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Coalition raises money for petroglyph studies

Finds could keep wind farm out of Pioneertown

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Posted: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 5:00 am

PIONEERTOWN — A local advocacy group is working to keep wind turbines out of what it says is a culturally and biologically significant area.

Save Our Desert, a coalition aiming to stop Element Power’s efforts to put industrial-scale wind turbines in the undeveloped Black Lava and Flat Top Mesa buttes of Pipes Canyon and Pioneertown, is raising money to identify petroglyphs in the areas currently being tested for wind levels.

Element Power began placing wind-testing devices on the mountaintops more than a year ago, to the surprise of residents. The devices are precursors to the company’s proposal for a 100-megawatt wind-energy project.

Save Our Desert held its second annual fundraiser Sunday, raking in just over $3,500 to pay for archeological surveys and reports to send to agencies with jurisdiction over the area.

It felt appropriate to organizers that preserving Pioneertown’s iconic desert landscape should be held at one of the most iconic desert locales, Pappy & Harriet’s.

“We felt the event was a success,” Frazier Haney, an organizer and spokesman with Save Our Desert, said by phone Monday.

The coalition raised money through a silent auction of local artists’ works.

The group needs about $5,000 to get the appropriate studies and documentation completed. Haney said members have been raising additional money with a weekly farmers market booth.

Haney said the buttes are well-known cultural sites that need to be recognized by the Bureau of Land Management and the county.

“The petroglyphs are not recorded in any of the agencies’ files”, he said. Haney and fellow supporters of the campaign are hoping to get the BLM and any other affected agencies to recognize that area as an “area of critical concern.”

Doing so would limit construction of wind turbines or infrastructure to transmit electricity in that area.

So far, the wind-energy developer has applied for a permit to test the wind and has placed two meteorological towers on the buttes, according to Haney.

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  • Mike posted at 8:28 pm on Fri, Jun 1, 2012.

    Mike Posts: 399

    Mr. Peach, I concede that your writing often challenges my comprehension! I do enjoy reading your comments though and I generally find you interesting… when I understand.

    But sometimes abstract implication is not appropriate. For example, when you call someone a liar, don’t you think they deserve a proper explanation?

    Vague innuendo is not helpful. If you have an issue with me, put it on the table… if you can.

  • Dave Peach posted at 2:33 pm on Fri, Jun 1, 2012.

    Dave Peach Posts: 2998

    Much of the energy from the proposed environmentally damaging projects will be exported to neighboring states, which have as much or more wind and sunshine. But the funding will require increases in our electric bills.

    The canards promoted as considerations are facades for the off-road community, which is already provided with adequate areas to tear up the desert.

    Fear mongering is the last refuge for unsupportable arguments, fortunately. Next?

  • Mike posted at 10:18 am on Tue, May 29, 2012.

    Mike Posts: 399

    Senator Feinstein's bills have already closed vast tracts of desert to solar and wind farming and now she is pushing one that will remove another million acres… at the expense of Pipes Canyon and the rest of the Morongo Basin.

    In her sights is a 941,000-acre swath south of the existing Mojave National Preserve (from the Base all the way to the River).


    But just the proposal was enough for energy producers who had already applied for BLM leases there TO ABANDON THOSE PLANS AND LOOK TO OUR BACKYARD INSTEAD.

    It’s my opinion that if Senator Feinstein’s Bill isn’t stopped, Pipes Canyon will be just the tip of the iceberg and I think it would help if the Coalition formally opposed her "Mojave Trails National Monument" proposal.

  • desert_rat001 posted at 10:45 am on Thu, May 24, 2012.

    desert_rat001 Posts: 11

    I don't care what kind of excuse Save Our Desert can come up with -- I don't want those stinkin windmills out here!! Maybe if someone transported some endangered species of bug or something in the area will help keep the companies off our desert!


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