Locals have summer fun at the Silverados concert this summer in Yucca Valley. The Town Council on Aug. 20 approved new rules for signs and vendors at next year's concerts.

YUCCA VALLEY — Signs, unauthorized vendors and people with a message will not be able to share with the masses inside the town’s summer concerts in the future.

The Town Council voted on Aug. 20 to enforce stronger rules and regulations at the annual Yucca Valley Summer Music Festival.

The new policy was included in the Town Council’s consent agenda and was passed without much public comment or discussion.

Keeping a safe and orderly atmosphere at the concerts is the town’s top priority, said Sue Earnest, community services manager.

“You want to curtail any distractions and disruptions,” Earnest said in an interview after the meeting. “This addresses stuff for the future.”

During several concerts this summer, locals demonstrated their views with signs and a few passed out business and religious flyers and promotional materials.

An estimated 800 to 1,000 people attend each of the summer concerts at the Yucca Valley Community Center, with higher numbers on opening night for July 4, Earnest said.

“A lot of this restates what is in the park’s ordinances,” said Earnest, who did not speak about the topic during the meeting.

In the future, if someone with a sign seeks entry into one of the concerts in the park, that person may be asked to leave or discard the sign at the entrance.

“If that person chooses not to leave or discard their sign, they will not be permitted to enter the event, but may continue to hold their sign outside of the event area,” according to the staff report.

Similarly, if a person is gathering signatures inside the gated area, that person will be asked to stop. They can, however, gather signatures outside of the event area.

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Win win for concert goers who choose to escape the opinions of others in lieu of a relaxing evening. [thumbup]


Was this because of the crazy "sign guy" that stands at 247 and 62?


The town council better brush up on their constitutional law before enforcing that bright Idea.

Freedom of speech is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or a community to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or legal sanction.


When is the Festival, July or is there one this weekend??

Branson Hunter

Freedom to peaceful assembly is explicitly guaranteed in the First Amendment. It secures the right of people to hold public meetings, to come together FOR ANY PURPOSE to collectively express, promote, pursue, and defend their collective or shared ideas without interference connected with government. Yes freedom of assembly sometimes conflicts with laws intended to protect public safety. What was there to protect the public from? Legal speech and a few signs? Was there a public safety issue? Fundamental Constitutional rights are too often compromised, based upon false assumptions, by people that know more about navigating Facebook or the ‘setting’ functions on their cell, than they know about the Bill of Rights. Is the right guaranteed by the constitution limited to some but not others during Yucca Valley public functions? Were the non-violent messages so offensive that the right to peacefully assembly with others in the park during public functions be infringed upon? Haven’t they paid taxes and worked hard to keep flowing the more that 30% of their life’s earning years into government for hopefully good causes? Restricting the fundamental constitutional rights of others are decision that ought be used expeditiously. That’s my 2 cents and no price can be put on liberties.

Branson Hunter

These days,

Given the wilful ignorance about every aspect of the Constitution, its history, safeguards, right to redress government, the writings and correspondence behind it, the debates, and the blood, sweat, tears that brought it to you and I, it should comes as no surprise that restricting those rights are too often abused.

How many Americans even care anymore? Seems that our cell phones are more precious to us than the right to be free.

don mckinney

Censorship is TYRANNY . Censorship is impossible to measure . It has NO END . The " man's signs " sometimes read " Christians are terrorists " . When polled most christians agreed the man should be beat up for this sign . This proved to me that his sign was correct , especially when I witnessed the local sheriffs condone his beating by a marine / police looking terrorist younger and larger than the beaten man . The " order followers " for perpetual illegal wars of aggression are not to be tolerated any longer . Trump lied to election based on ENDING relentless regime change wars while our regime has changed for the worse . War glorification is the root cause of PTSD . Your silence is YOUR CONSENT to illegal genocide wars of aggression by the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION INC. a corpse , not a country , not a democracy , not a republic . Since the act of 1871 , Patriot act , ndaa , marshal law , etc . 9/11 was an inside job . On this 9/11 AE911truth will give all congress people the full evidence of controlled demolition of the THREE towers with preplanted explosives . Who are the real terrorists ? The ones you can not talk about .

don mckinney

The town council needs to see the " MFer car " . The guy has " profanity " in police size letters on police type crown victoria car . He drives it around to exercise his " free speech rights " . He is treated poorly by the citizens that are IGNORANT of our " RIGHTS " , but the police have to " protect " him and his rights . This community is begging for that type of freedom of expression by their " CENSORSHIP " of free speech . Are they " ALLOWING " the gold braid border american flag , worn on all police uniforms that represents CORPORATE ENGLISH ADMIRALTY law of the seas ? This is like on board a ship " guilty until proven innocent " . We are common law people , not corporations . On land , not at sea . Will the " MAGA " hats be allowed ? Will t-shirt slogans be allowed ? Will flag clothes be allowed or uniforms ? What flag clothes ? Censorship is impossible to measure . It has no end .

Branson Hunter

The council has made a very grave error in following those few hollow voices to censor speech and curtail assembly in a public park during summer concerts. Is there any end to the chipping away at American values?

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