Mike writes:

The second-Saturday Landers Community Association meeting and planned board election will not take place this Saturday. Except for the food giveaway, all activities at Belfield Hall are on hiatus until further notice. The doors are closed, but the phone line is open. If you live in Landers and need any non-emergency assistance, leave a message at (760) 364-2676. Someone from the association will return your call in a day or two.

The food giveaway will take place as planned from 9 to 11 a.m. April 20 at Belfield Hall at 58380 Reche Road. Bring your own box or bags to collect the groceries, and have an ID to verify you live in Landers.

We are all under the statewide stay-at-home order. Please be vigilant about that. The coronavirus is here; don’t be deceived by the small number of confirmed cases in Morongo Basin. Because tests for the virus are in short supply, there is no doubt many are spreading the virus unknowingly. Some who contract it will go on to infect others since they will not experience symptoms for two weeks or more. You are not in this alone. If you’re having a hard time, pick up the phone and share your feelings with friends or family; it’ll help.

If you must go out, the law now requires you to cover your nose and mouth with a mask, scarf, bandanna or the like. If you go to a store, maintain a social distance of 6 feet, wear disposable gloves and don’t touch your face. Wash your hands as soon as possible. When you get back home, leave your shoes outside and wipe down every item with a solution of bleach and water. I add 5 tablespoons of Clorox to a quart of warm water, wipe everything and allow to air dry. People spit on the sidewalk so use any leftover bleach solution to clean your shoes.

Becky writes:

Snow in April had everyone talking about this crazy weather today. The green hills that we were admiring last week were a dazzling, beautiful white today.

While doing the Landers route today, we discovered that every dirt road had its own lake. The winner of the biggest lake was indeed Betty’s Larrea lake. The winner of the road with the most lakes was Quailbush. The things you come up with when you are driving around in crappy weather.

Sadly, Betty was right and Lake Larrea may have claimed a victim today. When we turned back on Old Woman Springs Road, there was a roll-over just south of the corner. It looked like he may have hit the water and possibly hydroplaned into the berm and flipped over. The first man to pull over asked us how far we were going because the CHP was down the road but he was already pulling up. It didn’t look good for the driver but hopefully he survived.

I don’t know how things went for meal distribution at the Senior Nutrition Site today since they were still setting up. I did get to drive my van since it was raining and they decided to set up at the front door.

I have to tell you a funny story from last week. Vicki went back into the walk-in freezer to bring out more food. She bent down to get boxes from the bottom shelf and somehow got her tongue and lip stuck on a shelf. She couldn’t understand why it was burning. She tried to yell for help but no one could hear her so she had to pull it loose. She had a sore tongue and lip and talked funny the rest of the week. Leave it to Vicki.

The Landers Moose Lodge will hold a drive-through tamale fundraiser from 3 to 6 p.m. Saturday. You can pick a cheese, chicken or pork tamale for $2 each. These are Francesca’s Fresh Tamales.

You remain in your car the whole time; order at the first table and drive to the second table for pick-up. This is open all in the community. A heads up, breakfast burrito drive-through will return on April 19.

Happy birthday wishes to Richard Garcia. I hope he had a great day. Vicki and I treated him to a couple of dump runs. Hey, you have to be creative when all the casinos are closed.


Please call Becky at (760) 401-4963 or email her at beckybell39@yahoo.com or to reach Mike Lipsitz call (760) 449-4048 or email mikelipsitz@gmail.com

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