Local woman honored for heroic efforts after collision

Cleo Ross, left, is honored at the Town Council meeting Tuesday for her bravery after a traffic collision. Supervisor Dawn Rowe, presented Ross with a county proclamation.

YUCCA VALLEY — The San Bernardino County Fire Department gave special recognition to Yucca Valley resident Cleo Ross during Tuesday’s Town Council meeting.

Ross encountered a head-on traffic collision near Avalon Avenue March 22. A man and a 4-year-old child were injured, said Councilman Rick Denison, a retired firefighter. Smoke was pouring out of the vehicles and Ross jumped to render emergency assistance without hesitation.

“She helped get the child from the accident,” Denison said. “This was not a safe incident. It was a very bad accident.”

Ross comforted the child until emergency crews arrived on the scene.

“It is nothing short of heroic,” Denison said. “I truly appreciate you.”

Denison added how vital and important it is to have “citizens who step up.”

County Supervisor Dawn Rowe helped with the award presentation and thanked Ross for her bravery.

Mayor Robert Lombardo honored Ross at the close of the meeting.

“Cleo Ross just exemplifies the type of person who lives in our community,” Lombardo said in his final comments.

Rowe gives report on county

Rowe is a former Yucca Valley Town Council member and mayor who worked as the field representative for Congressman Paul Cook, R-Yucca Valley. She is now supervisor for the county’s 3rd District, which includes the Morongo Basin.

“She has come full circle,” said Lombardo. “She was sitting where I am.”

Rowe told the council she and her fellow supervisors are working hard to draw up regulations for short-term vacation rentals in the Morongo Basin. She estimated there are about 1,000 unregulated vacation rentals in the local county areas.

“Short term rentals are a unique challenge to the Morongo Basin,” Rowe said. “Our law enforcement is spread thin. We’re busy working on it.”

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Very cool observing and honoring the ones who usually go un-noticed... real heroes! And kudos to Dawn Rowe for representing and working with our loved community. As for the later of the article about the well needed responsible behavior of the "vacation rentals...", the fresh and ever growing "commercial" entrepreneurial enterprise....of which it is. Liability insurance is what needs to be a number one priority. Owners and managers need to understand who is liable when the client causes harm to self or worse...others and or personal property. Most normal homeowners policies do not cover your own home or others when a vacation rental income is associated with said property. If you question what i just said, check with your policy holder. You will be surprised. The trend is similar to what the cities and municipalities require when dealing with vacation rentals....proper insurance. It's going to be, and should be required, even as much as I don't like the additional overhead. Requiring proper liability insurance will also help weed out the out of control and exploited industry. Who can afford to be sued due to negligence?

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