Brush fire

A fire burned a field at the corner of Warren Vista Avenue at Lisbon Drive in Yucca Valley Thursday. The field is at the 8800 block of Warren Vista. County firefighters responded quickly before the fire spread to the neighboring homes.

YUCCA VALLEY — A fire erupted in a field at the corner of Warren Vista Avenue at Lisbon Drive in Yucca Valley this morning. Quick action from the San Bernardino County Fire Department stopped the fire from damaging neighboring homes.

County fire was dispatched to the 8800 block of Warren Vista Avenue at 12:04 p.m. Battalion Chief Mike McClintock said they received a report that a field was on fire and, upon their arrival, they saw a column of smoke coming from the area.

According to the chief, preliminary reports are that a local resident was burning waste vegetation in the field, which caused the fire.

Firefighters in the first engine got to the scene at 12:11 p.m. and tackled a spot fire that was threatening a house. Two homes were ultimately threatened by the fire, but only one sustained minor damage to the eaves of the building.

“The fire was knocked down in about 10 minutes,” McClintock said. “The spread was mitigated in about 15.”

A witness to the fire said that, without the quick action of county fire, the houses would have been much more badly damaged.

McClintock reminds the public that, since June 1, outdoor burning for any reason has been banned in the Morongo Basin.

“We’re trying to really get that information out to the public,” McClintock said. “ A lot of people don’t know and try to burn off waste vegetation and that then starts a fire.”

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