Our little community is made up of some truly awesome neighbors. I ordered supplements online from iHerb, but the carrier delivered it to the wrong address. When I explained that I did not receive my package, and that I live in a very remote area, with many dirt roads, the company reshipped my order. This time, my package was lost. So I called again, and they once again reshipped my order. After waiting almost a week, I received an email that my package had been delivered “behind the gate.” I actually do not have a gate.

We are certainly difficult to find as our address doesn’t exist because our section of the road was never actually cut! So, Mary and I drove 5 miles east to the officially cut road. We asked a woman who was striding along the dirt road. Agreeing that our roads and addresses can be very challenging, she said she’d seen an OnTrac vehicle deliver to the house she pointed out. Thanking her profusely, we drove over there and spotted two young men sitting on their porch. “Hello,” I yelled, approaching the fence. “I live off Saturn way over there.” I gestured westwards. “I’ve been waiting for a package for weeks and they keep losing it or delivering it to the wrong address!”

“I know,” replied one of the men. “Happens all the time!”

“It’s nothing important,” I explained, “just vitamin C and stuff, but I really want my package!”

“I have tons of vitamin C. I can give you some.” When I gratefully accepted, he disappeared inside, re-emerging with a baggy half full of yellow pills. “They’re organic and 1,000 mg,” he told me. “I’m going to throw them to you over the fence!” Thanking him profusely, Mary and I drove off waving.

The next day was Sunday and when Mary and Gary returned from town, my package was sitting in the driveway by my car. I assume a neighbor personally delivered my package, which had been left behind their gate! Thank you so much for your kindness and honesty; and thanks to “Vitamin C Man” for your spontaneous generosity.

Stay well neighbors!

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