Chad Mayes leaves GOP: ‘The political discord in the country is tearing us apart’

Chade Mayes attended the opening of the Yucca Valley wastewater reclamations facility in October.

SACRAMENTO — Chad Mayes, a former Yucca Valley mayor who has been serving in the state Assembly since 2014, left the Republican Party this week.

Mayes re-registered without party preference, and will run for re-election to represent the 42nd District in 2020 as a political independent.

“Really simply: It’s because of my frustration with the way our political system is working today,” Mayes said in a tweet Friday. “The political discord in the country is tearing us apart. Unfortunately, all politics is no longer local. It’s national.”

The Yucca Valley resident has been encouraging his fellow Republicans to move away from rigid partisanship. Last year, with former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s support, he founded New Way California, an organization pushing for bipartisanship and a more inclusive Republican Party.

“It’s frustrating to watch Republicans defend whatever it is the president does. It’s also frustrating to watch Democrats attack virtually everything the president does, instead of thinking, ‘Is this a good policy or not a good policy?’” Mayes told CALMatters, a nonprofit journalism outlet that covers the Capitol, in a story published Thursday.

“At some point you go, ‘It doesn’t make a lot of sense for me to keep banging my head against the wall,’” Mayes told the outlet.

The California Republican Party, which endorsed Mayes just weeks ago, condemned his exit.

“Chad has let the Republican Party down just as he let down the voters of California,” the board of directors said in a released statement.

Mayes re-registered without party preference the day before the deadline to file papers to run in the election. Republican Party leaders found at least one man to file to run against him Friday: San Jacinto Mayor Andrew Kotuyk. He lost to Mayes in the 2018 election, when both ran as Republicans.

Mayes is part of a trend of Californians registering without party preference. When he was first elected in 2014, Republicans had a 7-point advantage over Democrats in the 42nd District, which includes the Morongo Basin and Palm Springs.

Today, each party has 35 percent of registered voters in the district.

Locking horns over pollution

Mayes was the Republican Caucus leader in 2016-17, but GOP groups pressured him to step down after he voted to extend California’s cap and trade program through 2030.

Mayes pointed out that if cap and trade didn’t pass, California would automatically revert to a stricter policy. Mayes said his vote protected California workers from job losses and higher taxes that the stricter policy would have caused. But Republican leaders and rank and file still opposed his vote, and even his hometown Morongo Basin Republicans called for him to step down.

Some said climate change is a hoax. Others argued that if people lost jobs and had to pay higher gas taxes, more Californians might vote Republican in the next election.

“I’m not sure if that would work, but if it is true, you have to think about the moral side of that,” Mayes told the Hi-Desert Star after stepping down from the leadership role. “To think people are going to be suffering so you can win elections? That’s not right to me.”

Mayes has also been critical of President Donald Trump. When Trump urged congresswomen of different ethnicities to “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,” Mayes called those words “wrong and abhorrent.”

“Dear fellow Republicans, we must speak out and return ourselves to decency. This cannot be who we are,” the Assemblyman tweeted.

After more rhetoric from the president, Mayes said he planned to ask the California Republican Party to commit to “universal human rights.”

“Republicans must come together to reject racism, xenophobia, ethnic nationalism and white supremacy,” Mayes tweeted. “The belief that one group of people is superior to another is fundamentally un-American.”

Mayes is the second Republican assemblyman to quit the GOP in 2019. Brian Maienschein, from San Diego, filed as a Democrat in January.

Republicans now have just 18 members out of the 80 Californians in the Assembly.

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We need more Republicans and Democrats to stand up and say “enough of party purity”. Bravo Mr Mayes!


He cheated on his wife with another politician and used money that wasn't his to facilitate it.

Complete scumbag.

Mark Simmons

I share your sentiments horsehouse. Bravo Chad!!! This is what REAL leaders look like in my book. I’ve always liked Chad Mayes ever since he was in high school and worked as a lifeguard. I have memories of him teaching our son how to swim one summer way back when. He’s a true leader! Kudos to you Chad! A political party shouldn’t define who we are. I was once a proud member of the GOP. I didn’t leave the GOP. It left me sometime ago. Like Chad, I’m proud to be an “Indie.”


What do you expect from a guy who cant stay faithful to his wife?

No suprise.


I went to school with him so you don't know the whole story so stop judging people that's not nice. Thank you very much


Was is that wacked out school in paradise?


"Let he who is without sin throw the first prophylactic"


Good for him. There's no reason to compromise on your values to keep an R or D next to your name.

Mark Simmons

And, that’s your business how?? Who cares? I don’t. Besides, I think they were separated at the time. I just love it when others on here judge other people. Remove the plank from your own eye before examining the speck in other peoples eyes. I live by one simple creed and that is live and let live. End of story!


