Clear the Shelters: A furry friend is waiting for you this weekend!

McKinley is looking for a new master.

YUCCA VALLEY — Pets at the Yucca Valley Animal Shelter are looking for their forever homes with discounted adoption fees for Clear the Shelters this weekend.

The Yucca Valley Animal Shelter will offer dog and cat adoptions for $20 each from noon to 5 p.m. Saturday. This is the only shelter in the Morongo Basin participating.

Clear the Shelters is a nationwide event where animal shelters reduce their adoption fees to help find permanent homes for as many pets as possible. Adoption cost includes spaying or neutering, initial vaccinations and a free health examination at a local veterinarian.

Dogs and cats that are spayed or neutered will be able to go to their new homes on Saturday.

Doug Smith, manager of the town’s animal care and control program, said at the 2017 Clear the Shelters event he had a full parking lot and a line of customers waiting for the doors to open and the adoptions to begin.

Last year was a little slower, but not by too much, Smith said.

The animal shelter set a one-day record of 32 adoptions at the 2016 Clear the Shelters, and broke that record in 2017, when 35 animals found new homes. Last year, 30 animals were adopted, Smith said.

“We’ve had huge crowds in front of the shelter before,” Smith said during a phone interview on Tuesday. “Last year, we did not have as many adoptions. It is still a wonderful event for the community.”

Clear the Shelters involves more than 60 animal shelters and rescue organizations in Southern California. More than 250,000 pets have found their forever homes since 2015, according to the Clear the Shelter’s website.

NBC and Telemundo-owned stations participate with hundreds of shelters across the country to host the event.

Clear the Shelters raises awareness about the benefits of pet adoption and aims to reduce the animal overpopulation at local shelters.

The Yucca Valley Animal Shelter also holds many adoption events through the year, including My Furry Valentine and Pet-a-Palooza. The two biggest are Clear the Shelters and Furever Home for the Holidays, Smith said.

The shelter houses animals from Yucca Valley and surrounding communities, including Morongo Valley, Joshua Tree and Landers. It has 59 dog kennels, 50 cat kennels, 12 small-animal cages and three pens for small livestock.

State law defines what an adoptable animal is. Smith said in a previous Hi-Desert Star article that an animal that attacks another animal or bites a person will not be placed up for adoption to the public. He added that animals that have demonstrated behavior which would place other animals or people at risk of injury would not be placed up for adoption to the public.

The shelter is open from noon to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. It is located at 4755 Malin Way in Yucca Valley.

Animals available for adoption are featured every Thursday in the Hi-Desert Star and are all featured on For more information, call (760) 365-3111.

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let me guess, there gonna tell me We have Pit bulls, chihuahuas ,Pit bulls and more chihuahuas .

Animal Lover

This is a wonderful event. I went last year and unfortunately the dog I wanted was already adopted. But I stopped by this afternoon and have my eye on another one. Can't wait until Saturday. More of our local shelters like 29 Palms should participate.


I'm looking for a pitbull I can let roam free in my neighborhood, hmmmm , Ill take that one in the picture.

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