problem will disappear. Just blame Enron. Blame someone other than the ones running this state such as Jerry Brown.


$400 Billion in debt Two Toe Joe? I assume you misunderstood the numbers from the CA State Pension Fund. The fund has $460 Billion in actuarial assets, which is 83% of the required funding. Of the 50 states California is ranked #15 from the top of the list. At the bottom the #50 state is only 50% funded. We are the largest fund in the country with almost 40,000,000 residents. Nobody's robbing Peter to pay Paul! We had simply diverted funds for roads and bridges, schools, etc. throughout the Arnold/Jerry years to pay off the Enron robbery within Gray Davis' term as governor. I am very confident that the great state of California will continue to thrive and prosper.
And directing a comment to Crotalus, California doesn't have a surplus of money. It's called a budget surplus. There is a big difference. Just a little "Fact Check" there. You know, like every news channel except Fox does to the President each day.


Somebody must be reading CALPERS version. They have already admitted they are wrong and will not discuss the solvency of their funds. Yes if you listen to them they are doing fine. They increase their contribution rate on employees and employers each time they get further behind in required funding not even mentioning robbing the new guys while paying the old guys (Peter robbing Paul). So you go ahead and believe whatever you want to believe. Here is what is in the news you do not want to hear:
"The California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) just admitted that the state-managed pension plan, that provides retirement for the state and almost 1,600 local government agencies, is 52% underfunded and will be forced to jack up taxpayer-funded contribution rates by about $1.518 billion. 
But this increase will still leave the pension plan $986.1 billion underfunded. To adequately fund pensions, the state and local governments need to more than quadruple annual taxpayer-funded contributions by $11.3 billion. "



Perhaps if Brown kills the pork belly train to nowhere project that would repair mostly the roads near the big cities, that money would go to fixing our roads. After all, they are both part of the transportation budget. Brown is holding our taxpayer money up for the few to enjoy.


Governor Brown will never kill his legacy project. Only a taxpayer/voter revolt will accomplish that.

I believe there is an voter initiative effort to do that in progress.

I will be signing any petition to remove the additional gas tax increase.

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