MORONGO BASIN — California is on its way to reaching its renewable-energy goal, but it might cost customers a little more to get there.

In 2008, then-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed an executive order stating all retail sellers of electricity must provide 33 percent of their load from renewable energy by 2020.

Renewable-energy sources like wind and solar are cleaner than gas or petroleum, but they’re typically more expensive sources of energy, Southern California Edison representatives say.

The utility company is not supposed to profit off energy rates, but the energy it buys from renewable sources often comes at a higher rate.

While wind and sunlight don’t cost anything, the equipment needed to harness and convey renewable energy is often more expensive, making the cost of providing renewable energy higher than using conventional resources like natural gas, Jennifer Cusack, an SCE spokeswoman for the desert region, said via email.

As California nears its renewable-energy goals, customers will pay more.

“Larger and larger portions of renewable energy for SCE customers will drive retail electricity rates up, but the magnitude of that upward rate pressure is commonly debated,” Cusack said.

Another problem with renewable energy is reliability.

Experts with the California Independent System Operator, charged with maintaining the state’s power grid, say utilities may always need traditional sources of energy for when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining.

“While renewable power plays a critical role in greening the grid, it also adds a layer of complexity to the important job of keeping the lights on,” a California ISO report states. “Output from wind and solar plants varies with the weather, the seasons and even the time of day.”

The nonprofit agency says in order to maintain reliable sources of power for the grid, it needs access to conventional power plants.

Cal ISO says it will continue working to find efficient ways to incorporate clean-energy sources into the grid while maintaining a reliable power supply.

Equipment costs passed to customers

California now draws about 22 percent of its energy from renewable sources, according to the California Energy Commission.

“We are well on our way to meeting our goal and possibly exceeding that goal,” Adam Gottlieb, a commission spokesman, said Friday.

As the state moves toward cleaner energy sources, SCE says most of the costs will come in the form of infrastructure and equipment.

“Renewables costs are spread across all SCE customers,” Cusack said. “SCE does not make a profit on the renewable energy it procures for its customers. Instead, the renewable energy costs are direct pass-through to customers.”

The utility company applies to the Public Utilities Commission for a review of its rates every three years.

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"Push to green energy will cost California customers "

In more than one way

Tim Humphreville

This is a perfect example, of the lack of foresight that Jerry Brown, and his fellow democrats have always had. Who would guess that mandating some type of energy would raise the price? When are the people of this country going to tell their leaders, to stop allowing the extremest environmentalist groups, to ruin this country. We are 17 trillion dollars in debt! On our way to 20 trillion by the end of this failed, Obama administration. The only possible way out is to use this country's vast amount of oil and natural gas! The jobs, taxes, and productivity this will create, is our last hope for this nation. DRILL BABY DRILL! Build the keystone pipeline, build some new refinery's, stop spending our money, fighting country's that hate us, to protect the energy we have to have. Hey here is a thought, spend that money on our own infrastructure!



Did you read the article?

" In 2008, then-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed an executive order stating all retail sellers of electricity must provide 33 percent of their load from renewable energy by 2020."

Just in case you have forgotten, Schwarzenegger was a Republican.


Don't let facts get in the way of Tim Humphreville. According to the Congressional Budget Office (non-partisan) the debt is $12 trillion, not $17 trillion. The "Sacred Cow" which is the Defense Budget can easily be reduced from it's BLOATED BIGGER THAN ALL THE REST TIMES FIVE. In fact, on September 10th, 2001, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon misplaced 2.3 Trillion Dollars and then something happened. The Pentagon has probably misplaced much more than that since then. Yes, AHHHhhNold was Republican, but Tim didn't read that in his right wing blogs. His "Drill Baby Drill" support for the XL Keystone pipeline is another typical right wing simplification. The XL Keystone Pipeline is an effort by the International Oil Cartels to get access of that high energy-dirty extraction and send it out of local use in the Northern and mid-West USA and get it onto the global oil market where it will go to Asia and elsewhere at higher prices for everybody (including poor little Tim). Tim's Talking Tall for somebody who typifies everything that is wrong with Yucca Valley. Ohh look, another signal.

Dave Peach

However recently required to tiptoe through the tulips while more responsibly attempting to demolish more destructive notions, capabilities and deeds, such as are frequently overlooked, forgiven and/or facilitated ("rotten fruit or sour grapes" - T. Humpreville), the otherwise deft and/or self-sacrificial practices remain matters of social responsibility and perhaps self-preservation. Whether consistency will ever apply seems about as unlikely, as very recently noted elsewhere. Meanwhile, what a challenge and a chore as applies to all three.

"We had to destroy the village to save it" and "'Demise of others' is good for 'our' economy" were previously determined to be both ludicrous and murderous, as can be similarly applied to various endeavors.

