This rendering of the new coronavirus shows how the family of viruses got its name — the corona of outgrowths circling the surface.

SAN BERNARDINO — Two more San Bernardino County residents were confirmed to have the new coronavirus, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to five — and health officials say the number will keep growing.

Additional cases have been expected to emerge as private lab testing begins ramping up.

The county reported its first case on Sunday, identifying the patient as a woman who recently returned from London and sought care at a Fontana emergency room.

The second was a 54-year-old man with underlying health conditions who had come into contact with people who had recently traveled from Washington state.

The third was a man in his 50s.

By the time the fourth and fifth patients were confirmed, county officials had decided not to release information about who the patients are or where they live.

Public information officer David Wert said the county is not releasing patients’ names and ages to protect patient confidentiality.

“We’ve decided not to identify the location of each new case because all of us should assume and behave as if coronavirus is everywhere,” Wert said.

“We don’t want to create panic in one community and false complacency in other communities.”

He expects once the county has gotten several more cases, it may create a map to show the spread.

“We talked to the sheriff and he agreed identifying the communities could create panic that could create law enforcement issues,” Wert added.

After the third patient was confirmed Tuesday, the county’s acting health officer ordered the cancellation of gatherings of any number of people in the county through at least April 6, with exceptions for work, public transportation, airport travel, grocery stores, charitable food distribution, certified farmers markets and shopping at stores or malls.

The order also required the closing of all movie theaters, gyms, health clubs, bars and other businesses that serve alcohol but do not serve food.

Restaurants were ordered to comply with state orders to close in-house seating and open only for drive-through, pick-up and delivery options.

The order also strongly cautions that people 65 years and older and those of any age with certain underlying health conditions are at greater risk if they COVID-19, and encourages them to self-quarantine.

“Residents of San Bernardino County are encouraged to stay home as much as possible while only participating in essential activities, such as critical work functions and shopping for necessities,” said Acting County Health Officer Dr. Erin Gustafson.

“We know these measures are challenging, but social distancing will help to protect all of our communities. We encourage older adults and those with chronic medical conditions to take additional precautions to avoid getting sick.”

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I'm not looking for street address of the new people who contacted the virus just where about are the cases would be helpful to know Thank you and who ever has it Get well soon


It's not the ones that have it I would be concerned about, but those that have it and show no symptons. If really starts to bloom in this area the only option for me will be full hazmat kit, which is really uncomfortable.

Branson Hunter

"The danger in providing inaccurate or politically-motivated information in a pandemic is that people will either panic because they don't have confidence that the government is protecting them, or people will disregard the crisis altogether and fail to take the safeguards to protect themselves, their family and their communities." --- John Cohen, former acting Secretary of intelligence, Homeland Security.

Transparency is essential. That's been clearly established. We should know the city from where the Corona virus has. It's not a good omen for the county to hide information. Please treat us like adults. We want all available information.


[scared] what's scary is the fact that today Doctors were instructed to no longer test for Coronavirus (COVID-19). Their lame stupid reason is because the Doctors/hospitals can't yet cure it, or manage it. Also because tests are limited! SO WHAT THIS MEANS IS AS THE COVID-19 CASES RISE, WE WILL NOT EVER KNOW! WITHOUT POSITIVE TESTS THERE IS NO COVID-19 CASE! NOW THAT THOSE NUMBERS WILL CEASE TO RISE WE WILL ONCE AGAIN BE MISLED BY OUR LYING , CHEATING, CORRUPT GOVERNMENT- WHICH WILL FALSELY APPEAR LIKE THE ISSUE IS NO LONGER GROWING, SPREADING, ETC

.. How will we really know when COVID-19 has stopped spreading? We are not children! So why are we censored from the truth? The real facts? Why does anyone have any right to withhold such important information? OUR GOVERNMENT WILL BE THE END OF US! Dont assume they care about us! They do not!


This is like that movie "Contagion". The authorities are covering up the reality so as not to cause panic. Of course this causes panic eventually, and complete social breakdown and anarchy. People will be even more careful if they know it's in their neighborhood. County authorities have already been quoted as saying the dangers are "exaggerated". Instead of lying to us, how about making sure bottled water is available at the stores? All these desperate idiots buying cartloads of water and paper and cleaning stuff are a prime example of capitalism's failure to provide even distribution of basic supplies during emergencies. Actors and athletes and politicians can all get tested. but they won't test you if you're Joe Blow and under 65. These deadly attitudes reek of National Socialism. Some folks just don't count. Even health workers are expendable. No equipment- just empty promises from Donald The Menace & Co,


Could we at least see a follow up of the places these cases have been. That way we could track down where they caught it and where they also could have spread it.

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