TWENTYNINE PALMS — Men and women serving on board the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center have a higher risk of sexual assault, according to a 2014 RAND Military Workplace Study.

Volume 5 of the study examines estimates for the risk of sexual assault and sexual harassment aboard military installations and commands.

The report authors noted that the estimates do not provide direct information about where the assaults occurred. “They may have occurred in the local community, in off-base housing, during off-base training exercises or on the installation.”

Women Marines stationed at the combat center had a 10 percent risk of being harassed or assaulted — the second highest risk of any Marine installation, second only to Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, at approximately 12 percent.

The risk of sexual assault for male Marines at the combat center was put at approximately 1 percent.

“Among high-risk installations for Marine Corps men, one (Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Combat Center) is in common with Marine Corps women. Only one of the highest-risk installations for men is clearly in the United States. Others are foreign or missing,” the report notes.

According to the report, 171 men and women Marines at the combat center were sexually assaulted during the 2014 fiscal year, putting it behind Camp Pendleton, with 465 and Camp Lejeune, with 514.

“In many cases, installations with high sexual assault risk are those with high concentrations of young and junior-ranking personnel. That is, installations with many higher-risk service members are usually estimated to have higher average risk,” the report states.

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This article falls under the NSS category .
No s@#t sherlock.


I'm sure any allegations of sexual assault will be taken seriously and the perpetrators brought to justice...

Nah, just kidding. We just put a second sexual predator on the Supreme Court. Nothing is going to happen to these animals.


I was under the impression that in this country you were innocent until proven guilty. There has been no proven facts that support your comment, but yet you say it like it is. I hope no one ever makes allegations against you and you are not given the due process. Shame on you.

Mark Simmons

Too bad the writer of this article didn’t bother to fully do his job and actually interview people like the base commander and maybe a few women who work aboard the base and how it’s impacted them. The reporters at the Star and the Trail don’t know or wouldn’t know how to cover an “Investigative” story even if it came gift wrapped to them. What a shame! This is nothing more than a news release.

NSS- I love it!!!


Good observation Mark. In this case though, it's simply the reporter is as lazy as a hound pup.

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