Speed limit lowered between Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley

The speed limit between downtown Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley decresed last week from 55 mph and 65 mph to 45 mph and 55 mph.

JOSHUA TREE — Commuters between Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley may have noticed that, last week, the speed limit along the highway has been reduced from 65 mph to 55 mph. A representative of Caltrans said the change was made after several motorists in the Morongo Basin claimed the speed limit was too high.

“There was a concern from several motorists about the speed limit,” said Caltrans representative Terri Kasinga. “They thought it was too high on that section of 62, particularly for people making left turns.”

Caltrans workers came out to the area and conducted a speed study.

“The speed survey showed that the average driver was going about 55 mph.” Kasinga said.

On June 28, Caltrans replaced the speed limit signs along the highway. The change established a 55 mph zone between Torres Avenue in Joshua Tree and past Yucca Mesa Road into Yucca Valley. The 55 mph zone stops just before Home Depot.

The changes also establish a new 45 mph zone between Hallee Road and Torres Avenue in Joshua Tree. There is no longer a 65 mph zone between Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley.

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This is a good thing....because when you are at the stop light on Hallee Rd heading west... then you get the green light....it's hard getting up to 65 mph going up that hill... unless you practical floor it. A lower speed limit will make me feel better when I crawl up that hill in my old fart car.


Agreed - the 62 is already way too dangerous as it is - we still have a fair amount of locals driving under the influence (accounting for most of our road fatalities), plus others randomly trying to cross the 62 on foot, or walk along it. Not to mention the growing influx of tourists ... slower is better.


Way too slow for a state highway through nothing. Should have been raised to 70.


CheRojo, if you lived in JT, you would not say it's to slow. I'm tired of getting blown off the road by fast movers. Now that it's 55, I wish the CHP would do it's part and start an enforcement period for that section of highway. I'm tired of youngsters flashing their lights and bird at me cuz I do the speed limit in the right hand or slow lane. Why do you need to go 65 or 70 for maybe 4 miles? By going slower, your saving fuel as well.

Branson Hunter

Admittedly, that 45 mph through that stretch is slow . Seems no one follows the speed limit but for me . Slow down everybody. "It doesn't matter." Enjoy the ride, take in the Little San Bernardino Mountains, Notice the snow on the San Gorgonio Mountains, be mindful of the "remaining" Joshua Trees along SR-62. Look to the North and South -- notice the lay-of-the-land and its various desert communities. Feel the energy of the desert... absorb the vibrations surrounding you. WE are much higher that the low desert. The air is cleaner. And the white blood count is higher which is very positive for health and energy. Use that frequency. Oh, and if you view this 10 minute video it may be "The Most Eye Opening 10 Minutes Of Your Life | Dr. Bruce Lipton." I recommend it to all the neighbors that post in here, especially beneficial for Mike. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCIgxYuNGu0&list=PLptB-xu49rVQz1Zd49cqpiYfq4BuD52_E&index=6&t=0s


CatTrans claims the average speed through there was 55. LOL! Try 70! It's a real speed trap now. Watch out!

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