Our little community USDA food giveaway will take place from 9 to 11 a.m. Tuesday. Once again we will be practicing social distancing by distributing the food outside, drive-thru style. This worked really well last month and we all really appreciate the food being distributed. It is usable and practical with good nutrition and protein for omnivores and herbivores. However, fresh vegetables are rarely distributed, so start your own garden for all the fresh veggies you could ever wish to eat!

Here’s Mary: “We are quickly coming to the close of another semester, a very stressful one to say the least! With the very real fear of COVID-19 we were made to transfer all our classes to an online platform. This was a major adjustment for the professors, as well as us students. I am glad to report that we made this difficult transition, all went well and we are taking our finals this week.

Here's Mary:

There may be fear and uncertainty in our everyday lives, but there are always the celestial constants. No matter how chaotic things are down on Earth, the stars and planets continue to glide through the heavens giving us a beacon of hope.

Head outside in the late evening if you want to catch a peak at the comet called PanSTARRS that is passing through our solar neighborhood. Last week the comet reached perihelion, which is its closest point to the sun.

For the best time to spot the celestial body on its way back to the outer solar system, head outside in the late-night hours. If you are having trouble spotting the comet, use the Big Dipper as a reference point. Target Dubhe, the star in the upper right corner. From there pan about 17 degrees to the upper right, where you should spot PanSTARRS. If you have trouble spotting it right away, don’t fret, there will be a new moon next week allowing for an ideal viewing situation, with a backdrop of the famous galaxies M1 and M2, which allows for spotting the comet easier as well as providing an amazing backdrop.”

Wow, thanks Mary.

Stay well, neighbors!

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