LANDERS — Nine months ago, Landers residents Misty Warfox, 36, and Paul Warfox, 42, were released from jail on a written promise to appear back in court on Aug. 28 for a hearing. The two were charged with felony child abuse and willful harm or injury resulting in death after Misty’s 7-year-old son, Dylin Biscamp, died from heat stroke.

Instead of appearing at their arraignment as promised, the couple went on the run. Paul Warfox was returned to San Bernardino County jail system last week.

Warfox was arrested for burglary April 21 in Azusa, a city outside of Los Angeles. He received a 180-day sentence and after serving his time, he was turned over to San Bernardino County.

He is now being held at West Valley Detention Center on $1,000,000 bail. A judge ordered that he cannot be released unless the full cash amount is posted.

Misty Warfox is still at large.

At the time of their initial arrest, Paul said he took Biscamp and a couple of his other stepchildren to gather firewood in the Johnson Valley OHV recreation area on July 25, 2018. The family was living in a homestead without running water or gas. Holes gaped in the walls. The Warfoxes said Biscamp passed out on the trail; court documents said Paul returned the boy to the house and the family took a nap.

Several hours later, as Biscamp’s conditioned worsened, the family called a friend for help. Anne Dawson told The Desert Sun that she and her son arrived at the home after her son got the call from the Warfox family. 

“Misty picked him up to put him in the car and he vomited,” Dawson told the Sun. “We poured water on him to wash him off and cool him down. Then about a mile into the drive, he had a seizure.”

They called an ambulance and Biscamp was taken to Hi-Desert Medical Center to be treated for possible heat stroke, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

He was pronounced dead on arrival, and sheriff’s investigators were called to the hospital, where they determined the child’s death was a homicide.

Both Misty and Paul Warfox were arrested. They appeared for their first hearing on Aug 8, 2018. There was so much evidence to be presented, the hearing was postponed to the afternoon.

“We’re dealing with the death of a child,” deputy district attorney Camelia Mesrobian said in court. “We want to be thorough and make sure that we have everything in order.”

They met again on Aug. 13 and Aug. 14 to call witnesses, including the arresting officer. The prosecutor also requested that a protective order be put in place prohibiting the couple from contacting their other children.

Both Paul and Misty have prior convictions under previous names — including a misdemeanor conviction of inhuman corporal punishment in 2016 for Misty Warfox, under the name Misty Biscamp.

Misty was required to attend a 52-week child abuse prevention program and was placed on three years of probation. She was required to complete the child abuse program by November of 2018.

Paul Warfox will return to the Joshua Tree Superior Courthouse on June 20 for a pretrial. 

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Isn't running tantamount to saying "lookie here judge, I did it!


You need a license to own a dog but any moron can have kids. Go figure.

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