YUCCA VALLEY — One man in Yucca Valley has been confirmed to have the new coronavirus disease, the commander of the Twentynine Palms combat center said in a Facebook post Friday night, March 20.

“There are no positive cases aboard the base. However there is now one confirmed civilian male case in Yucca Valley with no known connection to the base,” Brigadier General Roger Turner wrote on the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center’s official Facebook page.

San Bernardino County reported four news cases of novel coronavirus Friday, but has remained steadfast in its new policy not to reveal where the patients live.

County spokesman David Wert said Saturday morning, March 21, he could not confirm whether a Yucca Valley resident has COVID-19.

“We have been instructed not to disclose locational or personal information on the cases,” Wert said.

Capt. Nicole Plymale from the combat center's communications office said, "Brig Gen. Turner has tasked our health protection team with notifying him of any case on the base or out in town in order for us to adjust our leave and liberty plans accordingly. This was intended to keep our Marines and families safe."

As of Friday night, San Bernardino County confirmed nine residents and no deaths attributable to the disease.

Turner made his post at 7:35 p.m. Friday to urge people aboard the base to do more to prevent the spread of the disease.

“We must be more disciplined in adopting and enforcing social distancing and cleaning of hands and surfaces,” Turner wrote.

“In my travels around the base, I don’t think we are taking social distancing seriously enough. I am still seeing Marines moving in close order formations, unit PT at close order, folks too close together in the exchange …. We need to get serious about breaking the cycle of transmission before it starts.”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom and the State Public Health Office issued a statewide stay-at-home order on Tuesday, March 17, with exceptions for essential tasks and services. At the time, Newsom said that the purpose of the order was to reduce the spread of the virus which was projected to reach 56 percent of people in the state if no action was taken.

Newsom said at that time current projections predict 56 percent of the people of California would be infected with the virus over the next eight weeks if the state did not increase its mitigations.

“Complying with public health orders is essential to our continued health and safety,” said acting County Health Officer Dr. Erin Gustafson in a press release. “These orders are not intended to spark panic, but rather reduce the spread of infection and minimize the number of people who get sick at any one time to keep our healthcare system functioning.”

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I would rather know than not, when it hits our communities.

There are too many people feeling too complacent. This is too serious of a health/life issue. Social distancing is a good thing. We are at war with an invisible enemy. We all must step up to stop this awful Chinese corona virus. But no need to panic.

I say, why worry when you can pray. That's the easiest thing to do first. This event will pass.


We could break the cycle of killing children fro foreign countries also.

One Bomb. 11 Children Killed. And the Evidence That Implicates the U.S.

By Christiaan Triebert, David Botti, Fahim Abed, Jessica Purkiss and Malachy Browne •June 3, 2019

A woman and 11 children were killed in an airstrike on a home in Afghanistan last fall. We spoke to the father who was left to search for answers. The United States initially said it was not involved, but after our visual investigation, it changed its story.



By David Brennan On 3/06/19 at 9:27 AM EST


A new investigation found that hundreds of civilians—including children—have been killed or maimed by U.S.-made weapons in unlawful air strikes conducted as part of the ongoing war in Yemen.

A report published by the U.S.-based University Network for Human Rights (UNHR) and Yemeni monitoring group Mwatana identified 27 air strikes launched by the Gulf alliance—led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates—between April 2015 and April 2018, which they said were unlawful.

The organizations said U.S.-made weapons were likely used in 25 of the attacks. In total, the 27 unlawful strikes killed at least 203 people and wounded close to 750. More than 120 children and at least 56 women were among the casualties, the report said.

Among them was the April 2018 bombing of a wedding party, which killed 21 people and injured 97. The attack used an American-made GBU-12 Paveway II laser-guided bomb, according to the report.

Not included in the scope of the report was the bombing of a school bus in August 2018, which killed as many as 51 people—40 of them children. According to CNN, the weapon used was a 500-pound laser-guided MK 82 bomb produced by U.S. company Lockheed Martin.


It will be interesting to see if our fantastically bloated military budget will cut back to deal with the unbelievable national debt we are building. Probably not going to happen that way but it seems that corporate shareholders will be the priority for bailouts and not their employees. Hope I am wrong.

Avid reader

It is irresponsible for the general not to confirm the source of his information AND if SB County isn’t releasing locations, this general never should’ve made the comment. The headline for this story is completely inappropriate.


So is this the new way to get information. A general makes a facebook post - a dubious source of any information at all. A Town manager says he knows nothing about what the general is talking about.

