Wildflowers have begun to ignore social distancing. The few pops of color last week grow closer and closer. We know they will be crowding together soon after our recent rainfall.

Our twice-a-year visits by flotillas of migrating turkey vultures, the increase in Easter bunnies and dawn birdsong all let the Johnson Valley desert know spring really has arrived. Only their human neighbors can’t socialize, though we have seen more weekenders staying longer than usual. We expect Easter egg hunts to conform with health advisories.

The Johnson Valley Community Center remains closed for any get-togethers for the duration of social distancing.

For the first time in our 30-year memory, the May-June issue of the Johnson Valley Journal won’t go out to Johnson Valley Improvement Association members. Not that Valley Independent Printing did not stand by, ready to print and fold the journals, but because it seemed unwise for our volunteers to be passing them around the table while inserting them into envelopes and sticking on address labels, or to be taking them to the post office.

We will continue the JV NEWS emails posted on www.johnsonvalley.com for digital updates, and maybe some photos, too, but nothing in mailboxes.

In case you have not heard, this message came from Dominic Heiden, Sen. Shannon Grove’s field representative last Tuesday. “About 15 minutes ago the Board of Supervisors received the voters’ petition to repeal the FP5 special tax and officially placed the issue on the November 2020 ballot.” That eases the pain somewhat from sending in the final installment of the 2019 property taxes. Somewhat.

Some copies of “Heart Bar Ranch and Johnson Valley Neighbors” remain available if you wish to reserve one or more books now. We have a limited number supplied to us by the Morongo Basin Historical Society, and we can re-order. However, who knows when we would get them?

Just email me at ranchotaj@gmail.com, or text Kim Abramson at (760) 792-4555, or click on “Contact Us” at www.johnsonvalley.com.


Got news or more milestones?  Call Betty Munson at (760) 364-2646.

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