YUCCA VALLEY — Two armed men remain uncaught after stealing money and cigarettes from the Flyers gas station store at 56269 Twentynine Palms Highway Jan. 29.

The two unknown men entered the store shortly after 1 a.m., according to the sheriff’s station. They demanded money from the registers and left after getting money and cigarettes.

Anyone with information for the investigation is asked to call the sheriff’s station at (760) 366-4175 or leave an anonymous tip at (888) 782-7463.

At least three armed robberies have happened at Yucca Valley stores in the past few months.

On Dec. 27, a man armed with a handgun demanded money at the Sprint store in Yucca Valley. He tied up the clerk and stole two iPads.

An armed man wearing a wig stole cash from IHOP on Dec. 26.

A suspect has not been identified to the public in either robbery, but Sgt. Daniel Hanke at the Morongo Basin sheriff’s station said investigators are working on leads.

“We have leads on all of those that we are working,” Hanke said via email Monday. “They are all different suspects.”

Two men are accused of trying to rob Triangle Liquor in Yucca Valley at gunpoint Dec. 10.

Odell Shidie, 20, and Anthony Kamakeeaina, 19, were both charged with robbery, kidnapping to commit robbery and conspiracy to commit a crime along with several allegations of using a gun during a crime.

Both pleaded not guilty.

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Maybe once the aquatic center is built they will go swimming instead of robbing.

Branson Hunter

That comment it's funny. I'm not knocking the Aquatic Center. The money is already there due to the increase in sales taxes. It keeps the youth off the streets and seniors splashing their way to healthy bodies. However I will task the school district committee of public cheerleaders for wanting a brand new state-of-the-art gymnasium in 29 Palms -- and the city council and their self-serving cheerleaders who plan a state-of-the-art gymnasium downtown -- 1 mile away from the other state advocated gymnasium complex This means a school bond Measure C to which will raise taxes on people who are taxed exhausted!!!! Meanwhile 29 is still following the money trail to pay for the downtown Taj Mahal.


Those stupid lane dividers everywhere make it almost impossible to respond to these incidents in a timely fashion. Even the cops have to drive an extra quarter mile to make a simple left turn. It also guarantees a safer getaway for the criminals. Y.V. is not really prepared to deal with the level of violent crime that permeates large areas of SoCal. We've been living in lovely bubble, trying to keep a small-town feel to an area under siege with growth and change. Bullet-proof glass at cashier counters are the norm all along the 10 Freeway these days and have been for decades. We've been lucky but it's been hard to stop unbridled, unregulated growth and all of it's negative side-effects. Luckily no one has been killed. Yet.


I have lived here since 1970.

I have never seen so many armed robber in one year .


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