Bottom line is in my opinion - What is a general doing posting information about a civilian that is in no way associated with the base according to this general.

Time to look for some new generals that are at least competent and mind their own business instead of posting information that the Town Manager, City Manager and the County of San Bernardino can not confirm.

Shame on the Corps and shame on this general! As a former major in the Corps this conduct by the base commander is deplorable.


Correction: The County "won't" confirm and that's a big mistake. We don't need details on the patients, but we do need to know when it has arrived in our community. The Marines probably got the information from the CDC.


I have to agree with Parker with this one and know for a fact when it hits our local communities. Kudos for Brigadier General Turner for his transparency and his attempts to keep his Marines and their families safe and informed. A week or so ago the rumors were flying that several Marines were tested for the Corona virus and the suspicions were on the base. It was good to know that information also and that they were cleared. I could care less knowing the names but knowing specific local locations of victims would be useful for the general public. When a County spokesman states that he "could not confirm whether a Yucca Valley resident has COVID-19" it would be interesting to know specifically whether it was due to policy or if he actually "knows nothing". We used to have local government officials that believed in transparency and never relied on the "mind your own business" mantra but I guess times have changed. It was also very helpful to receive this information on the Combat Center’s "official" Facebook page that disseminates very useful "official" information that many government agencies possess including the NPS and SBSD " as a "the new way to get information" . Again Kudos to General Turner for being transparent enough to inform us with the latest information we all should know. As a retired Marine I would say his conduct is commendable.

T Twelvetrees

American's such as myself that have served in the military understand that BG Turner would not put his Marines in jeopardy off the battlefield or make a comment on the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center’s official FB page, unless he was sure he could back up that claim. Dawn Rowe needs to step up to the plate and vote to change the rules to tell the public where the COVID-19 is in SBCO. Not a persons name or address, but what town. Curtis is a fine Town Manager of Yucca Valley, but is bound by rules and regulations. HIPAA law's among others that prevent most of the disclosures about one's health situation.

When the draft ended in 73, the next 3 years became very difficult for a lot of us NCO's that were career Army. My elder brother was a Marine NCO at the time and experienced many of the same issues with the younger volunteer's, since it was possible for them to quit their contract. Many become belligerent and contesting authority, rather than spend the balance of their service in the Stockade or hiding in Canada as the draftee's were subject to. Draftee's mainly were gone by 75 or 76 after their 2 year draft obligation, and the fear of going to jail for not serving mainly became a thing of the past.

BG Turner has a military record that is consistent with all of the fruit salad on his uniform and has earned the respect of many Marines now serving at 29, including my 21 year old grandson serving in the 3/5th DarkHorse's at Camp Pendleton that trains at 29 while Jody complains about us retiree's.



Thank you for your service. ( I am not being sarcastic, this time)[thumbup]

T Twelvetrees

Thanks are always welcome..."Airborne Rangers Lead the Way"


Well I'm off to work in the public sector. So I can pay taxes so the General can Keep getting a pay check.

And there's nothing wrong with that , And I don't have a problem with it.I just don't wanna hear any mess from the Jack wagons That are retired and living on pensions or social security.

Branson Hunter

It's not a breach of personal medical information for the public to know what city an outbreak occures. It's not too late for the county to get this right. If the county doesn't get this right today it may pay for it at the ballot-box. I support the county and look to them for accurate information and leadership. Please get it right; don't hoard critical information.


Does anyone know where we are supposed to go to get tested ?

Branson Hunter

Call the White House. If you say nice things about the orangutan it will give you what you need.


Wow Branson......

Branson Hunter Mar 24, 2020 7:44am stated can we keep the sarcasm locked away somewhere.........

Really? 23 minutes?..........

Branson Hunter

Cookie, not a good idea to NOT criticize the president - especially concerning his puzzling handling of this pendemic.. Trump is jeopardizing the safety of all Americans. This de facto King refuses to listen to facts to science to expert, and how other world leaders are dealing with this pandemic. Trump is not getting serious about this. That's what this Story by Stacy Moore is all about.


It appears many are missing my concern. As of today not one source confirms this general's FB post Since when did FB become a reliable source of information?

So general.. tell us where you got your information or are you just another social media sycophant.

As for you alleged veterans. I too have the history of service. I learned a long time ago to always question and not walk in lock step with anyone to include generals, senators, congress and presidents.

So general where did you get your information... I hear crickets from this general.

