More violent crime, less property crime reported last year

Morongo Basin Sheriff’s Capt. Trevis Newport, right, introduces the Town Council to detective Manny Popa, assigned to the town thanks to money from the Measure Y half-cent sales tax increase.

YUCCA VALLEY — Sheriff’s Capt. Trevis Newport gave a detailed report on a year’s worth of crime at the Town Council meeting Tuesday.

Violent crime — murder, rape, robbery and assault — increased 23 percent over the last year in Yucca Valley, but Newport said it’s not really a shocking increase, due to changes in how charges are calculated.

In 2018, there were two murders in Yucca Valley, eight reported rapes, 21 robberies, 54 aggravated assaults and 146 simple assaults, according to the report.

In 2017, there were no murders, nine reported rapes, 18 robberies, 38 aggravated assaults and 123 simple assaults.

One item that is way up — by 400 percent: arson cases as a result of honey oil labs where a potent oil is extracted from cannabis plants using flammable solvents. The cases went from one to five, Newport said.

Newport said thanks to how little crime is reported in Yucca Valley, a small increase in the number of violent crimes creates a high percentage difference.

The number of non-violent crimes — burglary, larceny and grand theft auto‚ have decreased by 23 percent, going from 444 cases in 2017 to 340 last year.

“I wish I had better news for you,” Newport said. “We want to keep this the best living area in the county of San Bernardino.”

The council was also introduced to detective Manny Popa, who was assigned to the town with money from the Measure Y sales tax increase.

Newport also cautioned people to stop giving criminals the chance to take advantage of them. Lock the doors to your homes and vehicles, he said, and keep vigilant about your surroundings.

“Even though you feel you can leave it unlocked — don’t!” Newport said.

Councilman Abel said he was still pleased with the report and asked how Yucca Valley compared with other cities in the region.

“This area has always been low in crime,” Newport replied. “I feel confident that trend will continue. You are still way lower than other cities.”

Newport said his detectives are closing investigations and targeting criminals from outside of the area trying to infiltrate the community.

“They are closing cases; they absolutely are,” Newport said. “We may get that spike every once in a while, but we will be all over it.”

On the horizon, Newport said facial-recognition technology is finding its way into the police departments across the county.

“It works,” he said. “It truly does. That technology is definitely increasing.”

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C'mon- you can't fool me- that's actor Andy Garcia!

don mckinney

ask the police what the gold border on the american flag on their uniform represents . they do not realize it represents corporate english maritime admiralty law of the sea . not common law . it means you are guilty until proven innocent as before a ships captain when in the flags presence . this goes against american constitutional common law . the lawyers " bar " is british accreditation registry . UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY since the act of 1871 , act of 1913 , act of 1933 , patriot act , NDAA , dual citizens in high office and congress people ( Cook ) signing oaths of allegiance to israel . they should investigate 9/11 war crimes and bldgs # 7 , # 6 and # 4 , WTC 9/11 , shanksville , Penn. 9/11 airliner flying UNDER GROUND ? no pentagon videos or debris from an airliner on 9/11 . why are these police so compartmentalized mentally ? the most deadly words ... " just following orders " . 9/11 crime proof is available and " lawyers committee for inquiry " has the federal grand jury convened . ae9/11truth and 400 university professors and citizens demand an investigation after 18 years of ignoring the facts for a rush to genocide in the middle east for oil and opium as our communities can attest . NO immigration laws enforced costs jobs for local construction workers and is dereliction of duty regardless of excuses .We need police , not military style s.s . police intimidation after allowing out sourcing of our citizen's employment inaction , which says " we do not care what the law says " by body language , not lip music ! The sheriffs allowed a man with a card board sign to be beaten in Yucca , I saw it !

don mckinney

How are their spanish lessons doing ? Can they speak spanish , various dialects succinctly ? As required in the new america they created by their own ( inaction ) design . To articulate a situation in our new culture of inclusion and to serve their community effectively , receive tips of crimes accurately from foreign people from many various countries and allegiances and cultures . Appears they have a handle on it ( their guns ) . Their safety is paramount . Yours is expendable when they perceive any remote hint of a threat . Remember they are always very afraid .

don mckinney

Popa saying " put the camera down , it may be a weapon to be used against me or an innocent bystander . Don't aim that thing at me , it might go off .don't make me shoot you ! You over there , take your hands out of your pockets ! how do I know you do not have a gun ? I m watching you ! , no funny moves .Or I will be forced to shoot you . I have back up behind me also watching you . For both of our safety , he has a gun also .

don mckinney

You can clearly see Popa's attitude . This is the look you get when witnessing an assault while driving , and stop to report it . They are militarized with mraps , mine resistant assault vehicles , 700 , at a million dollars each . We bought them for our military , they were given to police for free . police have NO LICENSE or INSURANCE to operate them legally , but do so anyway . No roadside bombs here , but they are afraid there might be one someday . they want to be ready as they are afraid for their safety which is paramount , priority over all else . Avoid any contact for your safety unless it is an emergency .then protect yourself from them at all times . They are militarized and WILL SHOOT YOU .

Branson Hunter

New Bill Limits When California Police Can Use Deadly Force. Officers will be able to use lethal force only when it is "necessary" and if there are no other options. If this bill passes and is signed by the governor, California will have one of the most restrictive use-of-force laws in the nation. Some in law enforcement called the proposal “irresponsible and unworkable". "We can now move a policy forward that will save lives and change the culture of policing in California," Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, who introduced the bill, wrote in a statement. AB 392 by Asm. Shirley Weber (D-San Diego), would strengthen that standard from “reasonable” to “necessary.” [All above text is copy & pasted from four sources]

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