Some of those same and similar agents of destruction and despair assume that angels will soon deliver themselves and other undeserving but like-minded egocentrics from their excesses, ignorance and unconcern while toasting "the others" and our Mother Earth like torched marshmallows, as if their wickedness weren't enough to satisfy their equally murderous savior who fortunately doesn't really exist, at least not in their form or any other facsimile to Sarah Palin.

“SCE does not make a profit on the renewable energy it procures for its customers. Instead, the renewable energy costs are direct pass-through to customers” is also known to be a false statement and another neglectful conveyance. Excess electricity derived from at least certain rooftops is recompensed at wholesale prices, while SCE certainly doesn't sell it to others for the same price.

Only by citing false beliefs and correcting or culling those sources, as able, can more meaningful healing occur.

Note to self and Mother Earth, etc.: "Good luck."

Tim Humphreville

@ Mr Fick, You are correct about one thing, The money that was extorted out of the defense budget, to help purchase section 33 is shameful, and a total waste of our tax money! U.S. NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK

The Outstanding Public Debt as of 08 Sep 2013 at 09:30:31 PM GMT is:
$ 1 6 , 7 4 4 , 5 0 0 , 5 2 3 , 1 4 1 . 7 7

The estimated population of the United States is 316,611,916
so each citizen's share of this debt is $52,886.51.

The National Debt has continued to increase an average of
$1.98 billion per day since September 30, 2012!


The Marine Base saw an open space that they wanted to maintain for many reasons. Section 33 not only is what's left of a wildlife linkage that Yucca Valley cut in half with Industrial Zoning, but a great open space and buffer zone from Yucca Valley. Yucca Valley has a build-out of sixty-five thousand in population (mind you readers, I'm having to school the Chairman of the Yucca Valley Planning Commission about-Planning?). If Yucca Valley has that build out, where are helicopter flights going to be flying over. When Marine helicopters are having severe motor trouble, they tend to rapidly descend. It is far sighted thinking to have sparsely inhabited corridors, That's why those military copters fly over the Pipes Canyon/Yucca Mesa area. We needed little inducement and so did they in helping establish the Section 33 as an undisturbed rich Mojave forest. Something that is getting rarer and rarer in Yucca Valley due to people like Mr. Humphreville.

Tim Humphreville

Mr Fick, posting the same old extremest views, three times, does not make them true! To state that this is a wildlife linkage is all the prof one needs! But hey, maybe linkage to HWY 62 is good for the wildlife? However, most of us see right through your anti growth, I am here, don't let anyone else come here, campaign. Amazingly enough, California is still allowing you to move, if You are unhappy with the growth rate of your neighborly town. I know, its a long drive from Amboy , to shop at walmart, but I am sure you drive a Electric car!


The threepeat was a temporary browser glitch and the editor can please remove two of them. Mr. Humphreville has trouble understanding wildlife linkages and is supposed to understand wildlife (besides shooting at it) issues according to the one that appointed him. There's plenty more things for Mr. Humpreville to address in Yucca Valley. Yucca Valley has grown in a haphazard way and is almost a perfect example of what not to do development-wise. The most recent inadvertent collusion between Yucca Valley and SCE is this recent exploitation of the CREST program by Coronus Energy. CREST allows up to 1.5 MegaWatt solar field installations, but they are banned in Yucca Valley. So, the proposed Yucca Valley East LLC #1, #2 and #3 are actually 34.5 acres partially blocking the wildlife linkage area South of Joshua Tree's Section 33. This solar field augmentation of the area's need for electricity is serving the Yucca Valley WalMart SuperCenter, Yucca Valley Home Depot, Yucca Valley's Water Treatment plant, several Yucca Valley housing tracts, La Contenta Middle School and the Industrial Park. Those industrial solar fields would be adjacent to Joshua Tree residential areas. Mr. Humphreville doesn't care.

Dave Peach

"Turn out the lights, the party's over. They say that all good things must end.
Call it tonight, the party's over. And tomorrow starts the same old thing again."
- Willie

No money was "extorted" out of the defense budget to pay for Section 33, which is blatant standard operating practice for Yucca Valley's budget. Section 33 is needed by the Marine Corps in addition to serving as a safety buffer between civilized Joshua Tree and hostile, intrusive and deviating Vandals to the west, in addition to less predatory and personally insolent forms of wildlife.

Without mentioning any names, certain hypocrites, below, who supported wasteful spending throughout the last administration continue to attempt to blame the repair crew for the repair costs, while remaining unable to dig themselves or their community out of the personal and community-wide economic, environmental and social decay that was similarly self-assured.

Just as assuming or pretending that we're not destroying ourselves and our planet is scientifically unrealistic, local proponents of overpopulation, which is more costly for the community than profitable for the flat earthers, incessantly ignore increasingly unavailable basic necessities such as water. Anyone suspecting that scraping and selling off our primary source of economic sustenance, natural beauty, shouldn't be opposed by anyone who appreciates our unique treasures and reside here primarily for that reason, as opposed to exploiting it for themselves and ruining it for everyone else, obviously have more much to learn.