T Twelvetrees

Have you picked up the phone, emailed or gone to BG Turner's office on base to get your question answered, alleged Major? I seriously doubt that BG Turner is reading our comments here? There has been no retraction by BG Turner on his statements that I am aware of, is there? Whatever the case, who are the sources that have not confirmed BG Turner's statement?

Avid reader

I have; I have asked for a retraction. Dawn Rowe is now saying no active cases here and the 29 Palms report is wrong.


Sounds like someone is extremely concerned about the use of "official social media" as a reliable source of disseminating "official" information and a personal animosity towards BGen Turner. I can understand the present day concerns of questioning all media outlets that mix facts with opinions. If the implication is to focus the concern and question onto one "official" MCAGCC Facebook news item submitted by the one particular "official" in complete command of the base then it should be so stated. The "official" SBSD Facebook page has released information about a deputy that has been confirmed with the Corona virus but I guess that would be irrelevant. I do not question the former "major's" veteran status or patriotism but I will still remind him of several of the leadership principles that I learned long ago that apply and in which I still value. One of them was to "know your men and look out for their welfare" and the second was "keep your men informed". These two principles and values were clearly demonstrated by BGen Turner. Secondly I would question the veracity of the statement of "learning long ago to always question". I have very rarely questioned sound judgement and common sense. In my opinion the release of information regarding the number of victims and local locations of the infected victims meets the parameters of sound judgement and common sense. Our local government officials should be the ones to confirm or deny the numbers with specific locations and in which presently they will do neither. It appears they are the ones who are ignoring valid public "questions" and wanting us to "walk in lock step" with vague "privacy laws" interpretations.

Avid reader

I don't see personal animosity anywhere. The statement should not have been said by the general without an official source - and the headline in the paper was both inaccurate and dangerous to a population already on edge. If SB County won't confirm, then why did this general put it out? I'm glad he's keeping his base safe, but we don't live on his base. And yes, the responsibility lies with the county and ultimately, our city council. An uninformed (or misinformed) public has the potential for a major mess. The story was premature, it was not confirmed, and the general never should've put it out there.


These statements I assume contain no "personal animosity"? Really?

"Time to look for some new generals that are at least competent and mind their own business instead of posting information that the Town Manager, City Manager and the County of San Bernardino can not confirm."

"Shame on the Corps and shame on this general!"

"As a former major in the Corps this conduct by the base commander is deplorable."

"So general.. tell us where you got your information or are you just another social media sycophant."

Sounds like personal animosity to me.


Capt. Nicole Plymale from the combat center's communications office said, "Brig Gen. Turner has tasked our health protection team with notifying him of any case on the base or out in town in order for us to adjust our leave and liberty plans accordingly. This was intended to keep our Marines and families safe."

Inaccurate? Source missing and needed for any response.

Dangerous? Depends whether you believe in knowing or prefer not knowing.

I'm glad he is taking care of his base.

I would also be glad to live on his base because evidently he is more transparent and concerned with the health and safety issues of his Marines.

A uninformed or misinformed public does has major potential for disaster. Personally I rather be informed rather not. If it later turns out to be not true I would expect a correction. If a City, Town Manager or the County can not confirm or deny I definitely would love seek answers because we do not live in China where censorship is commonplace.


I will just be simple here. The general in my opinion can keep his base informed however he likes. What he does not have is the right to scare the civilians that do not live on his base.

Matters such as this are the business of our civilians that run our towns and cities not a general that manged none.


I will be frank also. The General in my opinion does keep his base informed and safe. Information such the geographical locations and the number of positive corona virus victims should be public information not a state secret. The civilian politicians that run our towns and cities should always be honest and transparent just as that General that runs his base. That General on base has more experience in management and leadership than most of our state and local governments. Truth and transparency should never scare people. State secrets and censorship scares many more people than the truth ever has. My opinions and certainly anyone can disagree.


A simple question? A "simple question" never contains parameters. A simple question is not loaded with bias. But I will attempt to answer your "simple question". I believe that the General and his staff has access towards a lot more information than I, you, or the local public officials. I do not believe the General picked "Yucca Valley" out of the thin blue air simply to instill panic and fear in our local communities. When asked about locations our local officials state they can not answer due to privacy restrictions or that they can not confirm. If no local officials have "denied" it can not be simply labeled as "wrong". To put it bluntly I believe the General has a little more credibility than those who claim that someone is always "wrong until he proves himself right". The General's claim is more plausible than incredulous to me and to claim otherwise with a complete lack of evidence is somewhat foolish. Someone who labels the General as incompetent, shameful, and deplorable is wrong until proven and so far I have not seen any proof. At the very least I did state that "if it later turns out to be not true I would expect a correction" and would had expected the same from a rational perspective before placing the final conviction as we see happening so often these days.


