Benjamin Robertson, right, worked at Bowtie Technology during a Copper Mountain College internship. With him are company co-founders Gregory Magruder, left, and Cheryl Bemister and CMC community internship liaison Daniel House.

JOSHUA TREE — Copper Mountain College student Benjamin Robertson, 19, has just begun an internship position with the recently-established Bowtie Technology, a company whose culture stems directly from the world of Apple where co-founder Gregory Magruder cut his teeth.

Robertson, a second-year computer science student, could not be more excited.

“Creating new inventions is exciting. I want to learn more about the engineering aspects of computer science, and I feel that Bowtie is just the beginning for me,” he said.

Robertson said his first smartphone sparked his interest in computers.

“I was 13 years old. I was amazed at how ‘perfect’ the device seemed to me,” he said.

“Two years down the line, I realized that you could encode video for phone and for computers, and further that I could learn to code for computers and the programs that make them work. This was a huge realization for me.”

After graduating from Joshua Springs Christian School, Robertson enrolled at CMC and began working on his computer science degree. He hopes to graduate in May 2020.

After graduation, he plans transfer to Austin, Texas, to earn a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Texas. He plans to become a system analytics administrator for a major international corporation.

Each participant in the Copper Mountain College internship program receives 100 hours of on-the-job experience in an area that will benefit the student’s professional aspirations.

Bowtie Technology based in Joshua Tree

Based in Joshua Tree, Bowtie Technology is an interactive technology and prototyping company started by Magruder, a former Apple researcher, and Cheryl Bemister, an international finance specialist. It is focused on building inventions for companies.

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So great to see local students with ambition put their best foot forward towards a bright future. Benjamin's a great kid.

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