Burglary victims track down thieves

Deputies surround the property where Kevin Cruz and Kristie Ragsdale were arrested Thursday. Visible outside is a swamp cooler allegedly stolen from another house.

JOSHUA TREE — The victims of a home burglary Wednesday night spotted some of their stolen property alongside an RV on Sunny Sand Drive and called in deputies.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, the couple found their house burglarized Tuesday night and the next day, were able to follow tracks to a property with an unmarked address on Sunny Sand Drive near Sunset Road in Joshua Tree. An RV was parked on the lot, and the victims saw some of their stolen property next to it.

They called deputies, who responded and tried to contact the people inside the RV, later identified as Kevin Cruz, 46, and Kristie Ragsdale, 39, both Joshua Tree residents. The two refused to allow the deputies to enter their home.

A judge signed a search warrant allowing the deputies to force their way into the RV, and as they prepared to enter, Cruz ran out of the RV, humped onto a nearby off-road vehicle and tried to start it.

Sheriff’s deputies removed him from the vehicle and handcuffed him.

They found Ragsdale inside the RV and arrested her.

All of the stolen property from the scene was returned to the victims.

Cruz was booked into jail on suspicion of burglary as well as for outstanding warrants, including a $5,000 misdemeanor warrant for driving under the influence and a felony no-bail warrant for possession of stolen property.

Ragsdale was also arrested and booked for possession of stolen property and a $50,000 warrant.

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