YUCCA VALLEY — Federal investigators have accused a custodian who worked at public schools in the Morongo Basin with making child pornography and posting it on the Internet.

Matthew Frazer, 42, of Yucca Valley, was arrested at Twentynine Palms Junior High School Friday, Jan. 31, according to FBI and school district officials. A federal grand jury in Riverside charged him with production of child pornography Wednesday, Feb. 12.

The grand jury’s indictment alleges Frazer enticed a child to engage in sexually explicit conduct to produce pornography. He pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Investigators believe other children not yet identified may have been victimized, an FBI news release states.

Doug Weller, an assistant superintendent for the school district, said the film federal investigators found was not taken on school property.

“The district is cooperating with federal law enforcement, who have determined that there is no evidence of any illicit conduct occurring at any district facility or school,” Weller said Friday, Feb. 21.

Frazer, who worked for Morongo Unified School District for around four years, was placed on unpaid leave after his arrest, according to Weller.

“The district will monitor the process of the criminal proceedings and take action at the appropriate time,” Weller said, reading from a prepared statement.

“The district wants to assure the public that there is no risk of harm to any students of the district and that our schools remain safe.”

The assistant superintendent said he did not know of any complaints about Frazer made to district officials before his arrest.

The FBI reports the investigation began in 2013, when the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children found images depicting a girl 4 to 6 years old being abused by a white man. The images were handed over to the FBI, and for several months, investigators used visual clues in the pictures to try to identify the man depicted. They identified Frazier as the suspect earlier this year.

If convicted, Frazer will be sentenced to at least 15 years, and as many as 30 years in prison.

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"If convicted, Frazer will be sentenced to at least 15 years, and as many as 30 years in prison."

If convicted, his sentence in prison will not be very long... he's already been green lit and doesn't even know it.


What a creep!


Reminds me of my ex-neighbor who turned out to be a repeat offender. He fled from here once the neighbors were notified by the Sheriff. Talk about the pitchforks coming out! I'm glad they caught this sleez bag. Wow, that term is actually too nice for his sort.

Mike B

Let him fry.

Nice to see a story on here that everyone in the comments section agrees on.

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