Clear the Shelters results: 21 dogs and cats find homes

Sisters Devin and Emma Spitz proudly hold their new puppy they named “Parker” on Clear the Shelters day.

YUCCA VALLEY — Nearly two-dozen pets at the Yucca Valley Animal Shelter found new homes with discounted adoption fees for Clear the Shelters Saturday.

Taking part in the national event, the Yucca Valley shelter offered dog and cat adoptions for $20 each from noon to 5 p.m.

Twenty-one animals were adopted — eight cats and 13 dogs, the shelter reported.

This was the only location in the Morongo Basin participating in the adoption campaign.

A 3-month-old shepherd mix dog named Gilbert found his home with a family in Yucca Valley. He will join his new brother Thor, who is 5 years old, along with two human sisters.

“Now we have two boys,” said his new mom, Melani Spitz. “This is our second adoption here.”

Spitz took her daughters, Devin and Emma, to pick out their new puppy. They spotted Gilbert immediately, but noted the name will need some tweaking.

“We’re probably going to change it,” Spitz said. “We’ll have to do another Marvel name.”

As they waited for their new puppy’s paperwork and microchip, they thought about names. Several options emerged. The one that stood out: Parker, from Spider-Man.

Clear the Shelters is an annual campaign where animal shelters reduce their adoption costs help find permanent homes for as many pets as possible.

Although this year started out slower than previous years, it picked up in the afternoon hours, Jennifer Doan, administrative assistant, said.

Deputy Town Manager Shane Stueckle reported to the Town Council on Tuesday the event was a success with more than 100 visitors.

“Hats off to the Yucca Valley Animal Shelter,” Stueckle said.

Tricia Hamilton also adopted a puppy Saturday. He will be her third dog and joins a senior sibling and a 5-year-old female dog.

“He has a girlfriend waiting for him at home,” Hamilton said. “I also have two chickens, a rooster and a cat.”

Hamilton figured her 1-acre property would be a perfect home for her new puppy, whose name is Arthur.

Arthur had a strong bond with shelter staffer Rose Goetz, a senior animal specialist, who gave the puppy a heartfelt goodbye.

Justin Wortman, a kennel technician, worked with a sweet dog named Eugene in the courtyard as a family pondered adoption.

“He’s a pit mix,” Wortman said. “He’s been here a long time. I’m surprised he has not been adopted.”

Eugene was adopted during the event, Doan reported later.

The Yucca Valley Animal Shelter houses animals from Yucca Valley and surrounding communities, including Morongo Valley, Joshua Tree and Landers.

It has 59 dog kennels, 50 cat kennels, 12 small-animal cages and three pens for small livestock.

The shelter is open from noon to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. It is located at 4755 Malin Way in Yucca Valley. Adoptions generally cost $92 for dogs and $55 for cats.

Animals available for adoption are featured Thursday in the Hi-Desert Star and are all featured on For information, call (760) 365-3111.

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