You and I have gone toe to toe before there TTJ. What proof do you have that the general is right in his assertion?

A simple question?

Please do not do the typical Fox news rhetorical by saying what proof do you have he is wrong! Fact is he is wrong until he proves he is right.


Sorry that I placed my response above your comment. My mistake!


2019-2020 U.S. Flu Season: Preliminary Burden Estimates | CDC


Branson Hunter

Spearman is raising illegitimate concern. I refuse to go read Facebook. It's a viperous Jungle. Nonetheless, the county could easily clear this up (eventually it will be forced to do so) byRelease information regarding cities where coronavirus virus is present. The Commanding General put something out there and he's not cooperating to back it up . And, also, what county is not cooperating.

Avid reader

Just an fyi: the city of Ontario has filed an action in court to force SB County to release the town/city locations of confirmed virus individuals. SB County should not be withholding this information, the general never should've said it, and the paper never should've put an unconfirmed headline on this story.

Branson Hunter

Thank you AV for the information. Every senior (and the public) ought to have this information readily available. The absent thereof is causing confusion and likely misinformation. The county spokesman said the County fears that the public May Panic. In Orson Welles's 1938 realistic radio dramaticlization of the novel " War of the Worlds" of a Martian invasion Earth, it was not planned as a radio host but the public panic in the streets in New York City. Oh, my, is this what the county fears? This is not 1938.

Branson Hunter

Who is the county trying to protect, the public or commerce? Public Health needs to come first!


It had better be both.......

Without commerce public health would cease to exist......

Without commerce we would not be able to fill our tummies which will be a larger problem than just public health........


Fair points TTJ. It appears others in the Basin also think the general - to put it nicely - stepped out of his realm.

My point being the general can do whatever he wishes on his base but he is crossing a line that has stood for centuries when he interferes in the civilian community without authority to do so.

Always good talking with you.

Take care and stay 6 feet away from any all people that includes marines! lol!


My point was that the General did do what he felt best for his base. It was completely within his realm. I do not beleive that he crossed any lines. That being said it seems that to claim "interference with the civilian community without authority" would be a oxymoron. Certainly others can have different opinions. I have mine and I am sure you have yours. Yes, our discourse is always good. And you also take care of yourself and have a nice day!

T Twelvetrees

Dawn Rowe is a county employee, any way you cut the cake. She is forbidden from answering the questions. I doubt that a retraction will come from BG Turner at all. He is a federal employee, probably with more contacts than Rowe will ever have. Col. Cook might know the answer. The CDC, the president, the joint Chief's and who knows all... They all would be required to provide BG Turner with notice that his Marines could be exposed to the civilian population around 29. I will take BG Turner's word over everyone else. He does not have to prove anything to anyone. Many young Marines live on my street in Yucca. I find it kind of sicko that anyone would waste their time and energy, burying their head in the sand, trying to prove BG Turner is blowing smoke. Listening to Rowe is a complete waste of time. She was on the Yucca council rubber stamp gaslighting council long enough to lose her insight on reality. If BG Turner is wrong, it would probably end his career that began in 1984. He served in the 3/5 Darkhorse's, just like my so truthful grandson. If anyone really doubts BG Turners loyalty to his Marines, try paying attention to his ribbons (fruit salad) on that uniform and read his bio. Maybe Bradley Manning or Julian Assange can help find out the truth. I am sure his (her) number must be on someones speed dial that writes on this forum? Like Tariq Aziz told the press from Baghdad during a press conference one day many years back. .."The American's are not in Baghdad" as we sat around the corner from his presser. BG Turner is right in my world until he is proven wrong...In America you are innocent until proven guilty. Putting the cart before the horse is about as smart as the tail wagging the dog......

Branson Hunter

Google voice-to-test, using a cell phone, is not a convenient way to post comments. My last comment should have read Spearman has a 'legitimate' concerns. A focus here is that the public is not getting the public health information that they need for the health and safety of everyone, the public is getting conflicting information.


Breaking the cycle....why was Kole Michael Salon open yesterday AM?


Ya , that's what I thought , creep.

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