He is still a scumbag no matter how you try to spin it.


No he isn't stop being rude to someone that I know more then you


Its my busines because he presented himself as a christain to get my vote.So he misrepresented himself to steal my vote.

He stold my tax money to facilitate his sexcapades and mithe destroyed the communities trust.

Completely and utterly my business!

Too bad if you dont like it.

And you know where u can stick that beam.


He voted for the largest gas tax increase (71 cents/gal) when he supported Governor Jerry Brown's disastrous "cap and trade" bill.

2. He supports amnesty for DACA illegal aliens and opposes efforts aimed at deterring illegal immigration.

3. He is a #NeverTrumper fanboy of Paul Ryan.

4. He cheated on his wife with the Vice-Chairwoman of the California Republican Party, a married woman with children. They are now both divorced.

He called serial child rapist Harvey Milk a "hero."

. He is a CRINO (Christian Name Only) who touts the fact that he is a pastor's son, church worship leader, and state legislature bible study leader on campaign materials.

He condemned the California Republican Party's decision to invite Steve Bannon to be a guest speaker.

In July, American Children First exposed his affair with Kristin Olsen and successfully launched a grassroots revolt to expel him from his position as leader of the California Republican Assembly Caucus. Then ACF succeeded in forcing Olsen to resign her leadership position on the CAGOP executive board. ACF also succeeded in getting the caucus political director fired


lol... You're weirdly personally offended by this man.


Weirdly? Ok boomer.


Yeah, weirdly. Unless you're actually his wife's burner account there's no reason for you to be this obsessed with his personal life.


So Josh, I see you've anointed yourself the Star's resident homophobic nativist. You certianly have elevated yourself from a run-of-the-mill whiny DB. You a big fan of Joseph Turner? Last I checked he was living in a closet in OC, when he outed Chad Mayes for crossing the aisle in Sac.. Milk was killed 40 years ago, other than recent rantings by Matt Barber and other trolls, do have any info to back your claim?

Steve Bannon would improve the world if he exiled himself to a remote island, say Saint Helena in the south Atlantic, it looks attractive.


All the more to support him, you homophobic troglodyte.

Branson Hunter

Assembly man Chad Mayes is an honorable person. He has an established and Stellar record in the Senate, among which is to keep taxes down on tax oppressed Californians. Although not a republican I will vote for Mays. Josh, I think you're a little too inflexible and a little too stringent concerning a pretty good man.


Your always very civil with me. I will show the same respect.

Leaders should be held to a higher standard.

Or at least the standards they based their leadership qualifications on to get the position they want.

He violated the public trust by cheating , lying and stealing .

That wasn't the platform he ran on.

Branson Hunter

Posting from a cell phone using Google Speech to Text does have it's problems. I'm aware of the problem.


On top of that he is a serial quitter. He quits the most important postions he signed up for.

He quit the town council

He quit fighting for his marriage and family.

Now he is quiting again.

He us a detestable leader , but he makes a GREAT politician.


Just curious to know if the high moral standards are held for President Trump. I do agree that honesty, integrity, and fidelity are important if expecting the public trust.


Just to clarify. I rank integrity and honest as most important, but agree with Branson that private matters are just that...private.

Branson Hunter

Josh, you're overreacting. There was no breach of the public Trust. Marriagies fail ... that's human nature that's a private affair. You're applying your standard. Okay Vote your heart. But Mayes is one of the few Republicans to put country and Constitution above a trump Republican Party. The American voters want normalcy.


Trump is a scumbag also.

Like I said , Chad Mayes makes an excellent politician.

Not a husband , man of God , or leader.

Forget everything about his moral failure and hypocrisy.

At the end of the day he is still a QUITTER!

Branson Hunter

CalMatters has two excellent articles on why Mayes changed party. Josh, will you speak to Trump's moral failure and hypocracy"? Trump's lack thereof weighed heavily on Mayes'decision to change parties.


As I said before, Trump is a scumbag also. The diffrence is we knew that he was an alcoholic, sexual deviant, lying scum BEFORE he was elected . Not after.

Neither of these clowns should even be elected dog catcher.


Too bad. He was the only honest Republican left around here.


An "honest " republicon ? HONEST ?! LOL!!!! Now your saying politicians are honest , especially A Republican? YOU are definitely delusional . Now THATS entertainment.



Learn to pronounce


a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g. faith unfaithful kept him falsely true ).

And moronic at the same time.


Honest Republi-con?!!!!! Thats like saying honest Dema-crook!!How rich ! Now I see the the problem. You ride the short bus . Lol

I suppose you still believe in the easter bunny also.

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