YUCCA VALLEY — Hi Desert Nature Museum hosted an opening reception for the fifth annual Copper Mountain Community College Student Art Show Friday afternoon. Art students from Joshua Tree’s college contributed a wide variety of pieces, from sculpture to photography, and paintings to line drawings.

Kathleen Ivan is a photography student who submitted two pictures. She has always been a fan of the creative arts who is now able to take classes in that field for her own enjoyment. This year she has learned a lot about different file types, and editing photos to maximize colors and highlight focal points of photos.

Eric Neal Knabe is a painting student who provided two pieces from a class assignment in which they copied famous paintings. He has taken a variety of art classes and is working toward a degree in art.

Jim Hanson was signed with Pittsburgh at age 18 and played minor league baseball for several years. He even played a game against the professional Yankees team in Hawaii featuring Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford, but has always had a love for the arts, creating his first piece in 1957. Hanson contributed three lacquer and acrylic on glass paintings to the show. He says he doesn’t start painting with a plan, rather he listens to music and lets that guide his work.

Robert Kreitz is a studio arts major with a variety of media on display. He enjoys working with found objects and turning them into art, such as street sweeper wires and yucca wood pressed and turned into canvas. In addition to creating pieces for display, Kreitz curated the event.

Cathy Allen, full-time faculty and Art Club advisor, said events like these are student run and she’s there for guidance. The experience gives students an opportunity to gain gallery management and curating knowledge, which is beneficial on applications to art schools and galleries for employment.

The Hi Desert Nature Museum is on Dumosa Avenue north of Twentynine Palms Highway in Yucca Valley, where the art will be on display for public viewing until May 30.

For information, call (760) 369-7212 or visit hidesertnaturemuseum.org.

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