YUCCA VALLEY — A man with an extensive court record and an arrest warrant for suspicion of burglary was arrested at the Dollar Tree Monday.

Keith Hencel, 39, of Yucca Valley, was a suspect in a Dec. 15 burglary in Joshua Tree. Sheriff’s deputies got warrants for his arrest for burglary and parole violation.

Around 9 a.m. Monday, deputies found Hencel driving a Chevrolet pickup truck in the Home Depot parking lot. When they tried to stop his truck, he sped away, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies searched the area and found Hencel inside the Dollar Tree at 58100 Twentynine Palms Highway in Yucca Valley. He was carrying 25.8 grams of heroin, the Sheriff’s Department alleges.

Hencel was arrested and is being held without bail in the West Valley Detention Center for his two felony warrants and possession of heroin for sale. He is due to be arraigned in the Joshua Tree courthouse Wednesday.

Court records show Hencel was sentenced to a year in state prison in 2018 when he pleaded guilty to felony counts of evading the police with wanton disregard for safety and vehicle theft.

He has been convicted of several other felonies in the past 20 years: vehicle theft and transporting drugs in 2015, vehicle theft in 2013, petty theft in 2009, grand theft in 2005 and accessory to crime in 2001.

Hencel’s convictions also include misdemeanor charges of drug possession, resisting arrest, drunk driving, burglary and drug use.

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If this character was to buy a lotto ticket he would probably

win that too.

Luck sure seems to follow him.

I wish him good luck.


They used to HANG horse thieves.


Steal a horse BooBoo , pleeeaaasssee.


You are one sick puppy.

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