Best of the Best

Crown Contracting wins first place for the best contractor in the Morongo Basin.

MORONGO BASIN — We at Hi-Desert Publishing Company asked you, our readers, to vote on your favorite local businesses and the results are in. Businesses of the Morongo Basin gathered at Hawk’s Landing Golf course Wednesday night to find out the results of the Basin-wide vote for the best businesses and agencies in town.

This year there were 79 categories, including everything from the best burgers to the best tattoo shop in town. The top three nominees for all of these categories were invited to an awards ceremony were all of the winners were recognized for providing outstanding services to the local community.

Congratulations to all those who won and thank you to all of our readership who voted in the 2018 Reader’s Choice Best of the Best.

Pick up your copy of the winners in the Thursday Hi-Desert Star and Desert Trail, still available throughout the Basin, to see who is the Best of the Best.

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Unfortunately, the people/ community of the high desert have very low standards when it comes to quality and service.
From home construction ( specifically design and finish) ,
Food and dining, retail and shopping , there is a poverty mentally with a rude attitude.
Not only that , you can cheat on the vote.The businesses I see win, better not be the best we have , how frightening.
" Our least is our best ", should be the motto of the chamber of commerce.
Just look at the quality of the news paper. What a joke.



Mark Simmons

We don’t always agree Josh. However, in this case, I couldn’t agree with you more! Best of the Best is at best a total joke that is geared towards getting more advertising revenue for a substandard publication.

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