Edison, other energy giants and their agents obviously cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Going off grid while instead utilizing renewable energy is unequivocally less costly to their former customers and to our economy than remaining reliant upon privately owned "public utilities" that have long been literally killing us and our planet off to assure their corporate survival and profitability. Suggesting that reliance upon fossil fuels or nuclear waste is economically necessary ignores the deadly collateral costs and especially the value of conservation, which is a threat only to their survival.

Tim Humphreville

@ Mr peach, The money, that we the tax payers gave to the defense department was for our nations defense, Not to defend some groups, anti-growth agenda! The money was extorted, by the constant harassment the extremists give to our military, while they are trying to train, or build on the base. So instead of spending the 400,000 dollars on protecting our country, they give it to them as an appeasement. When a property is sold in the Morongo basin, you must sign a disclosure, stating you are in the proximity of the base, and the air traffic that will result from that. By the way, they don't make a habit of flying over that property, As I am in their flight path, most every day. It is one of the great thing about living here! The blame game never gets old with your leftist group, Obama is in his second term!, When is it going to be his fault, That we have a trillion dollar deficit, for every year he has been in office? ( don't bother answering, as I know the answer!)

Tim Humphreville

@Mr peach, So I can appreciate the truth from you when it slips out like the following statement from you " No money was "extorted" out of the defense budget to pay for Section 33, which is blatant standard operating practice for Yucca Valley's budget. Section 33 is needed by the Marine Corps in addition to serving as a safety buffer between civilized Joshua Tree and hostile, intrusive and deviating Vandals to the west, in addition to less predatory and personally insolent forms of wildlife" Like a well placed trap, You fell right in, Thank you! Folks there you have it, So much for your next attempt at blaming others for nasty discord!


OHhhh, Mr. Humphreville is trying to be clever." Like a well placed trap, You fell right in, " he says. Lets address his fantastical accusations. "We extorted money from the Marines". Really? How was that done? We ain't got Tanks, We ain't got helicopter gunships, We ain't got artillery, We ain't got military anything. So, Mr. Tim, explain to the good folks how we did that. As far as displacing money needed for "real defense needs", I remember pallet loads of cash ($100 dollar bills) in the total amount of almost $12 billion dollars (some sources say $18 billion) being delivered to the streets of Bagdad (do a search for: pallets of cash sent to Iraq) in 2004. There has been enough slush money in the military budget, that their investment in Section 33 is probably in the top 5 % of smart things done by the military in a long long time.
If Mr. Tim thinks he's so clever, why not apply all that brain power to helping Yucca Valley extricate itself from all the consequences of the short term thinking decisions displayed the last two decades. Close to a half billion dollars behind in infrastructure needs requires brilliant ideas and contacts. Those Federal monies for disaster zones might apply to Yucca Valley, but Mr. Tim Humphreville has already written very nasty nasty public letters to our local federal Congressman Paul Cook about Tim's four wheeled toy. So, for political contacts from Mr Tim-nope, for brilliant thinking from Mr. Tim-Nope. As for staying on the topic of the article, all we can say is tsk, tsk. The industrial utilities always answer with more industrial utilities and transmission lines. That's their nature and that's got to change.


While I'll agree that there are some extreme views here, I believe Mr. Humphreville is at the other end of the spectrum. The far right as opposed to the far left. Why not come closer to the middle of the aisle and back the issues that are important to you (pay attention everyone, I'm not just talking to Mr. Humphreville) and not just support the party, whatever that party may be? I used to be far right, now I'm closer to the center-right.

Dave Peach

Becoming trapped by antagonizing falsifications seems little different than an invitation to a shootout by someone who can't shoot or talk straight and is packing only a water pistol. Good luck, Timmy, and thanks again for the lip service. But we must stop meeting like this. People are starting to talk ...about you and your extremism, for starters.

Congress controls the purse strings, not the president. Next question: Who controls the congress? Energy giants were allowed to take us to war on their behalf while environmentalists were barred from participating in the energy policy throughout Dick Cheney's term as president, who is no less unsafe around firearms than certain members of the planning commission, despite that a dummy candidate was actually elected, consistent with most planning commission appointees. Correct that last statement, Bush was appointed by the right wing of the Supreme Court and by political outlaws in Ohio during the next stolen election. Similarly, planning commissioners were more recently appointed to the town council rather than duly elected. What became of that setup, anyway?

Extreme right wing libertarians are slightly more tolerable (and much more fun)
than right wing totalitarians, such as their Nazi cousins. But neither should be trusted around firearms, electricity and especially not government.

"Turn out the lights, tea party's over."

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