SACRAMENTO — Assemblyman Paul Cook, a Republican from Yucca Valley, issued a repudiation of the state budget passed Tuesday night. His statement, released from his office:

"Tonight, the Legislature continued an ignominious tradition by passing yet another gimmick-filled budget under the cover of darkness. This budget contain no reforms to jumpstart our economy or fix our broken pension system. Instead, it's filled with legally questionable tax and fee hikes. It plays the same games that politicians have been playing for years by assuming that billions of dollars in new revenue will come in above and beyond current revenue projections.

"Last year, Californians voted to allow the California Legislature to pass the state budget by a majority vote. However, they also voted to require the same 2/3 majority for fee increases that's already required for tax hikes. This budget attempts to circumvent the voters by passing several tax and fee hikes with a simple majority.

"For example, this budget, which was crafted by Governor Jerry Brown and the Democrats in the Legislature, includes an increase in vehicle registration fees. This fee, better known as the 'car tax,' affects every California motorist. Somehow, the majority of legislators feel that increasing the car tax is neither a fee nor a tax that requires a 2/3 vote. This will nullify part of a scheduled reduction of the car tax, set to take effect on July 1.

"This is just one of the taxes contained in the budget. These illegal increases will almost certainly end up in the courts, leaving the budget out of balance once again. Even beyond these increases, the budget includes an assumption that $4 billion will materialize out of thin air beyond the $6.6 billion increase that has already been projected.

"Luckily, starting July 1, Californians will receive significant tax relief for the first time in years. Due to our unanimous opposition to raising taxes on Californians during a weak economy, my Republican colleagues and I have guaranteed that the sales tax, state income tax and car tax will all be reduced. This will provide over $1,000 in annual tax relief to the average California family.

"Californians have spoken clearly and strongly on the issues of taxes and fiscal sanity in state budgeting. Despite this setback, voters are making progress in the war on big government, but they must remain vigilant. If the majority of Legislators refuse to make tough decisions on spending, such as creating a strict spending cap or undoing the stranglehold that state bureaucracies have imposed on our economy through over-regulation, voters should make these decisions for them at the ballot box."

On the other hand, Gov. Edmund "Jerry" Brown issued the following brief words after the budget was passed:

“Democrats in the California State Legislature made tough choices and delivered an honest, balanced and on-time budget that contains painful cuts and brings government closer to the people through an historic realignment.

"Putting our state on a sound and sustainable fiscal footing still requires much work, but we have now taken a huge step forward.”

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Dave Peach

Masochism is so hard to watch. But political suicide often generates rejuvenating effects. Paul Cook's commander, Grover Norquist, said he wants to get the U.S. government down to the size in which he can drown it in a bathtub. Being of the right age and the right tax bracket, hence right draft exemption level, Norquist perhaps never swore to protect the country.Perhaps Cook never did either. He and his pals are doing their best to destroy it. They've sold us out China, India, and no telling who else.Speaking of "gimmicks". Cook, Crooks, and Company don't trust us to vote on what is required to save ourselves from dropping further from first place to third world.Enjoy Cook's iffy contributions while/if y'all can. He certainly left Yucca Valley before the bills came due. Maybe he'll now head to Switzerland or Argentina. Y'all head on over to Wal-Mart and try not to spend it all in one place. They certainly didn't.Moderating one or a few taxes wouldn't hurt our economy. And few cheapskates and crooks. Nothing like failing to do so has done.Sadism and sabotage are merely underlying symptoms. The lack of trust in the government was/is obviously intentional. The cause(s) is/are simple to identify. As are many available remedies..._Simplest for Cook? Seek: Psychiatric care. The VA has lots and lots of drugs, as Cook's campaign chest and private portfolio will attest. Testing politicians for drug abuse seems a no-brainer. Cook qualifies.But Cook doesn't need to rely on them. Cook can probably go about anywhere he wants. now.

Dave Peach

"This will provide over $1,000 in annual tax relief to the [average] California family.On average, the Bush tax cuts probably paid out close to that. Meanwhile, the interest on the foreign debt far exceeds it.Economics and history seem to confound Cook. Paul Cook is about as worthless as most any remotely operated device.

Dave Peach

*Nothing personal. I spent the day sitting in a waiting room with a victim of one again today. I'd never seen him before either. (probably 'her' last time. Who even knows anymore)Sacrifice 2%? Hell no! The government might waste it/us! Just like they did before!"...and the parasites were left to perish. As they should."


Mr. Cook cant help but continue to think that he is the only one in the Assembly and that he is always right. The budget is a step in the right direction, but just the first step. It will take years to fix the problem that took years to create. A few steps at a time. With cooperation and collaboration and working togehter.Bullies and blowhards don't like to work with others...

Dave Peach

"If the extra money fails to materialize, the state will chop deeper into social services, prisons, universities and courts, and possibly cut up to seven days off the school year.",0,1204898.story?track=rssBlaming Brown would tend to ignore the obvious.But it's just fine. Cook probably doesn't feel inconvenienced in the least.With Paul Cook still helping to destroy the economy and international relations, etc., hence influence history, he's bound to learn something.Cook's legacy could prove his most significant source of embarrassment. Cook's a man of principle. Facts never stood in his way before. Bars? If not previously, perhaps it will be arranged. The opportunities to salvage any semblance of respect and honor are all around Paul Cook. He can fight for right, or continue attempting to please people who don't care anymore about him, than Paul Cook seems to care about any of U.S. or US. Given demographic trends, switching parties or switching countries seems Paul Cook's only available political avenues.Likewise, other cowards and idiots.

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