YUCCA VALLEY — Travis Earle Carlson, 50, from Landers, died after being hit by a Jeep at the intersection of Twentynine Palms Highway and Old Woman Springs Road at 10 p.m. Tuesday.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, responding deputies discovered Carlson was in a wheelchair on the highway when he was struck by a Jeep sport utility vehicle whose driver was traveling east on Twentynine Palms Highway.

Carlson was taken to Hi-Desert Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at 10:26 p.m. in the emergency room, according to a coroner’s deputy.

The Morongo Basin Major Accident Investigation Team is investigating the cause of the collision.

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He was "on the highway" ?? In a crosswalk or what.

Branson Hunter

Is it the responsibility of the HDS to report on the who, when, why, what, and where aspects of a local story? That intersections needs improved at night pedestrian protections. I personally fear driving through YV after dark and especially on dark weekends along old town. It's like you hope for the best because often you cannot see people walking along and in the street.

Robert Doe

Other news reports indicate the pedestrian was trying to cross outside of a crosswalk and that it was not the first time being struck by a vehicle while jaywalking. If true, it's very sad and irresponsible. Prayers to the family of the decedent as well as to the driver and his/her family. Use marked crosswalks as that is what they are there for! Even on a clear night it is very difficult to see pedestrians, eve where you expect to see them, much less if you don't.

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