Hiroko Momii holds solo show, 
La Matadora Gallery opens for many

In the back room gallery at La Matadora is a wonderful, colorful display of glass and ceramic sculptures by Philo Northrup. On the left is "Green Color Story," and on the right is "P'Orange Color Story."

“I am obsessed with the concept of interconnectedness of existence,” Hiroko Momii wrote of her paintings.

“I desire to experience the feeling of connection. Painting is the act of reaching to that state.”

Momii’s exhibit “Concept of Self,” which opened Saturday at the Art Queen, features a huge central painting of the same name, plus a new series imagined in geometric shapes.

Her paintings will be on display through Dec. 1 at the Art Queen’s East Gallery.

La Matadora Gallery opened a large group show during the Downtown Nights receptions Saturday.

At the front of the gallery, Maria Diaz with Desert Tacos was serving warm food while a film, “Molotov Cocktail Party,” was projected on the front of the building. Gallery owner Colleena Sabatino was one of the characters in the film.

Acrylic painter Diane Bombshelter was at the opening displaying her female fantasy figures.

Visiting couple Emily Duffy and Ken Duffy, from the East Bay area near San Francisco, were displaying her stained-glass flames and his motel entrance photographs.

Puzzle montages and yarn sculptures by Tim Klein and fanciful glass and ceramic sculptures in bright color schemes by Philo Northrup were also on display.

Kate Pearson’s piece “Back When Things Were Better” reminded viewers of better political times while multimedia photographer Harrod Blank created five photos in the shape of a cross while “The Doll Car” was created by gallery owner Colleena Sabatino Hake and Phillip Estrada.

Rick McKinney, a visiting artist from Marin County, is showing his piece “Frontline,” a sculpture depicting the front line of the battle between man and nature.

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