YUCCA VALLEY — The town of Yucca Valley’s Public Works Department has issued a storm warning for the upcoming storm system.

The National Weather Service predicts that Yucca Valley and the surrounding Morongo Basin will receive an estimated 1 to 3 inches of rain starting Wednesday morning, which is expected to turn into snow due to temperatures dropping into the freezing 20s at night. This winter storm is expected to last into Friday afternoon/evening, with freezing temperatures lasting through Saturday night.

Residents are advised to take precautions and avoid unnecessary travel when possible. 

The Town Street Department is preparing to respond to emergencies, but all local motorists are advised to stay alert during the adverse conditions.

Depending on the storm severity, access to some local roads may be limited. Town resources will be directed to clearing primary roadways first.

The town encourages drivers to slow down and drive safely during storm events, and to avoid major wash channels when flowing water is present. Remember to “Turn Around, Don’t Drown.”

Sandbags are available for residents to pick up at the following locations:

•Town’s Public Works Facility, located at 58928 Business Center Drive, Yucca Valley. Sand is also available here.

•Fire Station No. 41, located at 57201 Twentynine Palms Highway, Yucca Valley.

•Fire Station No. 42, located at 58612 Aberdeen Drive, Yucca Valley. Sand is also available here.

•Fire Station No. 36, located at 6715 Park Blvd., Joshua Tree.

As the ability to travel may be reduced over the next few days, residents are also reminded to keep a supply of necessary food, water and medications on hand.

If power goes out, close off unused rooms to consolidate heat and wear layered clothing.

Be sure to bring pets inside.

Never use generators, outdoor heating or cooking equipment indoors.

If driving is necessary, be sure to keep disaster supplies in your vehicle.

To learn more about emergency planning, including preparing for winter storms, visit FEMA’s website at www.ready.gov.

For more information, contact the town’s Public Works Department at (760) 369-6579.t

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